Monday, October 26

Top Independent Artist Stations on

 Top Independent Artist Stations
Stations Updated: 10/26/2015

More PopScore Opportunities! Along with our addition of the Top 10 Radio Airplay songs of the week, we are adding one more PopScore opportunity for qualifying artists. The top 100 performing PopScore songs per airplay genre will now be placed in the Independent genre stations. These are easily accessible to listeners right in the Independent category on the site.

There will be 16 genre stations in all - tune in today!

Classical -
Folk -
R&B/Soul -
HipHop/Rap -
Blues -
Latin -
Country -
Rock -
Reggae -
Jazz -
Pop -
Christian/Gospel -
World -
Metal -
Alternative/Alt Rock -
Dance/Electronica -

How do I qualify to be considered for the Independent genre stations?
a) Have an active RadioAirplay subscription
b) Have at least 100 paid plays for an individual song for that given PopScore week. Need more info on PopScore? Click Here:
c) That's it - we send the station manager a listing of all RadioAirplay songs that qualified for a high PopScore and they choose the 100 from each genre there!

Will I be notified if my song was chosen?
We will list the playlists for each station Monday afternoon/evenings as soon as the station managers update them. You will be able to find them right here on our blog's Radio Stations section. Furthermore, they will be linked in the PopScore email and our weekly newsletter. 

Not receiving those emails? Be sure to enable those email alerts in your notification section on the dashboard.