Tuesday, June 19

Jango Summer Music Videos

Jango Airplay Music Videos
It's summertime and lots of great new music is being released and with that comes a lot of great music videos. Jango Airplay is constantly on the lookout for new and creative videos and with the ongoing Jango Video of the Month feature we have a lot of great videos to promote. Therefore, we're launching a new summer feature "Jango Summer Music Videos" to help promote your music videos this summer. Starting next week will promote a group of videos selected from our video@jango.com email and upload them to our YouTube channel. In addtion to YouTube exposure we'll promote these videos in our weekly newsletter as well as our Facebook & Twitter pages.

If you've already submitted your video you do not have to submit it again. We review videos on an ongoing basis. For those of you who still haven't submitted their video please click this link: Upload and submit your video to Jango Airplay and follow the instructions.