Tuesday, May 1

Watch LoveStruck Robot’s Acoustic Live Radio Performance

Former Jango Band of the Month, LoveStruck Robot, did a live radio performance at Florida-based college radio station WPKR 91.5, and performed their acoustic version of "Do It All For The Dream." Their appearance was part of WPKR's "Local Heroes" series dedicated to support local talent. Here’s more info about the show from Lovestruckrobot.com:

"Hosts Andrew Maffettone and Daniel Pacchioni dedicate their station, which is affiliated with Rollins College, to all types of local talent but musicians especially. With the help of Ian Roth, Audio/Video Engineer, they even created this sweet new video for us! It’s always great to have some hometown support, thanks!!"

Connect with Lovestruck Robot

Jango Airplay is happy to support Lovestruck Robot too, and we'd like to thank them for letting us promote their music! And as always - thank you all for being part of Jango Airplay.


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Anonymous said...

Really nice voice and groove... but why is called "acoustic"???
there is an electric bass,and an electric piano. "Call it a "Sit down" performance, or "the casual living room groovy thang", or "in yer bedroom, baby" but don't mislead please. I mean imagine an upright and a baby grand or just a 6 string with the beat box and the singer now THAT would be Acoustic.

jflyhigh6 said...

these guys are good