Tuesday, April 24

Share Your Wildest Gig Stories

Jango Airplay Stage Dive
Between SXSW, the Winter Music Conference and Coachella (listen to free music from all three on Jango Radio) we've seen a lot of performances by a wide variety of artists - even late rapper 2pac made his return to the limelight. Some were great, even incredible. Others were not so good, but they'll all be remembered.

We want to take this opportunity to let you share your wildest gig stories. What's the craziest thing that ever happened to you onstage? Wild fans? The strangest venue? Maybe some horror stories from the road? Share your tales with us in the comment section of this blog and maybe other bands can learn from your experience!


Anonymous said...

In 1996 I was called to play guitar with a popular biker band ,the job required me to drive 200 miles to a resort in the desert on memorial day. when I arrived I has well as the band was shocked to discover that it was a nudist colony with over 500 nude sun worshipers.As I was playing that night in front of all those naked bodies I realized that the old saying was wrong "imagine the audience naked it will make you relax"Thats B.S! It will disturb t the hell out of You!

Anonymous said...

500 angry iCP fans telling me to f#ck myself in unison was almost as rich as having my show raided by the Mexican SwAT team. The bar crowd unexpectedly spilled up and down the beach within earshot of my set. My new local friends gathered to support the boogie and the beach recreation went next level. Note: ICP fans are scarier than having the bead of a dozen automatic weapons pointing at your face, manned by some serious non-english speaking folk
Anyone else ever produce a SWAT team of haters from making sweet love to their set? I can't be the only one...uhm?