Tuesday, March 31

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT⭐️ Sugar Daddies - The Sky Is Not The Limit

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Sugar Daddies - The Sky Is Not The Limit
Rock, Alternative, Blues

Vocals: Adam Nowakowski
Guitars: Robert Przedpelski
Bass: Pawel Nazimek
Drums: Piotr Krzemieniewski

All remain heavily influenced by old blues and early rock'n'roll.

What's your earliest music-related memory growing up?
The Rolling Stones

Does anything in particular inspire you to write? 
There's a lot of music inspirations for us. Definitely too many to list them here. But genre-wise we sit in rock, alternative, blues, grunge, punk, soul and reggae.

What sort of music do you want to enjoy while social distances at home?
If you own a convertible, we suggest David Lee Roth's "A Little Ain't Enough". Enjoy!

What's one thing people should know about you?
We are the best unknown rock'n'roll band in the world :)


Tell us more about The Sky Is Not The Limit:
A juicy, guitar driven, tube amplified, blues & rock'n'roll inspired by the early delta blues composers, as well as the rhythm and blues icons from the revolution era of the 60’s. Strong pro-eco message, a call for entire humanity to come to it's sense.

Inspiration came from the radio news on a child left in a car while father went shopping on a extremely hot summer day. Adam took this story and inverted in in his own cynical way to show thoughtlessness, egoism and cruelty of people. Many of the verses are showing few other examples of some people trademark behavior of our times.

Guitar riff is written in contrary with a relaxing mood, so music and lyrics are in contrast which enhances further the message. 

The song was written by Adam & Robert during one of the rehearsals in the summer of 2018. Recording was made in Stockholm, Sweden. "We spent about week in a very nice summer house next to the Nordic fiords. After the recording sessions we were sitting on the sun-deck roof of the house and discussing social and political things of today's world. All nights long.... Summer solstice hoaxed our senses and we didn't know, it was a morning ot the next day... Amazing moments, a lot of good memories."

Check out Sugar Daddies video for their 2019 release "Josephine".