September 8, 2020

SONG REVIEW 🎵📝 Marc Woosnam - Salvation independent new music

Marc Woosnam - Salvation
Alternative/Alt. Rock, Indie
Bracknell, United Kingdom

Overall Impression: Salvation's definitive jangling guitar kicks up with grooving, staccato rhythms, met by Marc Woosnam's debonair vocals that swoop in to catch listeners and sweep them away in a tight, tense stream of sound. Equal parts suave and discontent, the song's lyrics bemoan the fate of a relationship that promised respite yet ultimately delivered nothing but draining guilt, for a catchy, tenacious track.

Strongest Point(s): Marc Woosnam's percussive guitar playing provides a motivated, interesting base that fits the uptempo track perfectly, and his voice offers a level of tautness well-suited to the track's angsty theme, while still coming across as attractive and appealing for listeners. Salvation's lyrical content is extremely relatable, and its creative refrain with waterfall metaphors and references to "cold philosophy" elevate the language to an artistic, illustrative level. The structure of the track is simple and relatively brief, with a great close that allows for a subtly expressive fade, without a hint of melodrama.

Target Audience Appeal: Salvation is a highly appealing song for Mainstream and Alternative Rock scenes alike, and it wouldn't be terribly surprising to find it drawing listeners in from the Pop and Singer-Songwriter crowds as well. The song would be a great addition to Fall/Winter playlists, gig well at small to mid-sized venues, and likely find success on smaller outdoor stages like regional festivals, arts events, etc. 

Artist target suggestions: Goo Goo Dolls, Incubus, Vertical Horizon, Tonic, Dishwalla, Stroke 9, Semisonic, Fastball, Third Eye Blind

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About the Reviewer:
Mary Wildsmith is an FM Radio DJ, and has been involved in both on-air work and radio production for five and a half years, in addition to working the past decade in and out of the live entertainment industry. She has experience with the fickle nature of the music industry, selecting singles to promote or discard for radio play, and engineering stage to audience sound systems. Having worked balancing, troubleshooting, and running audio rigs has enabled her to be both sensitive, and sympathetic, to the finesse and nuance of quality recording. Mary is passionate about promoting new and independent artists, and has spent extensive time in round-table environments discussing music and audio critically, and collaborating with artists to enable them to put the best possible foot forward with their art.