September 4, 2020

SONG REVIEW 🎵📝 AudiRush - Clock Ticking independent new music

AudiRush - Clock Ticking
Dance/Electronica, Gothic, Progressive
Guadalajara, México

Overall Impression: AudiRush delivers a sonic sense of extra-temporality with their surreal and impressionistic Electronic work, Clock Ticking! An ethereal whisper delivers the Clock Ticking's hauntingly wandering lyrical content over a bed of persistent and powerful synth bass - heightening the immersive quality of the sound through shimmering ornamentations and a deeply Rock-inspired kit groove.

Strongest Point(s): The depth created by the synth bass and ornamentation serve to make Clock Ticking fully immersive - factors that are shared and echoed by the accompanying tracks ELECTRON and Tech Beat to deliver a conceptual through-thread to the body of work! The lyrics are impressionistic and vague - specific in setting but withholding in terms of story and resolution, perfect for drawing listeners into the mystery being unfurled. The execution and tonal spectrum used to create Clock Ticking show a sense of savvy from AudiRush, hearkening back to previous eras of Electronica while maintaining a strong sense of contemporary originality.

Target Audience Appeal: Fans of Electronica with deep Rock roots will fall instantly into the dense soundscape that AudiRush has crafted, with the specifically mysterious tone and lyricism of Clock Ticking standing to leave a long-lasting impression on a wide range of listeners. Perfect for audiophile playlists and clubs alike, Clock Ticking serves as a strong promissory note of more to come from AudiRush! 

Artist target suggestions: Lucy In Disguise, Animaux Animé, Void Vision, Death In June, Kavinsky, Naeleck, Com Truise, Daniel Deluxe, Sam Hulick, Emil Rottmayer, Unfound, oDDling, Krosia, Lena Raine

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About the Reviewer:
Jon Wright is a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field. Working with musicians and their individual sounds is his passion and profession, and he strives to interact with and understand every aspect of the production process - from theory and songwriting to recording and mastering. He continues to teach students of all ages and is currently collaborating with artists in a wide variety of genres.