March 25, 2016

2016 Spring Song Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the 2016 Spring Song Contest. We received a whopping  2,000 submissions this year! 

135 songs were chosen by our panel of judges to appear in Jango's Independent Spring '16 station and winners received 100 free play credits in their Radio Airplay accounts. 

The 9 runners up winners received the following: 
Our GRAND PRIZE WINNER received the following: 

Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks again to all for sharing and submitting your music! 

Grand Prize Winner 

Runners Up

Denim Wedding - Spring
January May - Young
Spaceship - Sweet Marie Bee
Kennedy Nöel - Let It Go
Yvad - Tribute
Audio Revival - Smoking Gun
Nola Wren - Venom
Finnli - Way Side

Overall Winners 

Adele Morgan - I Wanna Live Like That
Mango Kingz - All Over Again
Riders Connection - Ticks of the clock
Fiona Culley - Anywhere With You
Reya Sunshine - Joyful
Nyssa Berger - Monday Never Comes
Allegra Trikash - Curse
Megan Bentley and Taryn Kalyse - Lost Souls
Olivia Faye - Angels A Walkin'
Mike Stocksdale - So Far Down
Anna Schulze - Moving On
Veracity - Beautiful Life
Neonfly - Whispered Dreams
Grace Denny - Yellow Flicker Beat
Adam & I - Best Thing
Cadence Kid - Ecstasy
Gawaine Campbell - Girl Next Door
Vermillion Road - Run
Polly Baker - Wild
Artifas - Inhuman
Robert Cini - Break My Heart
Nightmare River Band - Last Goodbye
Darren Gooder - Stroll
Neon Attix - Let Me Get Down
Nine Lies - Nothing Left For Me
Sherwinn Dupes Brice - Seasons ft. Olivia Abraham
Memory Flowers - Cartwheels
Justin St-Pierre - L’Ile
Gutter Creek - Nobody's watching
Jennifer Lee - Music of Your Soul
Matt Kizer - S’Wonderful
Finding Adam - Nothing You Cqn Do
Sam Roark - Jolene
The Cranks - All in a Day
Shotgun Creek - Like This Place
Purplehed - Burn Like the Sun
Robby And The Troubadours - Untrue
Moxy and The Influence - Bella's Song
Brenna Swanger - Forged From Fire
Abbe Lewis - Honey Please
BGK (Bad Girl Kimoe) - Sandbox
Frank Bell - Home
Clay Alston - Shelby
Tariq 'TEE-M' Mirza - Hallucination
Sonia - Someone Else
World Wild - Coast to Coast
Sara - Forgot all the Words
The Jared Project - Saturn
Tom Colucci - My favorite time
Mike Liegel - Stick Around
Mark Galasso - Let's Make It Work Somehow
Nick DeStefano - We Seek Higher Ground
James Hoffman - To Hear You Again
Lyndle Kearns - Crazy for you
Neon Culpa - Where All Things Meet
Stasy MJ - Walls
James Ivory Lewis - Keep Love
Dani Cichon - Little Bit
Nia B - 2 Day Man
I am November - Thinking Too Loud
Layover - Angel
The Vivid - Sunkissed
Shannie Ross - The Break Up
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Showdown At The Lonestar Salon
The National Evening Express - Shadow Of A Former Man
Channon Rose - Single White Female
One Letter Alias - Drowning
Suzie Hatton - Be the One
Kaelan Britney - Take Care
Almost Awake - Glass Houses
Sacha-Lee - Forever Thing
El Lieder - Vinyl
Simply Real - Changed
Dogmate - Son Man
twelve a.m. flowers - A LUXURY SQUEEZE
WiL - Summer Song
Rica Tan - The City
Lindsay Cardy - Nothing to Prove
Bankrupt - Party Capital
Alice Sonia-Michael - Seconds of silence
Sbornaya - Leningrada
Softcore Suicide - Sick As A Fuck
Joe Cerisano - Country Ain't Something You Decide To Be
Jimmy King & The Revolt - Dreamwalkers
Chase K - Apricots
Carl wirkkala - Out of Denver
Jimmy Raschel - Killer Miller
Michael Crowther - When The Moon Beckons
Visions of a Nomad - Return
Andrew McKaige and The Fine Line - I’m Sleeping On The Beach Underneath A Pier And Now It Looks Like Rain
Abby Feferman - More Than Words Can Say
Midnite Johnny - Lyin' Eyes
Chris Connor (feat Sara Kerr) - When You Smile
Andy O' Dea - Big life Now
Patrick gray - Why
Willie Contraband - Everytime ft Calvin Mathews
Filaal present U.c.2 - Pray For The Hommies
Jack Burton - Soul
JoJo Worthington - Heart
Allan James - Choose Life
Kally Lowle - Sun City
The DeadBeats - Phetus
The Count Of VA - Love Song Reprised
Magali DeLaRosa - Say That You'll Be Mine
Roses For Panjo (feat. Tanya Leah) - Signs of Spring
Ryan Molloy - The Best Thing
DURTY KASH - Shine With Me
chris hardy world - Butter On The Brain
Juani Cardillo - Dale...
Okirike - Take A Load Off
Young Scrap - Main Ting
JaneliaSoul - Love-Hate
Maria Ho - Poinciana
R.68 - Easy
Steve Saxton & The Gentlemen - Home
Greg Harrison Band - As Long As We're Dancin'
A Veil - Say Something You Mean
Steve Oakley Band - Whiskey & Angels
Gerald Cerda - All Over Again
Abelardo - Forever (Radio Edit)
Dev Walker - Man Down