Tuesday, January 31

Jango Valentines' Day Contest - Send Your Song & Win

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Jango's Valentines' Day contest is closed, you can find the winners here!

Thank you all for participating!


First of all we would like to say thank you. We're shocked & awed to see the enormous interest around this contest. To reward you for your support, we are increasing the total number of winners to 10. We will also put together and promote a new Independent Valentine station with the best 100 love songs.

Thank you all for joining the contest, and for those of you who haven't yet there is still time - polls are open until Friday the 10th.


Valentines' Day is just around the corner and we want to hear your best love song. We know there are a lot of loveable, romantic tunes out there, and we wanna hear them all!

Starting today, post your best love song in the comment section, and on Valentines' Day (the 14th) we'll announce five winners of this exclusive promotion package:

  • 1,000 Play Credits each
  • Feature in our weekly newsletter and our Facebook page
  • Placement in our very popular Valentines' Day stations

To participate in the contest, please follow these steps:

#1 You must have your Valentines' Day song uploaded and live (click here to learn how to upload a song)

#2 If you already have your song uploaded to your profile and it is live, please scroll to the bottom of the page to post a comment or just click here: Submit Your Song

Please submit in the exact format below:

Artist Name:
Song Title:
Link (URL) to Jango profile (click "view profile" to see your URL)

IMPORTANT: Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions your comment may not be immediately posted. Please allow a few minutes and you can click the Newest link and scroll down to confirm your submission  - please do not resubmit your entry.

Your song must be live and submitted before Friday February 10th.

Only one song per band / artist will be considered so pick your best one. And keep in mind - we'll only consider songs that are available on Jango!

We look forward hearing your music and thanks for being part of Jango Airplay - spread the love! 

/The Jango Airplay Team

Tuesday, January 24

Social Marketing Essentials

Jango radio promotion
In today's jungle of social networks it can be hard to decide which one provides the most value. It can be very time consuming to manage all your networks simultaneously, so making sure you're putting your efforts where it matters is key to getting the results you want. Our friends at CDBaby have yet again done a great job explaining how to use Facebook, Youtube, blogs and other social media so that you can connect with your fans.

CDBaby - Social Marketing Essentials for Musicians: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon & YouTube

Your feedback is of great value to us, whether you're a Social Media guru or just very successful with your online promotion tell us your story & share your thoughts on how to use each medium. And as always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.

Tuesday, January 17

Jango Airplay Top 10

Top Band on Jango This Week
Top Band on Jango This Week
Carlos Natale
Top Band on Jango This Week
Aron Seals
Top Band on Jango This Week
Top Band on Jango This Week
Ghani Gautama
Top Band on Jango This Week
Brian Turner
Top Band on Jango This Week
Pile Of Priests
Top Band on Jango This Week
Amy Newton
Top Band on Jango This Week
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12 Ways To Connect With Your Fan Base

Generating the exposure your music needs to build a fan base online is extremely important, but are you taking good care of current fans? Getting new fans interested in your music can be a lot harder than nurturing the fans you already have - they've already said that they like your music, now you need to build on that! This week's recommended read from Music Think Tank gives you 12 "fail-safe" ways to connect with your current fans.

Music Think Tank - 12 Ways To Increase Your Online Fans Base for 2012

Stay tuned for more recommended reads and thank you all for being part of Jango Airplay.

Tuesday, January 10

Band Of The Month - Mark Zamcheck

First out this year we have Mark Zamcheck - a talented pianist with more than 40,000 Jango fans & 140,000 organic spins and counting. He primarily produces instrumental music and has recently released two new singles and a video (check it out below). Here is his story!

Describe Mark Zamcheck's sound in one sentence?
A Jango fan called me "Alternative Jazz" - I'll go with that.

When did you start doing music as Mark Zamcheck and where?
I don’t remember ever not playing piano. We had a pretty noisy household – I had to chime in. I’ve been in touring bands since high school. My whole family got in on the act. To this day we’re always singing and playing instruments - now my own family and kids are adding to the din! Some of the bands I’ve been in along the way are: Mother Zamcheck's Bacon Band, Zamcheck, The Make, John Cate Band, and of course Mark Zamcheck.

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why? Living or dead.
1) The first is easy - my older brother Norman, of “Stormin' Norman and Suzy” and “The Real Stormin' Norman”. I grew up under our Mason and Hamlin grand piano as he played and composed. GREAT ear training!
2) Igor Stravinski - the piano transcription of Petrushka rearranged my genetics.
3) Jimi Hendrix. What more can be said?

How do you connect with fans and get them involved in your music?
Jango has enabled me to connect with people around the world! Jango fans are amazing! I look forward to reading their comments and looking at their art. It gives me a real connection to them and inspires me creatively. Some of their comments have actually brought me to tears. I have recently started working with a terrific media outfit out of Austin, Texas, The Lipschtick Collective. They are developing my internet presence - doing everything from making videos to websites to advising me on social media. Ask me the same question in six months!

What do you like most about Jango airplay?
I like it that I can upload my music and within hours it is being heard all over the world. The ability to target my music, by linking it to the audience of other artists, is brilliant and unique to Jango.

Is there any recent project you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.
I’m excited about the two new tracks I’ve just released, Atone Moment and Perfect. The initial response on Jango has been terrific, I can’t wait to hear from more listeners.

You can see the video for Atone Moment here:

More new tracks to come over the next few months.

Are you playing live and do you have any shows coming up soon?
I've exclusively played private concerts and events, with the exception of last New Year’s Day, at the
Felicja Blumental Concert Center in Tel Aviv.

I am now looking for and booking dates for the upcoming Summer and Fall. When traveling for shows, I like to bring in a few musicians from the region who really love improvisation.

A tuned, acoustic grand piano is essential!

If you are interested in booking a performance, please
contact me directly at:

Thursday, January 5

Introducing Loyalty Rewards

Jango wants to make sure you get the most for your money in the new year, so we have some exciting news - we just launched Loyalty Rewards. Effective immediately, you get 20% additional Play Credits when your package renews. The concept is simple - for every month you stay as a monthly subscriber you'll earn 20% extra Play Credits.

For example: If you received 1,000 Play Credits for your Monthly Package in December, you will receive 1,200 Play Credits in January (and every successive month that you remain a customer).

We wish you all a great start of 2012 and as always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.