Friday, October 2

NEW! Where Is My Music Played?

Once you're promoting music from your Radio Airplay account, the actual plays and listeners are on Jango Radio; via the website and Jango Radio phone app directly to the computers and mobile devices of registered Jango Radio listeners. The Radio Airplay service allows independent and unsigned artists to be directly played in stations on Jango Radio alongside the other major artists and bands you choose to associate with.


Jango Radio is online streaming radio - accessible from any computer or phone/mobile device with the Jango Radio app, so there are no physical stations or antennas, live or scheduled broadcasts, or DJs like with FM or satellite radio.

Jango Radio is a free, online music listeners' service with over 8 million active listeners globally. Your Radio Airplay account is your artist management page, where you control and set up everything about your promotion: play credits, songs, photos, targeting settings, etc. The actual plays take place on Jango Radio.

With your Radio Airplay artist account, you'll also automatically have a public Jango Radio artist profile page, which you'll be able to access directly from the top right of your dashboard by clicking "Public Profile". From there you can see all your information and play all your songs and station mixes, as can any of your profile visitors on Jango Radio. You can also visit for the Jango Radio home page, or download the free Jango Radio App on your mobile device.

It's recommended that Radio Airplay artists also take some time to visit Jango Radio as a listener, to gain that perspective and better understand the listener's experience and how your music is promoted and played there. Search for one of your favorite artists and listen to the playlist for a while. In time, you'll likely hear a Radio Airplay artist such as yourself appear and play in that station.