Tuesday, June 12

Jango Band of The Month - Riley Etheridge, Jr.

Riley Etheridge, Jr.
This month we've interviewed one of Jango's leading country artists, Riley Etheridge, Jr. Hailing from South Louisiana but currently residing in New York City and his music is a combination of the two. Riley has made it to the Jango Airplay Top 10 several times, he's got a summer tour planned and he's got an upcoming release "The Arrogance of Youth". Enjoy!

Describe Riley Etheridge, Jr.'s sound in one sentence?
My sound is the sum of my experiences- 20 years in the rich musical heritage of South Louisiana combined with time living in the diversity of California and New York City.

When was Riley Etheridge Jr. formed and where?
My musical horizons were formed and shaped in the late seventies and early eighties in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why? Living or dead.
My Mom, Charles Stevens (my first drum teacher) and John Fogerty- for steadfast support, fundamental instruction and early inspiration in corresponding order.

How do you connect with fans and get them involved in your music?
There is no better way to connect with fans than touring and meeting folks before and after our shows; but interactive technology formats (like Jango) provide a way to stay in touch in between concerts, and a way to introduce new material in between normal full album releases.

Riley Etheridge, Jr. profile picture
What do you like the most about Jango Airplay?
The ability to target my audience to my core listener geography and demographic.

Is there any recent project you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.
I am very proud of my upcoming release "The Arrogance of Youth"- It will be my second release for Rockridge Music, and third record we have released over the last 4 years. We recorded in both New Orleans and Nashville last spring- we used a full horn section in New Orleans and some great players on pedal steel and fiddle in Nashville, and it was fun to add those regional sounds that we normally don't get to tour with.

Are you playing live and do you have any shows coming up soon?
We are touring - this summer we will play shows in Philadelphia on 6/13, Piermont NY on 6/14 and will be at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on 6/15. We will also be joining several bands we love at the Hotel Carolina music festival in Isle of Palms SC on 9/21. Look for us to announce more dates for the fall in support of the 9/18 release of "Arrogance of Youth"

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