Tuesday, May 29

Jango Summer Contest Winners

Jango Summer Contest Winner
First, thank you all for joining our contest - the response was massive and we're very happy to see so many bands submitting their songs! As a result, we have increased the number of winning bands from 20 to 30. In country and rock/alternative there were so many submissions we added five more winning bands to each.

Below you'll find the winners of each category along with their song - all of them great summer songs, perfectly fit for their genre. We congratulate the winners of our exclusive promotion package and reward them with 1,500 Play Credits each. They will also get rotation on Jango Radio's summer stations, which you can listen to here.

Brian Martin - If You Know What I Mean
Brooklyn James - Moving On
Gideon's Daughter - Ain't Got Nuthin'
Happenstance - King of Fools
Inukshuk Pass - Draggin' Lake Aerie
Matt Harlan - Darker Shades of Grey
Olivia Faye - Summer Song
Pamela Johnson - In The Shades
Pete RG - New Eyes
Whisky Row - West Side Ride

Jay Okesene - This time this place
Kevin McWha Steele - At The Serial Killer Disco
Signo Nata - Esta Noche Sabe a Amo
U-Net - I'm Yours, You're Mine
Vergi R. - Come Dance With Me

Hip Hop
C.KHiD - Summa Summa
Konsept - Stary Eyed (Prod. by Thee KidFresco)
M.I.C. (HipHop) - Life of The Party
No Needz - Git 2 No Me
Rudy Moose - Burn It Up

Geographer - Lover's Games
HWY-99 - Let The Sunrise Say Goodbye
Indios - Baby, are you ready?
Jay Loftus - Fortune Cookie
Matt Wade - Waste of Time
Mike Hallal Band - Skywriting
Minds Without Purpose - Ice Cream Short Bus
The Delivery Boys - Summer Lovin'
The Whiskey Farm - First Night of Summer
Trapdoor Social - Death of a Friend

Not on the list? There's still ample opportunity to promote your music on Jango Radio this summer. We've lined up 15 different summer stations to make sure listeners have the perfect soundtrack for any occasion... and of course to make sure you get a chance to promote your music in your own genre. Click here to have your music promoted on Jango's Summer stations

Thank you all for participating and as always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay!

Jango Summer Stations Promotion

Jango Radio Summer Stations
It's officially time to kick-off the summer. This year Jango Radio is doing it by launching 15 summer stations to make sure listeners have the perfect soundtrack for any occasion. Whether you're lighting up the grill and having a BBQ, or simply chillin' out by the pool, you'll have the perfect station to fit your taste & genre. With all this music comes a lot of great promotional opportunities as you can promote your music on our summer stations.

Jango Summer Stations have been lined up below and all you need to do is check out this list of featured artists, and add them in your Targeting section to take advantage of this great opportunity.

New to Jango Radio event promotions? Click here to read more about these unique, highly-targeted promotional opportunities.

Jango Radio Summer Stations:
60's Summer Party (Rock, Soul & Pop)
70's Summer Party (Rock, Disco, Funk, Soul)
80's Summer Party (Rock, Pop)
90's Summer Party (Rock, Pop, Grunge, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop)
2000's Summer party (Pop, Hip Hop, Indie Rock)
Chillout Summer Lounge (Electronic, World, Ambient)
Country Summer Party (Country, Americana, Folk)
Easy Summer Lounge (Easy Listening, Jazz, Tango)
Hip Hop Summer Party (Hip Hop, Rap, Old School Hip Hop, Underground Hip Hop)
Jango Summer Celebration (Eclectic & Golden Oldies)
Latin Summer BBQ (Salsa, Cuban, Regional Mexican)
Nu-Disco Summer (Nu-Disco, French House, Electronic, House, Indie Dance)
Summer Dance Party (Club/Dance, House, Electro, Dubstep, Pop, Progressive House)
Summer Jam Sessions (Rock, Alternative Rock, Folk, Live Bands)
Summer Rock BBQ (Rock, Southern Rock, Classic Rock)

Tuesday, May 22

Jango Band of The Month - DeScribe

Jango's Band of the Month segment is back with Australian born reggae artist DeScribe. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, his music is described as part of a positive movement that inspires & motivates people to come together and help create a better world. He has worked with major reggae artists like Matisyahu, and he just released a new EP - you can get a free copy of it below. Enjoy!

Describe DeScribe's sound in one sentence?
The music is upbeat, high energy, urban-crossover international pop music with a very positive message, mixed with a bit of Jamaican dancehall flavor.

When was DeScribe formed and where?
DeScribe was formed 29 years ago at my birth in Australia, but actually officially took form as DeScribe 4 years ago in my first studio in Brooklyn. Before then my life was very much about music on many levels, but I feel I was training and preparing to become what I have become now. In all honesty I feel like I am at the beginning of a long and exciting adventure, something I was born to do.

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why? Living or dead.
Numero uno is Bob Marley, a pioneer who really got it. He harnessed the power of music and used it to spread a positive awareness, love, respect and peace to the masses. That is a true leader. Number two I would say is Cypress Hill. When I was young I used to listen to mad amounts of Cypress. I was heavily into their unique flows and people sometimes ask me if I know that I have a Cypress Hill vibe in my voice. Number three would be Akon. He is another artist people sometimes compare me to. What I dig about Akon is the melodic flow he uses, combining urban feel with pop melody. I think that's a winning combo in today's music.

Photo of DeScribe
How do you connect with fans and get them involved in your music?
Well, a lot of my music is direct call to action - each song is designed to be the engine of a positive movement. Just to give you an example, I wrote and recorded a song with Matisyahu on behalf of the special needs kids of the world, to help raise an awareness and educate the public about the totally awesome nature of these kids, and the work of the Friendship circle. (look em up ;)

Right after the music video was released I was flooded with letters from people saying the music gave them a new-found strength and motivation to get up and do something that could benefit others. In one particular recent case a woman posted on my Facebook page that her listening to the song every day inspired her to open up a Yoga class for special needs kids. That, I believe is the impact music can have on a person when used for good.

What do you like most about Jango Airplay?
Jango is the wave of the future. More and more fans & consumers are spending more time surfing, working, communicating and studying online. As a result, more & more people are listening to online radio stations such as Jango. The greatest thing is that due to Jango's unique platform, the artists can capitalize by building a Jango fan base and communicating & interacting with the fans directly online. And as we all know, building a fan base is the most essential goal of every artist, and the key to his/her success.

Is there any recent project you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.
My latest EP is called "In The Red" and we went with the new aggressive music business model of releasing it for free. The EP has four free singles, the latest being "Stay Strong" which is a single to strengthen the state of the troubled youth of this generation - building hope & faith in a brighter future. And finally as a special Jango promotion we will release the final free single "The Light" to complete the In The Red EP as an exclusive promotion for Jango subscribers over the next few weeks at this link:

The EP is free just follow the checkout instructions.

The Light Album Cover
Are you playing live, and do you have any shows coming up soon?
Definitely, I was just in Germany and had a blast out there, although I had a lot of mixed feelings about being there being a Jew and knowing 6,000,000 of my brethren were massacred there just a few years ago. But that is what music is about. Rekindling the light that has diminished in our world charging forward to make this world a better place. Regarding future dates, we are currently working on some dates in Brazil so stay tuned for that and we are also working on a US college tour to support upcoming releases so definitely check the DESCRiBENATION.COM tour calendar for the latest updates on that.

For booking or any other inquiries please email:

Connect with DeScribe
Who is DeScribe? Watch the video
DeScribe on Jango Radio
DeScribe on Twitter
DeScribe on YouTube
DeScribe on Facebook

Jango Video of The Month - Hunz

Our latest Jango Video of The Month comes courtesy of Brisbane, Australia-based artist Hunz. With a background in both electronic music production and motion design, he was an integral part of creating his music video "I Get Chills." The video has an eerie vibe to it, and accompanied by a pulsating electronic beat Hunz was able to produce a great piece of creative work. Watch it on Jango Airplay and read the interview below, enjoy!

What inspired you to make this video?
I am a partner and director for a motion design company called “IV Motion” (www.ivmotion.com.au). A new online software called Photofly was launched by Autodesk, though it is now called 123D Catch. With it, one could take photos from all angles around an object, and the program would stitch them together as a 3d model. As we were testing it, we found that when using photos of more complex objects, the models that it generated were a bit broken. But I thought it looked neat, so I degraded the look of them and placed them back into a photo-real scene. These experiments created the idea behind the “I Get Chills” clip and inspired the music as well. It was a lot of work, but it created something really unique.

Where was it shot?
We shot it at the top of a car park here in Brisbane, Australia. It was the perfect location for a clip about isolation and apathy. While we were shooting, a storm was approaching which made it feel even better.

What do you like most about promoting your music on on Jango Radio?
I like how instant it is. I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but then the fans just started rolling on in. I am now in the process of creating a strong fan base, and it is really wonderful. Thanks guys!

Do you have any new projects or events coming up soon? Tell us about it.
At this current moment, IV Motion, just completed its first iOS game “Penny Time” (http://itunes.apple.com/app/penny-time/id509435873). We concepted the game and executed the game as a team, and I was able to do the music for it as well.  I have just released the soundtrack as an album called “Penny Time EP” (hunz.bandcamp.com). The game is a side-scrolling rhythm game, and the soundtrack plays a very important part.

Connect with Hunz
Hunz on Jango Radio
Hunz on Facebook
Hunz on Twitter
Hunz on iTunes

Urban Beach Week Miami 2012 Promotion

Urban Beach Week Miami 2012
This Memorial Day Weekend, Miami is being invaded by the most popular rappers in the world! The city will be full of parties & events attracting hundred thousands of fans. As usual, we want to make sure the large hip-hop scene here at Jango Airplay gets another venue to promote their music, so Jango Radio just launched an Urban Beach Week Miami station, filled with today's hottest hip-hop music.

Check out this list of featured artists and add them in your targeting section to take advantage of this great opportunity to promote your music.

Are you new to Jango Radio event promotions? Click here to read more about these unique highly-targeting promotional opportunities.

Tuesday, May 15

Jango Radio Billboard Music Awards

Billboard Music Awards Logo

On Sunday May 20th it's time for the annual Billboard Music Awards and the list of nominees features all the biggest names in music. Jango Radio will promote the event with a unique station comprised of all the 2012 finalists and with it comes a great opportunity for you to promote your music. The Jango Radio Billboard Music Awards station covers the major genres on Jango: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop/R&B and Country.

Check out this list of featured artists and add them to your targeting section to take advantage of this great opportunity to promote your music.

Are you new to Jango Radio event promotions? Click here to read more about these unique highly-targeting promotional opportunities.

Jango Radio Electric Daisy Carnival Promotion

Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 logo
The Las Vegas based electronic music festival attracting more than a hundred thousand fans annually is coming to New York this weekend. Along with it some of the biggest names in electronic music many of which have had hits on the top 100 charts. This year's line up boasts acts like Avicii, Fatboy Slim, Armin Van Buuren, Afrojack and Calvin Harris to name a few. Our Jango Radio Electric Daisy Carnival promotion station plays the entire 2012 lineup and as usual we want to offer you the chance to promote your music along with these world famous DJs.

If your music is anywhere within the spectrum that is electronic music this is a great chance to get some highly-targeted exposure. Check out this list of featured artists and add them to your targeting section to promote your music.

Are you new to Jango Radio event promotions? Click here to read more about these unique promotional opportunities.

Tuesday, May 8

Jango Summer Contest

Jango Summer Contest
UPDATE: The contest is closed, winners will be announced when we've reviewed all submissions.

Thanks for joining Jango's Summer Contest

The summer is getting closer and with it comes a whole lot of beach time, BBQ's, parties, sunshine and of course great music. Jango Radio is launching a bunch of summer stations to make sure you have a great soundtrack for any occasion. There will also be a lot of opportunities to promote your music over a wide range of genres and we've decided to launch a Jango Summer Contest to make sure the best Jango Airplay music gets heard.

The contest will feature four different genres:
Hip Hop, Country, Dance/Electronic & Rock/Alternative, and each category will have five winners.

Here is what you need to do to join the contest:

1) Send us an email to contests@jango.com in the following format:
  • Artist Name_Song Title
  • Pick one of the following genres: Hip Hop, Country, Dance/Electronic, or Rock/Alternative
  • Paste the link to your live Jango.com profile (Click 'View Profile' link in the top right of your dashboard or go to your Band Info section and visit the Promote tab)
  • (Optional) YouTube Link to your song

2) We will select 20 winners (five for each category) that will receive an exclusive Jango promotion package that includes:

  • 1,500 Play Credits each
  • Rotation in our summer stations
  • Promotional feature in our newsletter, and on our Facebook & Twitter pages

Terms & Conditions

- Your entry must be submitted to contests@jango.com before Sunday May 20th

- Only one song & genre per submission

- The summer song must be uploaded to your Jango Airplay profile and live to be considered
   Note: New uploads may take 24-48 hours to go live

Jango Mother's Day Promotion

Jango Radio Mother's Day Station

This Sunday we're celebrating all the mothers out there and what better way to show your appreciation than with music. We've created a station full of mom-celebrating songs, guaranteed to bring joy to any Mother's Day party. You can listen to Jango's Mother's Day station here.

Do you have a good Mother's Day song? Check out this list of featured artists and add them to your targeting section to promote your music this weekend.

Are you new to Jango Radio event promotions? Click here to read more about these unique highly-targeting promotional opportunities.

Jango Airplay Top 10

Top Band on Jango This Week
The Vandon Arms
Top Band on Jango This Week
even the slept
Top Band on Jango This Week
Ad Boc
Top Band on Jango This Week
Top Band on Jango This Week
Mariah Ver Hoef
Top Band on Jango This Week
Saurus and Bones
Top Band on Jango This Week
Top Band on Jango This Week
The Vixenz
Top Band on Jango This Week
Patrick Crowson
Top Band on Jango This Week
Brixton Saint

Tuesday, May 1

Event Promotions On Jango Radio

We've recently had some major event promotions on Jango Radio and we're thrilled to see the huge interest they sparked. We've got even more promotions coming up, and we want to make sure you know how to take full advantage of these unique opportunities to promote your music.

As much as these events drew interest, they also posed some new questions about how the promotions actually work and how to take advantage of them. We got lots of valuable feedback from you guys, and we want to give further insight on how Jango Radio event promotions can help you reach your audience.

What are event promotions?
There are two types of events we promote: Music events & holidays. A lot of Jango Radio listeners attend and/or follow these festivals, which attract more than a hundred thousand visitors annually - recent ones include Coachella, SXSW and the Ultra Music Festival. Holiday promotions are directly tied to a certain holiday like Christmas or Valentines Day.

How do Jango event promotions work?
Listeners can hear music on two types of stations; artist-based or genre-based. Each station contains a uniquely selected playlist with full of artists who represent the lineup for a specific festival or are commonly associated with a certain holiday. While doing these promotions we present you with a list of featured artists, and by targeting these artists you increase your chances of getting played in a specific station.

Why is this beneficial to me?
First of all, by targeting artists that are featured in a genre station you get promotion in both artist-based and genre-based stations. Secondly, you improve your chances of getting highly-targeted plays based on a particular event’s audience. The goal of targeting is to make sure your music is played to the right audience, the more specific you can get the better it works. That said, not all events will work for you. If you’re a country artist, you probably shouldn’t promote your music on the electronic Ultra Music Festival. We constantly scan the radar for hot upcoming events to co-promote and make sure each Airplay genre is represented, and we’ll do our best to keep you aware of these opportunities.

Watch LoveStruck Robot’s Acoustic Live Radio Performance

Former Jango Band of the Month, LoveStruck Robot, did a live radio performance at Florida-based college radio station WPKR 91.5, and performed their acoustic version of "Do It All For The Dream." Their appearance was part of WPKR's "Local Heroes" series dedicated to support local talent. Here’s more info about the show from Lovestruckrobot.com:

"Hosts Andrew Maffettone and Daniel Pacchioni dedicate their station, which is affiliated with Rollins College, to all types of local talent but musicians especially. With the help of Ian Roth, Audio/Video Engineer, they even created this sweet new video for us! It’s always great to have some hometown support, thanks!!"

Connect with Lovestruck Robot

Jango Airplay is happy to support Lovestruck Robot too, and we'd like to thank them for letting us promote their music! And as always - thank you all for being part of Jango Airplay.