Friday, March 4

Center Stage - John and the Time Traveling Bicycle

We're pleased to announce our latest Center Stage artist, John and the Time Traveling Bicycle - the latest project of Artist and singer-songwriter, John D. Harmon.

The alternative-folk artist creates a dreamy soundscape, like in his song "Like a Leaf", ideal for an escape into a world of mystery and self reflection. 

Get to know John and his band, and find out why he's been making such an impact among Jango listeners in this latest feature.

"Prior to my time as John and the Time Traveling Bicycle, I spent from 1994 to 2007 as a founding member of/writing for and performing in several Central Kentucky-based bands, including: Chiaroscuro (1994-2000), Attic Down (2000-2003), and Van Gogh Sky (2005-2007). After relocating to San Diego, CA in 2008, I recorded and released the 2009 studio project/electronic album, “Life in the Temporary,” under the moniker, Carriage House Saints. After taking a three year break from live performances, I took the stage again in 2011 for my inaugural L.A. show, performing as, John and the Time Traveling Bicycle."

Describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence
John and the Time Traveling Bicycle blends flavors of 70's soul, mountain-folk and rock, into a melodic, alternative cocktail.

What's your earliest music-related memory growing up?
My earliest music-related memory would probably be listening to Freddie Fender's, "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head," and really getting it!

Do you write/compose your own songs? Briefly describe your songwriting process
I write and compose all of my songs. I usually start by writing the verse and chorus on an acoustic guitar. I then sing melodies, and whatever comes out (stream of consciously), ends up being the vocal melody most of the time. That's also how half of my lyrics get written; in that initial writing a vocal melody. At other times, I'll specifically set out to write lyrics about a certain topic. In that case, I write the lyrics after the vocal melody is ironed out. 

If you were to cover another artist's album, which would you pick and why?
I've always wanted to do a cover of a classic Holiday album. I think Nat King Cole's, "A Christmas Song" is absolutely brilliant!

What was the highlight of 2015, either for you personally or for the band? What was the low point?
The highlight of 2015, for me, was finally releasing the new album, The Acquisition of Memories, in late November. It took a year to write and record. The low point was, in fact, many points: losing my Mother, two Uncles, and a close friend during the year. But...all that emotion went into the heart and soul of the album!

What is 2016 looking like for you? Upcoming projects?  Can you give us a little hint, on what we can expect for this year?
I'm working on a few new music videos for the album at the moment. The second single, "Find a Way," should be released soon (along with the video). I also will get back on has been a while. I think my first show might actually be a hike-in show, somewhere up some trail. Keep an eye on the website for details!

What do you like the most about Radio Airplay?
I like the way Radio Airplay allows Artists to connect with potential fans from all reaches of the world. That's a great thing!

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