Tuesday, May 22

Jango Video of The Month - Hunz

Our latest Jango Video of The Month comes courtesy of Brisbane, Australia-based artist Hunz. With a background in both electronic music production and motion design, he was an integral part of creating his music video "I Get Chills." The video has an eerie vibe to it, and accompanied by a pulsating electronic beat Hunz was able to produce a great piece of creative work. Watch it on Jango Airplay and read the interview below, enjoy!

What inspired you to make this video?
I am a partner and director for a motion design company called “IV Motion” (www.ivmotion.com.au). A new online software called Photofly was launched by Autodesk, though it is now called 123D Catch. With it, one could take photos from all angles around an object, and the program would stitch them together as a 3d model. As we were testing it, we found that when using photos of more complex objects, the models that it generated were a bit broken. But I thought it looked neat, so I degraded the look of them and placed them back into a photo-real scene. These experiments created the idea behind the “I Get Chills” clip and inspired the music as well. It was a lot of work, but it created something really unique.

Where was it shot?
We shot it at the top of a car park here in Brisbane, Australia. It was the perfect location for a clip about isolation and apathy. While we were shooting, a storm was approaching which made it feel even better.

What do you like most about promoting your music on on Jango Radio?
I like how instant it is. I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but then the fans just started rolling on in. I am now in the process of creating a strong fan base, and it is really wonderful. Thanks guys!

Do you have any new projects or events coming up soon? Tell us about it.
At this current moment, IV Motion, just completed its first iOS game “Penny Time” (http://itunes.apple.com/app/penny-time/id509435873). We concepted the game and executed the game as a team, and I was able to do the music for it as well.  I have just released the soundtrack as an album called “Penny Time EP” (hunz.bandcamp.com). The game is a side-scrolling rhythm game, and the soundtrack plays a very important part.

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