Friday, February 17

Radio Airplay Staff Picks (Week 6 2017)

We here at Radio Airplay absolutely love music and moreover, we love sharing new music with you! Being exposed to so many awesome independent artists in our Airplay community is an amazing experience. Getting to listen and share up & coming artist's music is even better!

Fellow rockstar members of the Radio Airplay staff want to give our artists even more opportunities to be heard. Erin, Kelly, Tara, and Adam are on board so far, and will be hand picking their favorite tunes each week. 

Staff picks get featured here on the blog, the Radio Airplay Facebook, and our weekly Airplay newsletter. What's more?! 

1 lucky staff pick each week will receive a full year's membership to Musician's Atlas, the music industry's most reliable contact database service. 

All staff picks are added to Jango Radio's Ear Poppin' New Music station which receives over 3000+ hits per week. All staff picks are also added to 

Check out our Staff Picks of Week 6, 2017 Below!
View all past staff picks here!

Erin's Picks: 

Ascona - The Salt Of The Suburbs

dpef. - Hard Drive

Jenna Kyle - Dust

Kelly's Picks: 

Tom Rose - Until We Meet Again

  Book of Giants - Simple ThingsPatrick Joseph - Arsonist Blues

Robert T. McDonald III - You're Already There

Adam's Picks: 

Georgia (Alternative/Alt. Rock) - I'll Be Back

Apedajs - Leave Me Today

INFiDELZNATiON - Backyard Brawl

Tara's Picks:

Beyond Unbroken  - Losing My Mind

Justin Llamas - Gold ft. Amina Harris

Megan Bentley and Taryn Kalyse - Lost Souls

Wednesday, February 15

6 Tips For A Successful Album Release

"You’ve put in the work, slogged through all the rewrites, did all your mastering, and now it’s album release time. You have a show booked within the next month, so logic states you should make it the record release show and your official release date. Not so fast. If you’re looking for more exposure on your music beyond the traditional friends and family who come to every show, you need to be strategic. Your band is your business, and like any successful business you need to create a plan for your album launch. If you’ve invested your time and money into the recording, don’t you want to make sure it’s heard by as many people as possible?" 

Check out this recent article posted by our good friends at Music Think Tank, with important aspects to consider to ensure the greatest likelihood of a successful release!

Tuesday, February 14

Musician's Atlas Staff Pick (Week 5, 2017)

Staff Pick artist Paige Keiner was chosen for Week 5,2017 as the Musician's Atlas Pick for her  song, Except For You - Listen Here!

The artist received a full year's membership to Musician's Atlas, the music industry's most reliable contact database service.

But you don't have to wait until you reach the top of the PopScore charts to get VIP access to the best performance, promotion & distribution.

Indie Bible PopScore Pick (Week 6 2017)

IQ was chosen for Week 6, 2017 as Indie Bible's PopScore Pick for their song,AraCrazy Life.

They received an Ultimate Indie bundle ($280 value) from Indie Bible. The ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE can help you to get valuable radio airplay, music reviews, spotlight features, video airplay, physical & digital distribution, signed to a record label and much more!

You don't have to wait until you reach the top of the PopScore charts to get your Indie Bundle. Get Your Ultimate Indie Bundle Today!

The Indie Bible

Monday, February 13

2017 Love Song Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the 2017 Love Song Contest. We had the best time listening to all songs. With so many great submissions, picking the winners was no easy feat! 

We have added a total of 173 winners to this year’s Independent Love Song station on Jango. 163 Overall winners also got 100 free play credits added to their Radio Airplay account. Congrats! 

You can tune in to listen to this year's winners HERE! 

Grand Prize Winner received:
  • 10,000 Play Credits ($200+ Value).
  • Exclusive Grand Prize feature in our weekly newsletter and social media outlets.
  • Top song placement in the very popular Jango Radio Love Songs station.
  • Placement in Jango Radio's Ear Poppin' New Music station which receives over 3000+ hits per week.
  • Top song placement in the Jango Radio 2017 Independent Love Song station.


The 9 Runners Up Received: 
  • 4,000 Play Credits Each.
  • Top rotation in Jango Radio most popular Love Song station.
  • Exclusive promotion in our weekly newsletter and social media outlets.
  • Placement in the very popular Jango Radio Love Songs station.
  • Top song placement in the Jango Radio 2017 Independent Love Song station.
  • The top 3 Runners Up were chosen by our friends at Unsigned Only and will be entered for free in their Win Some Love song competition.



Calli Grace - Spinning
Adam Leigh - Find Me Another
Ryan Oyer - The Traveler
Horace Holloway - King of Diamonds
Thisbe Vos - House Of Make Believe
Trinitty - Insecure
Tom Rose - Until We Met Again
Luke James Shaffer - Last First Kiss
Donnie Wood - This Moonlight
Fellow American - Curfew
Josh Blakk - KG Love
Billy gilman - Girl It's You
Megan Schroder - Is It Just Me
Heather Harvin - Unspoken Love
Marissa Lauren - For Forever
Melanie Miranda - October
Rachel Tulane - Why I Don't Mind
Moore & Moore - Your Lover
Haven Ho - Back Into Love
Tina Karras - Rendezvous with Me
To You Mom: - Your Innocence
Red City Stereo - I Will Not Break
Frica James - Tired
Miss Storm - Guns n Roses
JohnMarc Skoch - Suddenly
Trick Knee - Hits You
Natalie Gaza - Don't Change Your Mind
Social Gravy - Make It Rain
Jeff Marx - Anywhere He Goes
XOVA - All This Time
Xodu$ - My Girl
Sekay - Weather Man
Phaze II - My Favorite Guy
The Alpaca Gnomes - Honey
Breesy - Wedding Song
Soph Retief - Deleting You
rootbox - For You
Don Rousell - Lady Blue
MiKayla Gunn - Shoulder To Love On
Brielle Starre - You Got Me
Josh Beam - Facelift (Acoustic)
KAYAN - Headfirst (A Song For You)
Sam Tio - Bittersweet Bad Timing
Kendálin - Rising
Jon Peter Lewis - Can't Cry Anymore
Chase Emery Davis - Little Locked Up
Kristina Boban - Wings of Hope
Ka-Cha - Suave
Robby And The Troubadours - Frankie And Johnny
Dominic DiTanna - All I Need
Herban Empire - Fading Memories
ALECARD - You Were The Fire
Derrick Attwood - Jane Doe
Brenda Burch - Sugar Fix
3 Kisses (Rock) - Lovesick Ending
Machinatia - Aurelia
David Gordon Francis - Hopeless (Losing My Baby)
Angela Patricia - Addict
Tnote413 - Watin'
Charles Blackwell - Doing All You Told Me Not to Do
Juliana Parker - Waiting on the Line
Q Dog feat.Grinch - SIDE HUSTLE
Steven Daane - Love Story
Cee Will - Stay in Love
Andrew Dean and The Farm Machine - Old Time Love
Jordan Layne - Confetti
MeZZo - Real Love
Grace Denny - Give Me Love
Rolling Papers - THE WAY
David Harbaugh - GONE
Victoria Marini - Como podré olvidar
Zoltan and the Fortune Tellers - crazy about you
Solex - My Bad
Giosue - Dim
Paris Spleen - Hands
Emojii - Can't Stop Falling
Mountain Sun - Steady As She Goes
John Canjar - Home Deep-Oh
Stereolover - Tonight
Jennifer Rubolino - Candy Coated Snake
John McIntyre - Dance of Love
tony johns - tribute
REGYN - Love Is Not Blind
Jake Vance - Eden
Holly Leer - Waiting For You
David Sinclair Four - Coming Out Of The Rain
YouMe&TheFree - City On Fire
droptheeye - Conversation
Lebish and Grinnell - Final Approach
Seventh Freedom - Silence
RedHits - She'll Be Single Again
MiKayla Gunn - Shoulder To Love On
Blaze The Fireman - Don't Worry
Trinitty - Even on your worst day (your beautiful)
Ian Fleming - Far Away
Ross Douglas - Love
JOSEPH N - Perhaps Love
Nostaljah Band - I Remember When
Brittany Vinciguerra - Fallin'
Jason Seel - Passion of Love
The Soul Exchange - Left Behind
Vanessa y Siry - Quedate
Precious Amber - A Love I Will Never Forget
Trenten Priest - Break You Down
Seven Story Fall - Sing to me
max koffler - I don't like LOVE SONGS (feat. Seoulmates)
Steven Scores & Friends - I Could Fall in Love with You
MeLyn LadyLyn Thompson - Wait
Goodngone - Red Red Roses
Sid Bradley - Sure Can Do It Well
Franou - We Are Done
David McGinty - A Thing or Two
Maria Daines - You Don't Love Me
BANDIT - Memories of You
Timothy israel - Heaven
FUTURELLA - Light Of My Life
Wasthead - Clever
Marty Breeze - The Sky is Falling
Ayenn - I Love You (The Wedding Song)
Kamadoma feat. Wolf Club - Last Summer
Savanna Leigh Bassett - Greenlight, Go
Charles Rivers - Stronger
Comett - Ma réalité
Silver Morgan - Fallen Out Of Love
Robin (Jazz) - It's Magic
Friends With Benz - Forever Be Ours
Arrows To Fire = See You Around
Jack Alacka - Flowers
Trinity Chris - What We Go Do Now
King Con - Bangin' The Possessed
Majikhaus - The Love(You're the One)
Jessie Ross - I Can't Go Wrong (Being Here With You)
Chris Taylor - How beautiful you are
Forrest Hill - Rust (Acoustic)
David Vasquez - Dancing on my own (Ballad Rendition)
John Heinrich - Still Fallin
Boo Riley - To: Alexis, From: Leander
The Romeos/Jerry Honigman - After All
Erick Blu - California Luv (Explicit)
Asha Gangali - woletimi
Kristin Chambers - When Your Love Is Real
Bruno & Bill - Everything I Wanted In A Woman
Randy Overton - Let My Heart Take It From Here
Rob Barnhardt - Suppose
The Random Hubiak - Hotel By The River (ft. Barb Gurskey)
EJ Bisiar - Please Be My Valentine
J Mocha - My Apology
Jen Turiello - Hard
Palakali - Just let me know
Joshua Bailey - Maybe
2 Men and a Campfire - Cross your Mind
Dean Meadows - The Way She Looks
Happenstance - Separate ways
Ace0vSpayde - Love Ain't Here
Cassandra Hodgins - When The Universe Collapses
Jaded Past - Be My Lady
Billy's Cinema - Heartsong
XO Stereo - Send Me An Angel
J. Whaley - Call Me Your Man
Obvious - Hypothermia