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Center Stage - Peter Graham

We're pleased to introduce the 2016 Spring Song Contest grand prize winner and latest Center Stage artist, Peter Graham - A talented singer-songwriter from the small town of Millbrook, Ontario, Canada. 
He recently began promoting his music on Jango, but his song has already made a big impact among our listeners, and on the staff here at Radio Airplay. 

His winning song, For The Fall features a refreshingly raw and calm vocal performance,soothing melodies, prolific harmonies and accompaniment, and a very honest and personal glimpse into the artist's life. 

Get to know Peter, his musical process, and what he's got planned for his promising career. We here at Radio Airplay would love to hear more from this artist! 

What was the inspiration behind writing and recording the winning Spring Contest song "For The Fall"?
The inspiration behind this song came from an honest conversation I had with my father about an ex-girlfriend. The lines “I learned of what it was in the moments I was more than I thought I could be and you were the only one I wanted to tell” came out of a time when a business I was working at was poached. I ended up staying on with one other employee after everyone had resigned and we decided we would try to keep the business going. After this had all come to be my dad asked me if I ever missed my ex-girlfriend and I told him that she was the only person I wanted to tell what had happened. I took that line and put it in the context of two long-time friends who had started dating.

The recording side of things was all the doing of a great friend of mine, Josh Brynaert. He told me my music was something to take seriously and showed me how to go about doing that. It’s been snowballing for me ever since.

The song features some great vocals by Brittany Clarke. How did you two meet and do you collaborate often? Do you perform together live?
I actually met Brittany hanging around after an open mic. She came on as a feature act that night and she played some really beautiful songs. She had played this original called Dance with Me and it was stuck in my head for the next couple of days. I ended up reaching out to her and she was kind enough to help me out on this song. We’ve been collaborating more and more these days and we’re looking to put some shows together for the end of April and early May.

Describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence
I like simple acoustic guitar with concise lyrics that are honest, particularly ones that warm your heart or punch you in the gut, and vocals that keep you committed and interested in the story.

What's your earliest music-related memory growing up?
My aunt Rosie worked at a record store and every time she came by to visit she'd bring a box of CDs that my brothers and I would tear through. It was a mix of everything and I remember all of us sitting around making mix tapes of whatever we thought was cool.

What was the first tune(s) you learned?
My roommates at University know better than anyone. I learned Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead. I played it so much that just reciting the first line to them now gets a laugh and a nostalgic eye roll.

Do you write/compose your own songs? Briefly describe your songwriting process.
Yes, and I'm still figuring out my process. I’ve had some success finding a progression or a riff I like and then making up lines off of the top of my head. Afterwards I try to make a story out of what I have and I use those words as placeholders and start working away at them. I try to write down things on my phone as they come about during the day and I come back to that when I hit a road-block.

If you were to cover another artist's album, which would you pick and why?
Jason Isbell’s Southeastern has everything I want in an album. He’s got a great sound, a lot of very unique stories, and really great lyrics. That album also showed me just how honest you could be in song-writing, particularly on things you’re not proud of.

What was the highlight of 2015, either for you personally or for the band? What was the low point?
September 2015 was when I began putting my first EP together and reaching out to the people that are helping me make music today. I met Brittany, Nathan, and Dave all just in 2015 and so hands down that has been the highlight. Brittney has become a great friend and writing partner. Nathan Gray was introduced to me through my cousin and we met and recorded For the Fall on the same day. He really changed that song for me and makes anything he plays on better with that pedal steel. Dave is a new addition on drums and a real talent. All in all, 2015 was a great year for me so the low side of things seems trivial looking back.

What is 2016 looking like for you? Upcoming projects? Can you give us a little hint, on what we can expect for this year?
I am hoping to have my first EP done for October this year. I will also be putting up the second song from that EP on Radio Airplay in the next week or two. I'm really excited about this one. It's the first song that I've written that when I play it for people sometimes they ask me "Whose song is that?” I think that's a great sign. Also there should be a video coming out by the end of next week by Brittany Clarke for a song called River in Me that I got to be part of her backing band on. It’s a pretty cool song; I’d recommend checking it out.

Any embarrassing on stage moments you'd like to share? C’mon, don’t be shy.
I am mostly embarrassing on stage so there's not a moment that stands out. I’ve got pretty bad stage fright but I'm working on it.

What do you enjoy doing outside of music? Does your hobby rejuvenate their creativity?
I like spending time with my family and friends mostly. I recently became an uncle for the first time and so I've got that cute McNugget around now. I'm also a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan and I live with the pitfalls that come with that.

What do you like the most about Radio Airplay?
Radio Airplay gives an open mic’er like me an opportunity to build an audience and my confidence as a songwriter. I have a fan in North Carolina and another in Washington, to a guy like me that’s pretty unbelievable.

For The Fall - Feature Brittany Clarke

Wednesday, March 30

Frugality On DIY Tour: Some Simple Suggestions

A DIY tour can be very expensive. There are ways to be successful, but for a band just starting out, you should try to spend as little money as possible. 
Our friends at Music Think Tank posted a great article with some suggestions on how you can minimize your expenses to ensure you get the most out of your tour. Read up on it here! 

Six Tips for Successful Self-Producing

"The easy and obvious way to make good recordings is to find a good producer to work with. But what if you can’t work with a good producer?"

This great and informative new article from our friends over at CD Baby's DIY Musician blog has 6 super-helpful quick tips to keep in mind if you're considering self-producing your next record, to help you get the very best out of your song recordings and production!

Tuesday, March 29

Musician's Atlas PopScore Pick (Week 12 2016)

Top PopScore artist Michael Wark was chosen for Week 12 as the Musician's Atlas PopScore Pick for his song Silver Spring  Listen here!

Michael Wark received a full year's membership to Musician's Atlas, the music industry's most reliable contact database service._
_But you don't have to wait until you reach the top of the PopScore charts to get VIP access to the best performance, promotion & distribution._

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2016 Spring Song Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the 2016 Spring Song Contest. We received a whopping  2,000 submissions this year! 

135 songs were chosen by our panel of judges to appear in Jango's Independent Spring '16 station and winners received 100 free play credits in their Radio Airplay accounts. 

The 9 runners up winners received the following: 
Our GRAND PRIZE WINNER received the following: 

Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks again to all for sharing and submitting your music! 

Grand Prize Winner 

Runners Up

Denim Wedding - Spring
January May - Young
Spaceship - Sweet Marie Bee
Kennedy Nöel - Let It Go
Yvad - Tribute
Audio Revival - Smoking Gun
Nola Wren - Venom
Finnli - Way Side

Overall Winners 

Adele Morgan - I Wanna Live Like That
Mango Kingz - All Over Again
Riders Connection - Ticks of the clock
Fiona Culley - Anywhere With You
Reya Sunshine - Joyful
Nyssa Berger - Monday Never Comes
Allegra Trikash - Curse
Megan Bentley and Taryn Kalyse - Lost Souls
Olivia Faye - Angels A Walkin'
Mike Stocksdale - So Far Down
Anna Schulze - Moving On
Veracity - Beautiful Life
Neonfly - Whispered Dreams
Grace Denny - Yellow Flicker Beat
Adam & I - Best Thing
Cadence Kid - Ecstasy
Gawaine Campbell - Girl Next Door
Vermillion Road - Run
Polly Baker - Wild
Artifas - Inhuman
Robert Cini - Break My Heart
Nightmare River Band - Last Goodbye
Darren Gooder - Stroll
Neon Attix - Let Me Get Down
Nine Lies - Nothing Left For Me
Sherwinn Dupes Brice - Seasons ft. Olivia Abraham
Memory Flowers - Cartwheels
Justin St-Pierre - L’Ile
Gutter Creek - Nobody's watching
Jennifer Lee - Music of Your Soul
Matt Kizer - S’Wonderful
Finding Adam - Nothing You Cqn Do
Sam Roark - Jolene
The Cranks - All in a Day
Shotgun Creek - Like This Place
Purplehed - Burn Like the Sun
Robby And The Troubadours - Untrue
Moxy and The Influence - Bella's Song
Brenna Swanger - Forged From Fire
Abbe Lewis - Honey Please
BGK (Bad Girl Kimoe) - Sandbox
Frank Bell - Home
Clay Alston - Shelby
Tariq 'TEE-M' Mirza - Hallucination
Sonia - Someone Else
World Wild - Coast to Coast
Sara - Forgot all the Words
The Jared Project - Saturn
Tom Colucci - My favorite time
Mike Liegel - Stick Around
Mark Galasso - Let's Make It Work Somehow
Nick DeStefano - We Seek Higher Ground
James Hoffman - To Hear You Again
Lyndle Kearns - Crazy for you
Neon Culpa - Where All Things Meet
Stasy MJ - Walls
James Ivory Lewis - Keep Love
Dani Cichon - Little Bit
Nia B - 2 Day Man
I am November - Thinking Too Loud
Layover - Angel
The Vivid - Sunkissed
Shannie Ross - The Break Up
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Showdown At The Lonestar Salon
The National Evening Express - Shadow Of A Former Man
Channon Rose - Single White Female
One Letter Alias - Drowning
Suzie Hatton - Be the One
Kaelan Britney - Take Care
Almost Awake - Glass Houses
Sacha-Lee - Forever Thing
El Lieder - Vinyl
Simply Real - Changed
Dogmate - Son Man
twelve a.m. flowers - A LUXURY SQUEEZE
WiL - Summer Song
Rica Tan - The City
Lindsay Cardy - Nothing to Prove
Bankrupt - Party Capital
Alice Sonia-Michael - Seconds of silence
Sbornaya - Leningrada
Softcore Suicide - Sick As A Fuck
Joe Cerisano - Country Ain't Something You Decide To Be
Jimmy King & The Revolt - Dreamwalkers
Chase K - Apricots
Carl wirkkala - Out of Denver
Jimmy Raschel - Killer Miller
Michael Crowther - When The Moon Beckons
Visions of a Nomad - Return
Andrew McKaige and The Fine Line - I’m Sleeping On The Beach Underneath A Pier And Now It Looks Like Rain
Abby Feferman - More Than Words Can Say
Midnite Johnny - Lyin' Eyes
Chris Connor (feat Sara Kerr) - When You Smile
Andy O' Dea - Big life Now
Patrick gray - Why
Willie Contraband - Everytime ft Calvin Mathews
Filaal present U.c.2 - Pray For The Hommies
Jack Burton - Soul
JoJo Worthington - Heart
Allan James - Choose Life
Kally Lowle - Sun City
The DeadBeats - Phetus
The Count Of VA - Love Song Reprised
Magali DeLaRosa - Say That You'll Be Mine
Roses For Panjo (feat. Tanya Leah) - Signs of Spring
Ryan Molloy - The Best Thing
DURTY KASH - Shine With Me
chris hardy world - Butter On The Brain
Juani Cardillo - Dale...
Okirike - Take A Load Off
Young Scrap - Main Ting
JaneliaSoul - Love-Hate
Maria Ho - Poinciana
R.68 - Easy
Steve Saxton & The Gentlemen - Home
Greg Harrison Band - As Long As We're Dancin'
A Veil - Say Something You Mean
Steve Oakley Band - Whiskey & Angels
Gerald Cerda - All Over Again
Abelardo - Forever (Radio Edit)
Dev Walker - Man Down

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Scratches And Dents: Keeping Your Guitar Safe On The Road

"Traveling is great, but the wear and tear of the road can completely destroy guitars. Although guitars have a reputation as rough-and-ready instruments that you can take anywhere, they are actually quite delicate. Not only can they easily get dented or scratched from a bumpy ride in a trunk or airline luggage apartment, but they are also very sensitive to changes in temperature, pressure and humidity."

Whether you're an experienced touring artist or planning a trip with your instrument for the first time, check out this great quick read by our friends at Music Think Tank, with helpful advice on protecting your guitars (and other instruments) when you travel and tour!

How To Set Up A Blog Premiere For Your Song

"Blog premieres (where you give a blog a limited window of time in which they’re the ONLY place someone can go to hear a song or watch a video) have become a ubiquitous way of promoting new music — but are they WORTH it?"

Find out some Pros and Cons on Blog premiers, and how you can set one up to have the best possible release of your song in this great read posted by our friends at DIY Musician (CD Baby's Blog)

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Musician's Atlas PopScore Pick (Week 11 2016)

Top PopScore artist iBECK was chosen for Week 10 as the Musician's Atlas PopScore Pick for his song The Last Match.  Listen here!

iBECK received a full year's membership to Musician's Atlas, the music industry's most reliable contact database service._
_But you don't have to wait until you reach the top of the PopScore charts to get VIP access to the best performance, promotion & distribution._

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Center Stage - Connor Vance

Meet our newest Center Stage artist, Connor Vance - a young and promising artist  with an undeniable talent in creating catchy melodies with heavy influence in both the Pop & Alt Rock worlds. 

His song Run (video below) has been a big hit among Jango listeners, and it's easy to see why. The heart-felt lyrics accompanied by an Alt. Rock feel in the instrumentation, creates a relatable and feel good world easy to get lost in. 

Growing up in a small town in British Columbia, Canada (Prince Rupert), you pretty much have two options: become a pro hockey player, or become a fisherman. When an injury forced Connor to relinquish his dreams of becoming a pro Hockey player, his rehab opened up his eyes to music. While not being able to walk, he found an old red Epiphone SG lying around and dusted it off… and so began his musical journey.

Connor’s debut single “Run”, which was released December 14, 2015, was inspired from true traumatic events that took place in his dear auntie Teresa’s shoes. While battling cancer and life threatening surgery, she had found out that her husband of 25 years had been having an affair on her, and was getting ready to leave her. Fortunately, Teresa is a survivor. But upon her return home from months in the hospital, she had to face the fear of being alone, heart wrenching memories, anger, frustration, sadness, and so many questions as to why this was happening (The chorus ends with “I worried when things turned grey, that you’d run”).

Today, Connor is based in Gainesville, Florida. Originally hailing from B.C. Canada, Connor has been enthusiastically writing music from the age of 13. His style combines elements of catchy pop songs to rocking alt rock tunes. Just off the heels of recording his debut EP at Big3 Studios (Jim Pinky Beeman & Mark Parfitt – engineers and Ian Bentley – Producer), Connor continues on his musical journey one note and one gig at a time.

Describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence
I was blessed with a pretty unique vocal sound, so my songs range from feel good, fun, pop-guitar tunes, to twists of alt-rock sounds with deep, meaningful lyrics.

What's your earliest music-related memory growing up?
We went to a music festival in Vancouver, BC when I was only 13, and I remember the lead singer of Canadian rock band Theory of a Deadman (Tyler Connolly) told every girl there “whoever takes off their shirt and throws it on stage wins a free Theory of a Deadman shirt and chance to hangout back stage”. Almost every girl near the front of the stage did, and as a 13-year-old kid I was pretty happy and extremely inspired to see that.

What was the first tune(s) you learned?
I hate to be cliché but Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes was my go to!

Do you write/compose your own songs? Briefly describe your songwriting process
I do write my songs! Sometimes, I will start with a cool riff on the guitar and then think of a melody to sing to it. Other times, I will have a melody in my head and write the music behind it. Then sometimes, I will write lyrics and then wait for inspiration of a tune to apply the words to song.

If you were to cover another artist's album, which would you pick and why?
Since I am Canadian, I would have to go with Our Lady Peace’s ‘A Decade’ album. I feel that our sound is fairly similar and almost every song off that album had me hooked with its catchy melodies, mesmerizing sounds, and different feels for each song.

What was the highlight of 2015, either for you personally or for the band? What was the low point?
The highlight was certainly recording professionally at Big3 Studios in St Petersburg, Florida. Ian Bentley, my producer and I spent months fine tuning and writing the 4 tracks we recorded, and that time and effort really paid off in the final product.

What is 2016 looking like for you? Upcoming projects? Can you give us a little hint, on what we can expect for this year?
2016 is very exciting. We have already played some exciting gigs across Florida and we will be releasing our debut EP this spring, 2016.

Any embarrassing on stage moments you'd like to share? C’mon, don’t be shy.

We were performing one of my songs “Wish you were here “ live at the state theatre in St, Petersburg FL. After the bridge it drops out to a breakdown of the chorus where I was trying to get the crowd participating by clapping along with me and the song. I was clapping on the 1st beat and the 3rd beat while our bass player was clapping correctly to the 2nd and the 4th; the crowd was insanely confused, as were our bass player and I.

What do you enjoy doing outside of music? Does your hobby rejuvenate their creativity?
I enjoy as much physical activity as I can as I see my body as my shrine, so I spend a decent amount of time in the gym. I also enjoy playing as many and as wide of a variety of sports as I can, as I grew up playing competitive sports my whole life. Since I live in Florida, golf is defiantly one of my most favored hobbies.

What do you like the most about Radio Airplay?
It gives me an opportunity to be heard by people worldwide. It is still not easy to get mainstream radio play, so Radio Airplay allows my songs to be spun while I establish myself.

Wednesday, March 16

How To Book A Tour Without A Booking Agent

"One of the biggest challenges musicians face is booking tours. Many bands don’t have a booking agent, so booking a tour can seem like a daunting task the first time out."

Whether you're planning your first tour or are a touring veteran, check out this new article post from our friends at Music Think Tank, with great advice and things to keep in mind for your next round of shows!

Does Your Website Pass The Press Test ?

If you’re going to be taken seriously as an artist, you need your own website, and it's crucial you have a good one! 

Here's a great artcile posted by our friends over at CD Baby's blog DIY Musician, with 10 things you must have in place on your website to make an impact.

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Musician's Atlas PopScore Pick (Week 10 2016)

Top PopScore artist Steven Long was chosen for Week 10 as the Musician's Atlas PopScore Pick for his song Change My Ways.  Listen here!

Steven Long received a full year's membership to Musician's Atlas, the music industry's most reliable contact database service._
_But you don't have to wait until you reach the top of the PopScore charts to get VIP access to the best performance, promotion & distribution._

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Deadline Soon! Spring 2016 Song Contest

No matter how long a winter, Spring is sure to follow. Here at Radio Airplay, we're getting ready for those sprouting blooms and longer days with our Spring 2016 Song Contest.

This contest has no theme or genre limitations. We want Radio Airplay's best!

Click the link to enter now!

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      Major Vs. Indie: What Really Happens When You Sign A Record Deal

      "It can be difficult as an independent musician to determine the best path to take for long-term growth and success. Ultimately this crossroads is met with three separate avenues: DIY (Do It Yourself), Independent Label, and Major Label.."
      Check out this interesting and informative new article posted by our friends at Music Think Tank, explaining the pros and cons of different label situations and how to make the most of each one to maximize your potential and take your music to the next level.

      How To Book Your First Show

      "If you’ve been playing in a band for more than a few weeks, you should probably be thinking about booking your first show. Seriously. “Shows” are as old as music itself, and with the exception of a few pretty fantastic recording artists, most serious musicians perform regularly. It’s one of the best ways to hone your skills, it gets your music out there, and it builds your fanbase." 

      Check out this great post by our friends at CD Baby, posted on the DIY Musician blog, to help you find the best approach for your band when it comes to booking your first gig

      Friday, March 4

      New! How Do I Change The Order Of My Songs?

      You've probably noticed by now, we've been making some changes within Radio Airplay, and here is one new change to help you gain more control over your account. 

      Now you can decide the order in which your songs will appear on your profile. This can simply be done from your Radio Airplay dashboard's Artist Content>Songs page. 

      From that section, you'll see all your uploaded songs on your account. On the left of each song title you'll see which number position each song is currently in. By clicking on the number you'll find a drop down menu with the option to change the song to another position on the list. 

      After you make a change to a song, make sure you click on the "Save Order" button on the top. You will then see the "Saved" text letting you know your changes have been updated.

      Any changes made in your song order on this page will be reflected in your artist profile page, visible to anyone that visits the page. 

      *You can only change song order on "Live" songs. Song order cannot be changed on songs marked as "Hidden"

      Center Stage - John and the Time Traveling Bicycle

      We're pleased to announce our latest Center Stage artist, John and the Time Traveling Bicycle - the latest project of Artist and singer-songwriter, John D. Harmon.

      The alternative-folk artist creates a dreamy soundscape, like in his song "Like a Leaf", ideal for an escape into a world of mystery and self reflection. 

      Get to know John and his band, and find out why he's been making such an impact among Jango listeners in this latest feature.

      "Prior to my time as John and the Time Traveling Bicycle, I spent from 1994 to 2007 as a founding member of/writing for and performing in several Central Kentucky-based bands, including: Chiaroscuro (1994-2000), Attic Down (2000-2003), and Van Gogh Sky (2005-2007). After relocating to San Diego, CA in 2008, I recorded and released the 2009 studio project/electronic album, “Life in the Temporary,” under the moniker, Carriage House Saints. After taking a three year break from live performances, I took the stage again in 2011 for my inaugural L.A. show, performing as, John and the Time Traveling Bicycle."

      Describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence
      John and the Time Traveling Bicycle blends flavors of 70's soul, mountain-folk and rock, into a melodic, alternative cocktail.

      What's your earliest music-related memory growing up?
      My earliest music-related memory would probably be listening to Freddie Fender's, "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head," and really getting it!

      Do you write/compose your own songs? Briefly describe your songwriting process
      I write and compose all of my songs. I usually start by writing the verse and chorus on an acoustic guitar. I then sing melodies, and whatever comes out (stream of consciously), ends up being the vocal melody most of the time. That's also how half of my lyrics get written; in that initial writing a vocal melody. At other times, I'll specifically set out to write lyrics about a certain topic. In that case, I write the lyrics after the vocal melody is ironed out. 

      If you were to cover another artist's album, which would you pick and why?
      I've always wanted to do a cover of a classic Holiday album. I think Nat King Cole's, "A Christmas Song" is absolutely brilliant!

      What was the highlight of 2015, either for you personally or for the band? What was the low point?
      The highlight of 2015, for me, was finally releasing the new album, The Acquisition of Memories, in late November. It took a year to write and record. The low point was, in fact, many points: losing my Mother, two Uncles, and a close friend during the year. But...all that emotion went into the heart and soul of the album!

      What is 2016 looking like for you? Upcoming projects?  Can you give us a little hint, on what we can expect for this year?
      I'm working on a few new music videos for the album at the moment. The second single, "Find a Way," should be released soon (along with the video). I also will get back on has been a while. I think my first show might actually be a hike-in show, somewhere up some trail. Keep an eye on the website for details!

      What do you like the most about Radio Airplay?
      I like the way Radio Airplay allows Artists to connect with potential fans from all reaches of the world. That's a great thing!

      Check out his Jango Radio profile here:

      Wednesday, March 2

      14 Ways Musicians Can Make Money from Live Shows

      "The key for musicians today is to diversify their revenue streams. No musician makes their income strictly from one method anymore. For the most part, we each have our hands in several different pots.
      You know the adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket“. Musicians just can’t afford to do that anymore. There are just so many baskets and each one has its benefits. Some baskets will be more important to you, and some will be more important during specific times in your career." Our friends at Music Think Tank just posted this excellent new article and comprehensive list of 14 great ways for active artists and bands to make money from live shows and gigs, while at the same time getting your music out there and pushing your music promotion to the next level!

      How To Get More Followers On Instagram

      "When you’re just starting out on Instagram, growth will feel painfully slow. Those first couple hundred followers may take you a while, but once you establish a routine and get some momentum going it will pick up, so stick with it!" 

      Take a look at this handy blog post on the CD Baby site with great techniques to get more followers on Instagram.