Friday, January 31

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Oak Glen - Killing Me

Oak Glen - Killing Me
Pop, Indie, Alternative

Thursday, January 30

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Jake Feeney - No Headlights

Jake Feeney - No Headlights
Alternative/Alt. Rock, Singer Songwriter, Soul

Wednesday, January 29

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Mike Notez - Leave Wit U

Mike Notez - Leave Wit U
R&B, Hip Hop, Pop

Tuesday, January 28

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Ben Ales - Here Forever

Ben Ales - Here Forever
Folk, Rock, Pop
United Kingdom

Monday, January 27

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Troux - Paperboy

Troux - Paperboy
Hip Hop/Rap, R&B

Sunday, January 26

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Mucho Ferro - Isn't True

Saturday, January 25

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Charles Cleyn - Nothing But The Glory

Charles Cleyn - Nothing But The Glory
Pop, Adult Contemporary

Friday, January 24

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Hello Ocean - Over You

Hello Ocean - Over You
Pop, Alternative

Thursday, January 23

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Mario Joy - Highway Of Love

Mario Joy - Highway Of Love

Wednesday, January 22

NEW! Target Registered Users Only

There is a brand new targeting option available today in your Premium Targeting dashboard.  You can now choose to reach only listeners that are registered with Jango Radio.

What's the difference between a registered listener and a non-registered?

Registered listeners are users that have provided demographic as well as additional basic account information giving you more ways to connect with potential fans.

You may notice listeners within your listener feed that are labeled Guest User.
This user type is a non-registered listener on the site. Like a registered user, they are tuned into an artist station, actively listening and are only targeted based upon the similar artist selection you make.  The only difference is they have yet to complete an account sign up. receives a large amount of listener traffic per day but does not require their listeners to create an account. Note: The Jango Radio App for iOs and Android DOES require a completed account sign up. 

Reaching non-registered listeners with airplay creates more opportunities for your music's exposure, and these individuals are still able to create ratings for your song, become a fan, and even share an email directly with you the Artist. Even though we don't know everything about our non-registered listeners, such as their gender or age (demographic), we do know the 2 most important pieces of information: Where they are (from a lookup using their IP location) and what they like to listen to!

Remember: Your play credits will always be used to reach listeners who are tuned into the the similar artists of your choice.

Still wish to target only Registered Listeners?
Head over to the dashboard and from the Campaign Settings menu, choose your Premium Targeting page.

In the bottom right below Geographic Targeting you can access your Registered Listeners selection.  Please check the box and ensure you have enabled your Premium Targeting.  

Your airplay campaign will now only reach and Jango Radio app registered users.

Note: Premium Targeting uses credits differently. Airplay plays cost 1 Play Credit each time your song is played to fans of your artist targets. Premium Targeting costs 2 Play Credits per play, regardless of whether you use it for Demographic Targeting, Premium Geographic Targeting or both.

Tuesday, January 21

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ J.Nolan - Django

J.Nolan - Django
Hip Hop/Rap

Monday, January 20

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Taylor Dee - The Buzz

Sunday, January 19

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Breaker - Talk About It Be About It

Saturday, January 18

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Joe Black - All Your Lovin

Friday, January 17

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Laymond Walker - Stance

Laymond Walker - Stance
Hip Hop/Rap

Thursday, January 16

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Shell Marie - I'm Yours

Shell Marie - I'm Yours

Wednesday, January 15

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Joseph Morris - Searching For You

Tuesday, January 14

NEW MUSIC ⭐️ Diana Payne - Momma's Lucky Day

Wednesday, January 8

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