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Jango Band of The Month - Lost Dog Found

Lost Dog Found Press Photo
Meet Lost Dog Found - a San Francisco based band whose energetic sound mixes swing with rockabilly. They joined Jango Airplay April 2011, and have since made it into the Top 10 several times. We interviewed them for our Jango Band of the Month series, and came to discover how they’d truly mastered the art of promoting themselves on internet radio & getting fans involved in their music. Find out how they connect with fans after a show, optimize their use of Jango Airplay analytics and why they bring a stuffed animal to their gigs - enjoy!

Describe Lost Dog Found's sound in one sentence? 
A high energy, ultra-modern sounding melting pot of Swing, Jump Blues, New Orleans Soul, and Rockabilly.

When was Lost Dog Found formed and where? 
Lost Dog Found formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in early 2010.

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why? Living or dead. 
We've always been huge fans of The Brian Setzer Orchestra obviously; the music is electric swing, truly. He was the first one to really have a big ol' horn section being led by an electric guitar, and their energy both in their recordings and live is just jaw-dropping.  Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is also a huge influence for us both musically and how they go about running the band; they have a great charm about the way their songs are presented that you can't help but like them, and they've shown Lost Dog Found that it is possible to get a huge sound out of a somewhat small horn section (we only have four horns, BBVD uses five). The Beatles are an easy one for us to point to as an influence as well; you could spend your life studying how they used melodies with different chord structures to create these magnificent songs that appealed to all-ages, not to mention their ground breaking recording techniques.

How do you connect with fans and get them involved in your music?
At every show we make sure we split up the room, and each band member gets a section to go around and personally thank each person for coming out to see us, and give them a free download card for our favorite song to play live (Locomotive, available for download here). The link on the card takes them directly to a page on our site where they can download the song, join our mailing list, like us on Facebook, and buy our album right there. The download cards are a great ice breaker to start a conversation with people who came to see you, and lets them know that you are a real person who does really appreciate their support. It's an honest way to build a supportive community around your music, and people want to see you do well when they actually know you.

An even better and funner approach is what we've done with Monty the Monkey, a stuffed animal who happens to be wearing a shriners cap and has become the band's official mascot. We began bringing him to shows, and having fans have their pictures taken with them. We'd take those pictures and put them up on a special section of our web site where those fans could go to the next day and see their pictures. It's a great conversation piece at the shows, we hope that people share the pictures with their friends, and it drives those fans over to our website where they will hopefully either join the mailing list or buy our album.

What do you like the most about Jango Airplay?
The analytics are really fantastic; it's a great tool knowing what age demographic your music resonates with, and what area of the nation/world you have struck a nerve in. I think we're up to fans in 60 countries now at this point; truly a world wide way to get your music out there to people who wouldn't have ever heard of you otherwise. We've more recently been using Jango.com as a temperature gauge for what songs we should be releasing off of our new album, "The Jump Start Scandal." The tracking of likes and paid plays gives us a "hit percentage" (dividing the number of likes by the number of plays) that is a tool we can't get anywhere else, and makes it easy to know which songs we should be pushing for adds on radio stations based on their popularity from Jango.com listeners.

Lost Dog Found Album Cover
Is there any recent project you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.
We just released our debut album, "The Jump Start Scandal" which has 11 all-original songs that we really couldn't be any happier in how the project turned out. We just released it a couple of weeks ago digitally, and it's already getting some awesome reviews and selling nicely for us. You can get it on iTunes, Amazon.com, and CD Baby. We've also just revamped our website to cross-brand the album with our online presence.

Are you guys playing live and do you have any shows coming up soon?
We have a pretty busy summer lined up; we usually play 2-3 mid-size venues a month, on top of our appearances at the main stage of the 2012 Petaluma Music Festival, Concord's 24th Music & Market Series, the Sonoma County Fair, and Redwood City's Concert Series. We're also currently planning a tour to support the album for later this summer, hitting parts of California we don't get to on a normal basis, pass through the Northwestern States, and back down again! Then back to the recording studio again hopefully before we start up our holiday shows!

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Christian St. James - Why He Signed Up With Jango

Christian St. James signed up with Jango Airplay in 2011, and by promoting his music on Jango's online radio he managed to propel himself to the no. 1 spot on Cashbox Magazine’s chart. Today he’s guest blogging on the Jango Airplay Blog to tell his success story.

All artists want to get their music heard, and I’m no different. So in 2011 I decided to sign up with Jango Airplay because I thought there was a great deal of exposure to be had through Jango with continuous airplay - it turns out I was right. Through Jango I acquired fans and got a lot of spins, which leads me to my next point - getting your record on the charts is really the name of the game. In my case the right people were listening to Jango at the right time.

A while after starting promotion on Jango Airplay I received a call from Cashbox Magazine about my song “Bobbie Jean.” They said it had the potential to make it into their charts. A month went by and I received another call, then on November 28th “Bobbie Jean” entered Cashbox Magazine’s charts at no. 24. It jumped to #22, then to #19, to #9, to #6 and then it leapt to the #1 spot where it remained for a record-breaking 16 weeks, all in the AC/Easy Listening charts. I’m now at #2 and have crossed over to the Top 40 chart at #33, the Americana chart at #16 and the Country charts at #28... with a bullet (editor’s note - a song the chart publisher thinks has a lot of potential). My new single “Long Distance” just entered the AC/Easy Listening charts at #18, also with a bullet.

I start a national tour in June, and have been getting to work with some really big name acts. Since my chart entry I’ve even been featured in a few newspaper articles too. It’s amazing to see yourself next to the biggest names in the entertainment world, knowing they were chasing me for the #1 spot! It feels like a dream, but I’m a firm believer that dreams really do come true. Had the right people not been listening to Jango Radio at the right time I wouldn’t be on my way to stardom. It could happen to you, never say never. Good luck to all the artists on Jango Airplay. To be on any chart is a great thing, but to be on national charts is even better - success only comes when you believe. And thank you Jango for the things you do to help everyone succeed.

/Christian St. James

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Share Your Wildest Gig Stories

Jango Airplay Stage Dive
Between SXSW, the Winter Music Conference and Coachella (listen to free music from all three on Jango Radio) we've seen a lot of performances by a wide variety of artists - even late rapper 2pac made his return to the limelight. Some were great, even incredible. Others were not so good, but they'll all be remembered.

We want to take this opportunity to let you share your wildest gig stories. What's the craziest thing that ever happened to you onstage? Wild fans? The strangest venue? Maybe some horror stories from the road? Share your tales with us in the comment section of this blog and maybe other bands can learn from your experience!

Monday, April 16

The Garlics' New Video On Jango Airplay

This week we're happy to promote The Garlics' new video "Tout ce que t'es pour moi" on Jango Airplay. The Garlics' formed in Quebec, and they have been with Jango Airplay since 2009. They now have more than 1 million plays, and their music caters to both English & French fans in North America & Europe. In September 2011 they were the Jango Band of the Month and now their success story continues.

Want to hear more from The Garlics? Read their full interview and listen to their first music video in Jango's 2011 interview with them here: The Garlics Interview

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Jango Video of The Month - Tafari

Next up in our Jango Video of The Month segment we have an artist called Tafari hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, and his music video "Fire." He joined Jango Airplay less than two weeks ago and he is definitely making himself heard. Hopefully we'll hear more great tunes from him soon. Tafari, meaning "Fearless One," is spreading the message of peace, love and happiness in his music video, enjoy!

What inspired you to make this video? 
I felt like painting myself  red,gold and green to highlight a culture of peace, love and happiness. The director Isat which is my brother said "bro lets go up to the mountains with beautiful women" present the Fire fantasy.

Where was it shot?
Fire was shot in the beautiful island of Jamaica at La'Gloria's upper St. Andrew border of St. Cathrine

What do you like most about promoting your music on on Jango Radio?
The fan interaction and being able to hear independent artists in the play stream of the mainstream artists. exceptional venue for taste test of music

Do you have any new projects or events coming up soon? 
Tell us about it. 'Tafari Fire EP' a 5 song compilation available on Itunes and all digital music store. keep in tune to 'Tafari' rocking vibes here on Jango Lov3!

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Jango Radio Coachella Station

Jango Radio Coachella Station
The Coachella Music And Arts Festival starts this week, and we want to offer you an opportunity to promote your music on our Jango Radio Coachella station. The festival spans a pair of weekends, so our station will be featured for almost two full weeks. That gives you ample opportunity to expose your music to thousands of listeners!

Jango Radio’s Coachella station is quite eclectic, including genres like rock, indie, hip hop and electronic music. We’ve created a list of featured artists and you can even browse it by genre. 
Try to stick to your main genre, as the targets will affect your radio spins outside the Coachella station. Follow the steps below to take advantage of this opportunity:

#1 Click this List of featured artists
#2 Find artists in the list which you sound similar to.
#3 Add them to your artist target page (this will increase the probability of your music being played in our Coachella station)

Please note that you need Play Credits to take advantage of this offer.

Thanks for letting us promote your music and as always, thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.

Email Marketing Is Preferred By 77% Of Your Fans

77% Of Your Fans Prefer Email Marketing
If you’re trying to promote your music to fans and listeners, hopefully you’re marketing your message with a newsletter. If you don’t then now is the time to get started. A recent study by ExactTarget found that 77% of customers prefer email over other marketing channels, proving that email still dominates as a medium for communicating with customers.

The survey asked more than 1,500 US online customers aged 15 or up about their preference when receiving permission-based marketing messages. A total of 77% prefer email over other channels, direct marketing (through the mail) came in second with only 9% and text messaging third with 5%.

Preferred Channel for promotional messages

They also looked at the probability of your message leading to a purchase, and 66% of respondents preferred email. So when you’re promoting a new album, concert or event make sure to spend some time putting together a newsletter that will get your fans involved in your music.

Probability of purchase based on marketing channel

As the survey shows, email marketing is a powerful tool, but you should promote your music through other channels like your blog & social media as well. Each channel will cater to a certain audience and you’ll probably have followers with a variety channels. Keep them all under consideration when communicating your message.

With this in mind you should take advantage of the email list gathered from Jango Airplay fans - login and download the entire list and add them to your newsletter.

You can read more about the survey on marketingland.com. Stay tuned for more news and updates and as always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.

Jango Airplay Top 40 Album Covers

Jango Airplay Album Cover Contest
Is your cover one of the top 40 on Jango Airplay? Selecting the 10 winners for the album cover contest was hard because we had so many great pictures to choose from, but as in any contest there can only be a certain number of winners. However, we still want to show everyone the great pictures available on Jango Airplay and help you guys promote your music. So as promised, the top 40 album covers from the contest are now available in a slideshow featured here on the blog. You can also view the Jango Airplay top 40 album covers in our online gallery.

Tuesday, April 3

Jango Album Cover Contest Winners

We're happy to present the Jango album cover contest winners, the response to our contest was huge with thousands of bands joining. The 10 winners managed to blend great visual appeal with creativity and design into their cover art. As a thanks for all for your support and to promote your music even further we will put the best 40 covers in a slideshow on the Jango Airplay blog, so stay tuned for our slideshow update and find out if your picture is one of the top 40 album covers on Jango Airplay. We congratulate the winners of the Jango Airplay promotional package and 1000 Play Credits each, you can view their awesome covers here in alphabetical order:

Barnes Bar-B-Q cover
Barnes BAR-B-Q 

Color Theory

Dan Hyland cover
Dan Hyland

Love in the Circus cover
Love In The Circus

OH Condor cover
OH Condor

Permanent Ability cover
permanent aBiLity

Select Start cover
Select Start

Steven Rockwell cover
Steven Rockwell

STRASSE Album cover

The LEFT cover art

Thank you all for joining the contest and for being part of Jango Airplay.

Submit Your Music Video To Jango Airplay

Radio Airplay Video of the Month is currently taking a break until further notice. Please check back soon for further news on new contests.

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