Friday, October 30

How Do I Change My Account Artist Name?

If your artist or band name has changed or you simply need to correct a spelling error, you can at anytime change the name right from your account. 

Go to the ARTIST CONTENT section of your dashboard and click on INFO & LINKS from the drop down menu. 

Once you are on the Info & Links page look on the top left portion of the page under Artist Info. From there you will see in the Artist Name field the current account name, and you'll be able to change or edit the name in that box. Once edited, click OK to save your changes. 

You will see that the change has been successfully made when you see the orange "Ok! Saved" message. 

And you're done!

How Do I Change My Account E-mail Address / Password?

Your account’s Email Address and Password can be changed and updated anytime, from the HOME > YOUR ACCOUNT page.  

Place your mouse pointer over HOME in the top-menu, and then click on YOUR ACCOUNT when it appears underneath.

From there, you’ll see a Your Account section, and the options to set your account email address and password.

To change your email address, just type in the new valid email address to the “Email” field, and then click on the grey Update button underneath.  

This will cause your Radioairplay notification emails to send to that new email address, and you’ll also be able to use that new email address for signing into your account.

Below this, you can also update your Password by typing the password you’d like into both the “New Password” and “Confirm Password” fields, and then clicking on the grey Update button underneath. This will instantly change your account’s sign-in password.

When you change any information on that page, you’ll then see a message at the top, stating: “Your account information has been saved” -  That’s your confirmation that the information in question has been updated.

Thursday, October 29

Center Stage - Taxicab Racers

Meet our newest Center Stage band, Taxicab Racers. We had them answer our questionnaire and tell us a little bit about their band. So dive in and get to know Taxicab Racers! 

We live our lives both in complete control and submission to our surroundings. Fate has a way of stepping in and setting a course never before considered. Other times we pursue our dreams, set our goals, and chase things that we have always loved and always will love. The heart is a lonely hunter, and when it seeks, it also speaks and longs for others to hear its distinct song. The heart is often forced to sit and wait patiently for life to happen around it. These are the life lessons that inspired Hunter/Beggar. 

Originally growing up in small town Dayton, Tennessee, we were accustomed to living in comfort and not taking chances or chasing things so seemingly out of reach. But what we have taken from our time outside is that anything is possible. We all need something to chase, and for us that meant moving to Nashville and taking our music dreams more seriously. Fate has been good to us here. 

Shortly after moving to Nashville, we met Chad Howat, a local artist/producer who shares a kindred musical spirit with us. He understood our aims for the project and helped us revamp our little electronic rock band to a more organic and human level. Our environmental changes forced us to rethink who we are as artists and as people. We wrote new songs and recycled old ones. We looked to ourselves and found we were not the same as we used to be. The human life continues in constant flux. 

There is a season for everything, and with the right amount of drive and a sense of patience, we all find our place. Sometimes you have to steer the ship, and in other times you must let go of the wheel and submit to your foreign surroundings. But always remain optimistic, and ultimately the heart will win. Hope is alive.

Describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence..
Our sound is a dreamy atmospheric inspiring dark yet hopeful melodic grounded seamless integration of synth computer electronic digital elements and analog "real" instruments known as Nashville Dream Pop. 

What inspires you to make music?
An unstoppable yearning desire in our hearts, the voices in our heads, and that we bring passion, inspiration, and joy to others by sharing ours.

What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?
The network of the world, through word of mouth, media, and technology; the ability to share with others independently.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a musician?
Maintaining the balance of everyday responsibility while devoting as much time as possible to our passion and art.

Wat's one of your all-time favorite recordings?
The Beatles (The White Album)

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why- Living or dead.
No way this can be narrowed down to three, most musicians are sponges, soaking up inspiration from everything and everyone, so pretty much anyone we've ever heard.
What s your ideal or target audience?
We love seeing variety in the audience!  It means a lot to us to create music that is timeless and strikes a chord with all people.

Do you write/compose your own songs? Briefly describe your songwriting process.
Yes we do!  Typically, Michael will have an initial idea for a song, kind of like a sketch, with some musical ideas, a melody, and some lyrics; then we all work it out together into a finished song.  This can take a few hours, days, or weeks, depending on the song.

What do you like the most about Radio Airplay?
We love reaching new listeners all over the world!

Wednesday, October 28

4 Reasons Why All Musicians Should Know Basic Recording and Mixing Techniques

"The process of recording music can seem quite daunting, and in many ways it is, but it’s also a powerful way to take your musicianship up a notch. Even if you aren’t a producer and have no interest in engineering, having basic recording skills will go a long way and pay itself off."

Check out this short but excellent article from our friends at Tunecore, with great advice on how any musician can benefit from some basic recording and mixing skills!

3 Mistakes Serious Musicians Must Avoid

The music industry is an industry built on relationships. It really is about who you know. When you consider how small the music industry is and how easy it is to get your social media comments or emails shared, it’s best to err on the side of being amiable than not. 

Take some time to read this helpful post by our friends at Music Think Tank and consider simple, but glaring, mistakes that are committed every day that no serious muscian should make.

Monday, October 26

Top Independent Artist Stations on

 Top Independent Artist Stations
Stations Updated: 10/26/2015

More PopScore Opportunities! Along with our addition of the Top 10 Radio Airplay songs of the week, we are adding one more PopScore opportunity for qualifying artists. The top 100 performing PopScore songs per airplay genre will now be placed in the Independent genre stations. These are easily accessible to listeners right in the Independent category on the site.

There will be 16 genre stations in all - tune in today!

Classical -
Folk -
R&B/Soul -
HipHop/Rap -
Blues -
Latin -
Country -
Rock -
Reggae -
Jazz -
Pop -
Christian/Gospel -
World -
Metal -
Alternative/Alt Rock -
Dance/Electronica -

How do I qualify to be considered for the Independent genre stations?
a) Have an active RadioAirplay subscription
b) Have at least 100 paid plays for an individual song for that given PopScore week. Need more info on PopScore? Click Here:
c) That's it - we send the station manager a listing of all RadioAirplay songs that qualified for a high PopScore and they choose the 100 from each genre there!

Will I be notified if my song was chosen?
We will list the playlists for each station Monday afternoon/evenings as soon as the station managers update them. You will be able to find them right here on our blog's Radio Stations section. Furthermore, they will be linked in the PopScore email and our weekly newsletter. 

Not receiving those emails? Be sure to enable those email alerts in your notification section on the dashboard.

How Can I Access My Jango Radio Profile Page?

Once you have a completed Radio Airplay artist account with at least 1 song in “Live” status, you will also automatically have a public Jango Radio artist profile page. From there, all your songs have unlimited plays, and anyone who visits your profile page can become your Fan, leave a Comment, etc.

From your Radio Airplay account HOME page, you can easily access your Jango Radio profile page, by clicking on “Public Profile” at the top right corner.  


You can also access your profile page from anywhere on the website or app, using the “Search” field at the top.

Once you’re viewing your full Jango Radio profile page, you can “Select” and “Copy” the full website URL in your internet browser, so you can then post it on your other websites, in emails, or anywhere else you’d like to share it and get more visits to your Jango profile page. 

From your ARTIST CONTENT > SONGS page, you’ll also see a special, shareable URL for each of your songs in “Live” status, where it says “Copy and Share”.  

If you click on, Copy, and Share one of those URLs, it will direct anyone who clicks on it to your Jango Radio profile page - where that particular song will begin playing.

Sharing your Jango Radio profile page is recommended and beneficial for any artist, since the profile page can not only act as your free online library which you can use in your larger online promotional efforts, but can also help as an extra method of gaining new fans and other positive stats - all of which can help boost your weekly PopScore.

Wednesday, October 21

6 Tips To Get Your Music To Go Live In Stores

"You recorded your music. You mixed it. You mastered it. Now you want it on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music… and the sooner the better.

Can you go from your creative process to music sales in an instant? Not quite. But you can put time on your side if you think ahead, follow guidelines and ask for assistance when you need help."
Check out this great new article from our friends at Tunecore with 6 easy, helpful tips and guidelines on what to do once you have a new song ready for plays and sales!

The 5 Most Important Questions Every Serious Musician Needs To Ask Themselves

Being a musician and keeping music as a serious career is not easy, and sometimes you may feel like giving up. Before throwing in the towel, it's important to take a step back and ask yourself some questions. 

Take a look at this great article posted by our partners at DIY Musician with essential questions you should ask yourself as a serious musician.

Friday, October 16

How Do I Remove A Song From My Account?

Because songs are part of the core information of a Radio Airplay artist account, individual songs can't actually be fully deleted from Radio Airplay account pages - this can only happen when an entire account is being closed down, and all its information removed.

On your account ARTIST CONTENT > SONGS page, each song has an "Edit Song" option.  Place your mouse/pointer over "Edit Song", and you'll see the "HIDE" and "RENAME" options. Click on "HIDE".

You will see a Pop Up where you will need to click OK to proceed:


Once you HIDE a song, this is what removes the song from view and play on Jango Radio.  Hidden songs only exist within your private Radio Airplay account page, at the bottom of your Songs list, in the "Hidden" status, not affecting your plays or stats.  Only the "LIVE" songs in your account will be playable and exist on Jango Radio.

It's also recommended to RENAME a song before Hiding it, adding something like "(Hidden)" or "(Old Version)" to its title - just as a reminder for yourself, so you can better differentiate your LIVE and HIDDEN songs within your Radio Airplay account page.

To Rename an already-Hidden song, first "Show" the hidden song.  You'll then be able to "RENAME" it, and then "HIDE" it again.  Hidden songs can always be restored to your Jango Radio page, by using that “Show” option.


Thursday, October 15

Center Stage - Patrick Joseph

Get to know our latest Center Stage artist, Patrick JosephOriginally from Pittsburgh, PA, Joseph forges a mixture of pretty & gritty vocals, lush production and timeless songwriting, creating a presence that NOW Magazine describes as "A Gifted LA adult-contemporarist with a world-weary Waitsian voice and a Spoon meets Beatles soft-rock vibe."

Joseph is largely independent, producing, recording, mixing, and until recently, performing all of his recordings on his own. A resident of the neighborhood of Silverlake in Los Angeles, Joseph has established himself as one of the rising stars in the buzzing songwriting scene of Southern California.

Describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence
My sound is a potpourri of gritty, timeless songwriting superimposed over lush, organic production, packaged in a basket of alt-indie melancholy goodness. If Tom Waits and Damien Rice jammed with Radiohead and Elliott Smith.

What inspires you to make music?
Other music inspires me to make music.  Sometimes, it's the lack of music I want to hear that inspires me to make music, the negative airspace.  Mostly just random things I hear, though - I'll catch a tone or rhythm from an unknown song on the radio or the atmosphere from a film score and it'll make me want to go write.

What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?
The freedom, I suppose, is the most exciting part about making music to me.  I have my own studio and I can go whenever I want and capture sounds, and be relatively successful at getting those sounds heard all on my own from the inception of an idea to the finished product.  I think the amount of freedom today in music is unparalleled compared to the past - for better or for worse.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a musician?
Along with all that freedom and ease of making music comes the challenge of competition, of course.  The amount of people out there making great sounds and music these days is overwhelming, and that's the most difficult challenge musicians face today.  Anyone in their bedroom with a decent laptop and some gear and make the next great record.  That, of course, pushes all musicians to be better at what they do, but also drives the reward down for the few who do succeed, as the supply greatly exceeds the demand.  It's harder than ever to earn a dollar these days.

What's one of your all-time favorite recordings?
One of my favorite recordings of all time is Chet Baker's "You Don't Know What Love Is."  I like the honesty of a lot of older recordings in the 20th Century - no bells or whistles, just one takes, open rooms, moments captured in time and no looking back.  Chet's voice is one of my favorites; candid, melancholy, charming, unpretentious yet devastating.  You don't even need to understand English to know what that song's about, the way it was recorded and delivered that day.

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why- Living or dead.
Bob Dylan was one of my greatest influences as a songwriter. I didn't get into Dylan until later on as a young adult, maybe early 20s. I followed the journey from his first album and kind of grew up with him throughout his career from record to record as I listened in chronological order, taking a few weeks at a time to digest each. He showed me the absolute pinnacle of what a song can and should be, all the gravity and depth it can muster but also the fact that it should never take itself too seriously, and also never compromise.  You can say everything in the world in a song or as little as possible, but still deliver the same impact either way. Jon Brion was another major influence in my musical path. I saw Jon perform at the small venue Largo when I was 18 during my first trip to LA.  I was briefly familiar with his record production and that's what brought me to the show, but he soon taught me how to great a whole universe of sound in which you can allow a song to exist. He definitely has his signature sound and the atmospheres he creates, whether it's in production or film or his own live performances, is something I'll always aspire to. The last major influence I'll mention is Tom Waits. Tom is like the cilantro of the songwriting world: You either love him or think he's weird and overlook him.  I think Tom is a force of nature, an unparalleled creature that abides by no rules or descriptions, and you can't say that about anyone else, really.  His uniqueness and ability to be his own bizarre and beautiful self is as inspiring as anything I've ever seen or heard.  And he can cover every range of emotion on the spectrum in a short setlist or album, another gift not easily mastered. Tom taught me to accept myself for whatever I become, because nobody does me better than me.

Do you have any recent or upcoming projects you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.
Well, my latest record 'Moon King' is about a year old now. That album took me all around on tour, won some awards, saw some soundtracking on some films and TV, and was the theme song to a lot of great memories in my life in recent times.  But I'm always looking forward to the next project.  Right now I have some new songs already that I'll be compiling towards a new EP sometime in the foreseeable future - couple of new singles, maybe some videos.  Expect some fun sounds and songs, upbeat with a side of sadness.  I always try and keep it balanced.

What is your ideal or target audience?
Audiences are hard to pin down.  It's hard to answer the question, 'who is your audience?'  Shouldn't you just be grateful for whoever finds you appealing?  I like to think anyone who is a fan of a great song and is looking to identify with music is a potential listener.  Anyone with a pulse and a heart.  Ages 1-120.

Do you write/compose your own songs? Briefly describe your songwriting process..
I do write my own songs.  It's funny that's a question.  I suppose performers have been around since the dawn of time, and don't always have the desire or inspiration to write what they want to perform.  But you can consider me a performing songwriter.  Sometimes songs come without pushing much, while you're sitting around or not paying any attention.  That's when you rush and try to put it in a jar for keepsake, like it's some fish you found on the pavement that you're rushing to find a bowl of water to drop it in.  Other times you're hunting for the fish, out there with your line in the water just waiting for a bite.  And they'll keep you waiting for a long time if you don't move around or do something to lure it.  Sometimes it's a lot of hard work.  But that's what songwriting is sometimes, it's not always lightning in a bottle, sometimes it's just good old fashioned hard work, but rewarding nonetheless.

What do you like the most about Radio Airplay?
Radio Airplay is a unique, one-of-a-kind platform where real listeners can discover your music organically alongside similar artists.  It's one of the best ways to reach out to new fans, and there really isn't much else out there like it.  That's what I love about it.

Any thing else about you or your music you'd like to tell us about? 
This past year, I was awarded the honor of Producer Of The Year in the 2015 Independent Music Awards for my production work on 'Moon King.'

Foot In The Door 

Twitter: @PatrickJoseph
Instagram: @PatrickJosephMusic
Official Site:

Wednesday, October 14

10 Things Every Musician Website Must Have

"Are you making it difficult for bookers, bloggers, journalists, and fans to piece together the full picture of your music career? Don’t! Instead, make sure all the important stuff is organized in one place, on your own website. Are you already convinced that as a musician you need your own website? Great. Have you avoided making these common musician website mistakes? Excellent. Now, let’s make sure your website has everything it needs to have."

Check out this great new article from our friends at CDbaby, all about avoiding common mistakes and getting the very best from your artist/band website!

How To Emotionally Connect Your Audience

"The best songs, and the longest lasting songs are the ones that are able to connect to listeners across generations, and across popular fads. But how can modern songwriters accomplish this? In today’s world, everything is constantly changing, and what people want from their music is constantly changing with it." 

Take a look at this great post by our partners at Music Think Tank, for great tips on how you can make your songwriting more accessible to your audience.

Friday, October 9

NEW! How Do I Share My Songs On Facebook?

You can now share your songs with your Facebook friends and followers right from your dashboard!

**Keep in mind that in order to share your songs to Facebook from your account, you need to already be logged into your Facebook profile on your Internet browser. 

From your account's ARTIST CONTENT tab select SONGS from the drop down menu. This will take you to the page where you can manage your Radio Airplay songs and also share your songs to Facebook. You'll see that on each song there is a blue Facebook "Share" button next to each song title. Click on that button on the song you wish to share to Facebook. 

You will then see a new tab open on Facebook with the option to share the song you selected. You can choose to enter text in the field to tell your Facebook friends a little bit about the song you are sharing with them. Then click on the "share link" button on the bottom right to complete the sharing of your song on Facebook. 

The link to the song will then be visible to your Facebook friends and followers to click on from your Facebook timeline. When they click on it they will be directed to your Jango profile and the song you shared will automatically begin playing. 

NEW! How Do I Connect To Soundcloud?

If you already have music uploaded and available on, you can use the "Connect with Soundcloud" transfer option to import your songs from there to your Radio Airplay account, as an alternative to the standard upload option. This is just an option for transferring music files - it does not link your Radio Airplay/Jango Radio and account or stats together in any way.

You’ll see that “Connect with Soundcloud” option on the initial “Upload Your Media” page when first creating your account, as well as on the ARTIST CONTENT > SONGS page of a completed account.

Once you click on “Connect with Soundcloud”, you’ll see a new “Connect with Soundcloud” window appear, asking for your Soundcloud account’s email address and password, so you can then access your Soundcloud account and do the song transfer(s) to Radio Airplay.

If using the Soundcloud transfer option, first check to make sure your account is set to "Public", and also that you have each of your Soundcloud tracks set to "Downloads Enabled", so that Soundcloud will allow the song transfer to your Radio Airplay account. You’ll be able to change those settings back in your Soundcloud account, once you transfer the song(s).

Also, remember only songs from Soundcloud which are in MP3 format and under 10 MB in file size will be able to be transferred and upload successfully to a Radio Airplay account.  Any non-MP3 or larger-sized songs will have to first be downloaded from your Soundcloud account to your computer, so you can then do a file conversion/size reduction, and then upload it directly to your Radio Airplay account page from there.

Here's a free site you can use to do file conversions/size reductions, in case that's the issue:

Once a song transfer from Soundcloud to your Radio Airplay account completes, the song should go from “Pending” to “Live” status within just moments. Once it’s in that “Live” status, this means the song is playable on Jango Radio, and you can start promoting it to your new listeners by applying credits towards the song from your PLAY CREDITS > USE CREDITS page.

Thursday, October 8

Center Stage - Hannah Bethel

We're happy to introduce our latest Center Stage artist, Hannah Bethel
The talented Country singer and songwriter has been making quite the impact among our listeners. Get to know Hannah and what's in store for her promising career in our latest feature here. 
Hannah Bethel is fresh off the release of her fourth studio project, “Never Ending Sky”. She teamed up with Brennin Hunt to co-produce the record, which features an all star cast of musicians including Adam Ollendorff on steel guitar (Kacey Musgraves) and Tim Horsley on drums (Keith Urban, Gary Allen and more). The first single, “You Wanna Be My Man”, is playing on country radio now! The music video for the single was directed by Hannah and can be viewed at Renowned music industry critic Robert Oermann said “[You Wanna Be My Man is] pert and perky, with a girlish sweetness…Well sung and well produced.”

Hannah’s previous release, “The Freedom EP”, produced with Andy Sheridan (Hunter Hayes) gained worldwide acclaim with a #11 song in Belgium and music videos featured on ZUUS Country, and hundreds of other retail outlets throughout the US and Europe. 
Hannah has spent the last year touring the United States, performing shows from Alaska to New Jersey and everywhere in between. She has shared the stage with such artists as Joe Nichols, Rodney Atkins, Trisha Yearwood, Charlie Worsham, Buddy Jewell, Frankie Ballard, Canaan Smith, Nine Days and Leigh Nash. Hannah was named one of CMA Close Up’s Who New to Watch in 2014. 
Describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence..
Vintage country meets quirky pop.

What inspires you to make music?
Everything! Morning air, cross country driving, cooking, other people's music, dreams. I have so many dreams where I write a song and it’s a hit and I wake up trying to write it down or record the melody. It’s usually something that makes no sense like Time Travel Love or Snoring Turtles.

What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?
There is nothing quite so thrilling as walking into a room with a loose idea for a song, or no idea at all, and then walking out a few hours later with something that has never been created before. The songwriting process is endlessly exciting for me.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a musician?
There are many challenges to being a musician haha. The hardest thing is trying to create a consistency in income. I am basically self employed and MUCH of the work that I do doesn’t include a financial gain. That’s the nature of this business. But somehow I manage to survive every month. Most of the time though, I am so excited and inspired and intensely focused on the music that all of the logistics become background noise.

What's one of your all-time favorite recordings?
This is such a hard question! This changes daily, so today would have to be “The Last Thing I Needed” by Willie Nelson.

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why- Living or dead.
My parents (being one person). They have always encouraged me to build a life for myself that revolves around doing what I love. They taught me that if you fearlessly pursue your dream and are not afraid to work, anything is possible. Patty Griffin. Everything she writes is so spirit driven. It seems like she doesn’t let anything inhibit the way she channels her creativity. Fleetwood Mac (being one person). “Rumors" is the soundtrack to my childhood! 

Do you have any recent or upcoming projects you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.
I just released the first single from my new record, “Never Ending Sky”! The single is called “You Wanna Be My Man”, you can watch the music video for it here.

What is your ideal or target audience?
Free spirited country music, classic rock and americana lovers! Hippie-redneck-gypsy-cowboys (and girls).

Do you write/compose your own songs? Briefly describe your songwriting process..
My songwriting process takes on many different forms. I am constantly getting ideas for song hooks, rhyme schemes and melodies throughout my day. I TRY to keep them somewhat organized so that when I walk into a co-writing session or sit down to write by myself, I have a bunch of ideas to pull from. Sometimes an idea will hit me and it will be so powerful that I need to stop whatever else I am doing and write the song. These are usually some of my favorites.

What do you like the most about Radio Airplay?
The opportunity to share my music with a specific group of people who dig my style!

You Wanna Be My Man

Wednesday, October 7

5 Ways To Check If Your Music Is Good Enough To Release

With an exponentially increasing amount of competition for your audience’s ears, it’s already a challenge to get your music heard. Making sure that your music is good enough to release is crucial, but since music appreciation is subjective it's difficult to decide what is good or bad. 

Check out this helpful guide posted by our partners at Music Think Tank with 5 Solid Ways To Check If Your Music Really Is Good Enough To Release

8 Pieces of Advice All Independent Musicians Need to Hear

As a band or artist, the subject of Money is ever-present, and can perhaps more than anything else get the best (or worst) of you as an artist.

Check out this great new article from our friends at TUNECORE - all about the topic of money, with good advice and tips to keep in mind as an artist with a budget - to best utilize your finances and maximize your chances for success!

Friday, October 2

NEW! Where Is My Music Played?

Once you're promoting music from your Radio Airplay account, the actual plays and listeners are on Jango Radio; via the website and Jango Radio phone app directly to the computers and mobile devices of registered Jango Radio listeners. The Radio Airplay service allows independent and unsigned artists to be directly played in stations on Jango Radio alongside the other major artists and bands you choose to associate with.


Jango Radio is online streaming radio - accessible from any computer or phone/mobile device with the Jango Radio app, so there are no physical stations or antennas, live or scheduled broadcasts, or DJs like with FM or satellite radio.

Jango Radio is a free, online music listeners' service with over 8 million active listeners globally. Your Radio Airplay account is your artist management page, where you control and set up everything about your promotion: play credits, songs, photos, targeting settings, etc. The actual plays take place on Jango Radio.

With your Radio Airplay artist account, you'll also automatically have a public Jango Radio artist profile page, which you'll be able to access directly from the top right of your dashboard by clicking "Public Profile". From there you can see all your information and play all your songs and station mixes, as can any of your profile visitors on Jango Radio. You can also visit for the Jango Radio home page, or download the free Jango Radio App on your mobile device.

It's recommended that Radio Airplay artists also take some time to visit Jango Radio as a listener, to gain that perspective and better understand the listener's experience and how your music is promoted and played there. Search for one of your favorite artists and listen to the playlist for a while. In time, you'll likely hear a Radio Airplay artist such as yourself appear and play in that station.