Tuesday, May 29

Jango Summer Contest Winners

Jango Summer Contest Winner
First, thank you all for joining our contest - the response was massive and we're very happy to see so many bands submitting their songs! As a result, we have increased the number of winning bands from 20 to 30. In country and rock/alternative there were so many submissions we added five more winning bands to each.

Below you'll find the winners of each category along with their song - all of them great summer songs, perfectly fit for their genre. We congratulate the winners of our exclusive promotion package and reward them with 1,500 Play Credits each. They will also get rotation on Jango Radio's summer stations, which you can listen to here.

Brian Martin - If You Know What I Mean
Brooklyn James - Moving On
Gideon's Daughter - Ain't Got Nuthin'
Happenstance - King of Fools
Inukshuk Pass - Draggin' Lake Aerie
Matt Harlan - Darker Shades of Grey
Olivia Faye - Summer Song
Pamela Johnson - In The Shades
Pete RG - New Eyes
Whisky Row - West Side Ride

Jay Okesene - This time this place
Kevin McWha Steele - At The Serial Killer Disco
Signo Nata - Esta Noche Sabe a Amo
U-Net - I'm Yours, You're Mine
Vergi R. - Come Dance With Me

Hip Hop
C.KHiD - Summa Summa
Konsept - Stary Eyed (Prod. by Thee KidFresco)
M.I.C. (HipHop) - Life of The Party
No Needz - Git 2 No Me
Rudy Moose - Burn It Up

Geographer - Lover's Games
HWY-99 - Let The Sunrise Say Goodbye
Indios - Baby, are you ready?
Jay Loftus - Fortune Cookie
Matt Wade - Waste of Time
Mike Hallal Band - Skywriting
Minds Without Purpose - Ice Cream Short Bus
The Delivery Boys - Summer Lovin'
The Whiskey Farm - First Night of Summer
Trapdoor Social - Death of a Friend

Not on the list? There's still ample opportunity to promote your music on Jango Radio this summer. We've lined up 15 different summer stations to make sure listeners have the perfect soundtrack for any occasion... and of course to make sure you get a chance to promote your music in your own genre. Click here to have your music promoted on Jango's Summer stations

Thank you all for participating and as always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay!


Aaron McLaughlin said...

Congratulations, guys!! You deserved it more than I did.

Julia T. said...

Love "Let The Sunrise Say Goodbye" from HWY-99. The perfect rock song for a summer road trip =)

Pamela Johnson said...

WOW!! Thanks Jango!! You made my day :-)

Mike Hallal said...

Big Thanks Jango. You guyz rock the world. For real.

P.WIN said...

Hip Hop
C.KHiD - Summa Summa
Konsept - Stary Eyed (Prod. by Thee KidFresco)
M.I.C. (HipHop) - Life of The Party
No Needz - Git 2 No Me
Rudy Moose - Burn It Up

why hiphop only get 6 wtf mate

Anonymous said...

@pwinn i agree 6 hiphop songs thats a crime

Unknown said...

REPETEN [world genre] would like to feature "Fireflies" on Jango's Chillout Summer Lounge station (Electronic, World, Ambient). This "Fireflies" is slow-psychedelia. A NO NUKES peace ballad, perfect for our troubled times of possible global thermo-nuclear war threats. "Timely as hell.....on Earth!"