September 3, 2020

SONG REVIEW 🎵📝 Twin Charade - Inaboyasa independent new music

Twin Charade - Inaboyasa
Rock, Alternative, EDM
Toronto, Canada

Overall Impression: Right off the bat Inaboyasa comes at you with this groovy guitar riff and I'm totally feeling this down-tuned 7 string djent tonality. You are then swept away into this hypnotic clean verse turning almost tribal, bringing me back to late 90's Soulfly - Umbabarauma. Comparisons aside, the vocals are unique and along with an infectious groove, they pull the listener deeper into this tune. It's what my ears are focusing on for sure. I find myself asking "Are you conjuring something, putting a spell on me, or is this Parseltongue?" That first initial build up you do that drops back into the groovy verse - the metal head in me wanted it to break into something heavier. Yet, on my second careful listen through, you realize that Twin Charade will not be pulling all that cliche stuff and in my opinion the choice was perfect. The funkiness only increases throughout the rest of this recording. Headphones a must for maximum tripping. Getting this Larry LaLonde from Tales from the Punchbowl vibe throughout the solo! The review only allows me to see the one main photo of the artist but from the looks of it, you guys look like a fun group. I can picture some sort of theatrical elements captivating the audience when Inaboyasa is performed live. You can consider me a fan of Twin Charade, excuse me while I go play your track like 10 more times!

Strongest Point(s): Your unique sound and creative approach to this song. Inaboyasa is super out there without missing a beat. It's unpredictable without totally pushing away those warm and cozy metal and alternative music feelings I so love. It's well produced/mixed, good arrangement, excellent structure. I think you really have something here, at this point it's not if you have a good track or not, it's more about what you do with it. However you are getting ears on this song I hope you continue to pursue it!

Target Audience Appeal: I can picture this playing in both my metal and alt. rock playlists. Something tells me you won't be niched in those genre either. You'll appeal to fans just fascinated with the personas you create.  

Artist target suggestions: Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, System of a Down, Dog Fashion Disco, Soulfly, Puya, Primus, Bobaflex, Infectious Grooves, De La Teirra, Avatar

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