Thursday, April 20

3 Easy Tips to Help You Successfully Market Your Music

"If you want to get anywhere as a songwriter or a performer, it’s crucial that you learn how to market yourself and your music. The issue is, occasionally a songwriter will get a “lucky break” with his or her music and fall into fame and fortune without having put in much effort. When that happens, every other songwriter on earth thinks that’s the way to make it happen. You just have to be lucky. After all, we all want a quick fix, right?"

Waiting around for a lucky break is not really a strategy, and could lead to disappointments and loss of precious time. If you're serious about being a successful musician, you'll need to learn how to market yourself that way. 

Take a look at this great article posted by our friends at DIY Musician, with three tips that will get you closer to your goals.

Radio Airplay Staff Picks (Week 15 2017)

We here at Radio Airplay absolutely love music and moreover, we love sharing new music with you! Being exposed to so many awesome independent artists in our Airplay community is an amazing experience. Getting to listen and share up & coming artist's music is even better!
Fellow rockstar members of the Radio Airplay staff want to give our artists even more opportunities to be heard. Erin, Kelly, Tara, and Adam are on board so far, and will be hand picking their favorite tunes each week. We'll be featuring them here on the blog, the Radio Airplay Facebook, and our weekly Airplay newsletter.
What's more?! 

1 lucky staff pick each week will receive a full year's membership to Musician's Atlas, the music industry's most reliable contact database service. 

All staff picks are added to Jango Radio's Ear Poppin' New Music station which receives over 3000+ hits per week. All staff picks are also added to 

Tuesday, April 18

Indie Bible PopScore Pick (Week 15 2017)

Top PopScore band Son Gigante was chosen for Week 15, 2017 as Indie Bible's PopScore Pick for their song, Me Tiene Enamorao - Listen Here! 

They received an Ultimate Indie bundle ($280 value) from Indie Bible. The ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE can help you to get valuable radio airplay, music reviews, spotlight features, video airplay, physical & digital distribution, signed to a record label and much more!

You don't have to wait until you reach the top of the PopScore charts to get your Indie Bundle. Get Your Ultimate Indie Bundle Today!

Musician's Atlas Staff Pick (Week 14 2017)

Staff Pick band Flakestate was chosen for Week 14 as the Musician's Atlas PopScore Pick for their song, Haunt - Listen Here! 

They received a full year's membership to Musician's Atlas, the music industry's most re liable contact database service.

But you don't have to wait until you reach the top of the PopScore charts to get VIP access to the best performance, promotion & distribution.

Monday, April 17

Radio Airplay Top 10 Songs (Week 15 2017)

Radio Airplay PopScore has been published and a new Top 10 Songs posted for Week 15 of 2017

Check to see if you made the Top 10 List this week HERE!