Monday, September 26

Major New Feature - Customize Your Promo Module

We wanted to inform you about a new feature we just released:

Up until now, every time your song played on Jango we would show a "one-size-fits-all" Promo Module encouraging the listener to interact with you. Our new customizable Promo Modules allow you to CUSTOMIZE the promo unit to meet your individual goals.

The new "default" Promo Module is focused on getting listeners to give you a "thumbs up" and become your fan. But if you like, you could choose between the following Promo Modules:

- Custom Flyer
- Facebook Likes
- Tour Promo
- Video Promo
- MP3 / Store Promo

These options are free with all packages so you may want to experiment to find out what works for you.

We believe you'll get better and more valuable listener response rates (i.e. more fans).

The new Promo Modules can be accessed from your dashboard (click Band Info).

We'd love to hear any feedback you have for us!

Sign in here and check out our new promo modules:

/The Jango Airplay Team

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here are the top 10 Airplay Bands for the week ending September 25th. Support them with your feedback in the comment section.

#1: Sad Alice Said
Ukrainian septet Sad Alice Said play a distinctive blend of gothic metal with elements of doom, decorated in a symphonic wrap and multifaceted semantic filling.

Click to hear Sad Alice Said:
 Open Your Eyes
#2: Mariah Ver Hoef
A young singer-songwriter from Fairbanks, Alaska, Mariah writes about the isolation and shifting landscapes of growing up. She recently released her fourth album, and has plans to tour internationally this summer.

Click to hear Mariah Ver Hoef:
#3: Sydnee B.
From Racine to Milwaukee, WI rapper Sydnee B. has been making his presence known in the underground rap world. He recently established his own independent label - Tippy Top Entertainment.

Click to hear Sydnee B.:
 Too Loud
#4: StoryBox
"Once upon a time, there was a band called StoryBox..." Hailing from Istanbul, StoryBox plays a vibrant blend of Western rock and Turkish pop sensibilities.

Click to hear StoryBox:
 Kill The Calf
#5: Moonchild Music
MoonChild is a hip-hop producer, and owner of Hi-Hill Recordings. Inspired by everyone from J Dilla to Timbaland, he blends soulful samples and nimble synths.

Click to hear MoonChild Music:
 Murda Sketch (Feat. Magestik Legend)
#6: 2002
Pamela & Randy Copus, the New Age duo known as 2002, have landed 9 albums on the Billboard Charts by blending keys, strings, harps, guitar and their layered voices into a celestial, angelic "virtual choir."

Click to hear 2002:
 An Ocean Apart
#7: Js For Days
Formed in 2011, synthpoppers Js For Days draw on influences like the Postal Service, Jonsi, Broken Bells and more. This melodic duo recently released their debut EP, Why Can't You Just Clap.

Click to hear Js For Days:
 Ballad Of Doug
#8: Tangleweed
Folk/bluegrass band Tangleweed is a quartet of forward-looking musical reactionaries from Chicago, Illinois. They've recorded four full-length CDs and earned loyal fans the world over.

Click to hear Tangleweed:
 Logan Square Dance
#9: Cal Harris Jr.
More than a decade in the making, contemporary jazz keyboardist Cal Harris Jr. is finally set to paint the world in vibrant colors with the release of his debut album "Inside Out."

Click to hear Cal Harris Jr.:
 Jukin' (Radio Edit)
#10: Skattered Union
Alternative/pop-punk upstarts Skattered Union come on like "a teenage zombie apocalypse!" A young band to watch, they've shared stages with everyone from Buckcherry to Sick Puppies.

Click to hear Skattered Union:
 Self Destructive

Tuesday, September 20

New Feature: Band of The Month - The Garlics

Meet The Garlics, a pop-punk rock band from Quebec with more than 1 million plays on Jango -  They are first out in a series of bands interviewed in our new feature called "Band of the Month". The idea is to give you guys a closer look on how other bands do it and how they've managed to become success stories on Jango.

The Garlics have been on Jango since 2009 and now have more than 20,000 fans. They are currently working on their second album and here is their interview - enjoy!

Describe The Garlics' sound in one sentence?  
The Garlics's sound is unique, meaningful and energetic.

When were The Garlics formed and where?  
We have been playing music since a very young age. May started to write songs when she was 4. She was inviting everyone in family reunion to listen to her new songs and plays. She composed a song in 5th Grade for the 6th Grade who were graduating from Primary School and everyone but literally everyone were crying – on videos from that time you see a tissue box going from one person to the next. In High School, everyone knew who May was. She was participating in sports activities, music activities, organizing charity events, and acting as co-president for the student association. She has a Black Belt in Karate (Kyokushinkaï), Played elite soccer and Volleyball.

Olivier comes from a family of guitarists. His dad and his uncle were all playing guitar. At a very young age, Olivier was playing guitar day after day after day, while taking courses. In High School, he participated along with May, in both the School Harmony and Blues Band. Olivier played guitar, May played flute. On several occasions, Olivier also played in high school talent shows and ended up representing the High School with his band to a Provincial contest. Throughout his teenage years, Olivier worked on finding his sound, not just working on the performance, but mostly working on the originality of his playing and the melody that could create.

Jean-Frédéric became a multi-instrumentalist young musician at a very early age. Influenced by his talented brother who was also playing drums, JF did learn to play drums but also learned to play trumpet, violin, guitar and more percussion instruments always looking for new combinations.

Thus in January 2009 while in High School, Olivier and Will (former member) who were part of The Garlics at the time, recruited May and JF to be part of the band. They had submitted the band for a battle of the bands contest in Montreal a year before. After only 4 weeks of rehearsing they won 2nd place over more than 60 bands pre-selected.  

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why? Living or dead.  
Hayley Williams (Paramore) is one of the major influence we have because we feel she is one the best female rock vocalist of our time. The Rev (Avenged Sevenfold) is an icon for Jeff. He started to drum playing all the songs from him. Finally, it is difficult for us to name bands because we love a lot of different kind of music from Pop rock to more Progressive.

How do you connect with fans and get them involved in your music?  
We answer back to every fan who write to us, we try to get them to participate in every way they can. We also take a lot of time to talk with our fans at the end of our shows and give a lot of free EP's, CD's and t-shirts. We naturally use Jango as a vehicle to expose our material to new audiences.

What do you like the most about Jango Airplay? 
We can easily connect with all our fans by sending emails with updates. Our fans can leave comments on our page and it's a great way to communicate with them on many levels : what they like and don’t, share ideas with them, get their feedback and we especially love the stats and who our fans also likes. We have more than 20 000 fans on this site... Everything's good on Jango! Everytime we put up plays in Jango, we see an increase in traffic on our official website and consequently in our sales on and iTunes.

Is there any recent project you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.  
We're working with a new producer (John Nathaniel) and just released our new music video "Burning Bridges" and single "Bottom of the Sea". Two more songs will be added by September 19th to Jango and that will likely be all released on a new EP. We plan to have a second album ready by March 2012.

 - The Garlics latest video "Burning Bridges"

Are you guys playing live and do you have any shows coming up soon?  
We do play live and we love it. We have the chance to be invited by a lot of bands to play in the best places/festivals in Quebec. We are looking to expand our market in Spring 2012 after completing our second album. We'll keep you updated on Jango!

Want to hear more from The Garlics? Check them out on the links below

Many thanks to The Garlics for supporting Airplay and letting us interview them. And of course thanks to all of you for being part of Jango Airplay - next month we'll be back with another band interview.

/The Jango Airplay Team

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here are the top 10 Airplay bands for the week ending September 18th. Check them out and show your support in the comment section.

#1: Tulsi
Tulsi is an independent hip-hop artist based in Seattle, he wrote his first song at age 12 and performed his first set at fourteen. Since then he's honed his voice, released three full-length albums and played hundreds of shows.

Click to hear Tulsi:
 Crooked Letter
#2: Aron Seals
Aron Seals is a rock/fusion guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. His music is heavily influenced by film scoring, and makes use of midi guitar to play various stings sounds while accompanying the solo guitar.

Click to hear Aron Seals:
#3: Jake Dreyer
A musician from eight years old, award-winning metal guitarist Jake Dreyer recently released his debut solo EP "In the Shadows of Madness," showcasing years of study under a variety of master instructors.

Click to hear Jake Dreyer:
 Harmony Of The Spheres
#4: Scams
Whether playing to expectant audiences in their adopted hometown of Leeds, or showcasing in Europe and the US, Scams are establishing a reputation as purveyors of pop music without bullshit & boundaries.

Click to hear Scams:
#5: Lost Dog Found
Lost Dog Found is an eight piece mini-big band that has taken the elements of jump blues, swing and rockabilly, and created a thumping, swinging sound distinctly their own.

Click to hear Lost Dog Found:
 Pop That Cap
#6: Brent Byrd
After playing in bands across the country, Brent stepped out on his own to write & perform on the acoustic guitar, using loop pedals and various instruments to provide the sound of a full band.

Click to hear Brent Byrd:
 High Time
#7: Lou Streets
Besides the obvious example, St. Louis has had marginal success in the world of hip-hop. Lou Streets is ready to change that with a love for the craft, witty metaphors and fearlessly personal lyricism.

Click to hear Lou Streets:
 The Thrill
#8: Daniella Alcarpe
Daniella Alcarpe is a Brazilian singer offering true Brazilian music - a mix of traditional instruments like bandolim, cavaquinho & cuíca with guitars, sax, flute and keyboard.

Click to hear Daniella Alcarpe:
#9: Michael Silverman
Michael Silverman's music consists of relaxing, impressionist piano pieces and beautiful renditions of classical favorites. One of the most popular pianinsts on iTunes, he has logged 13 number one albums and more than 3 million downloads.

Click to hear Michael Silverman:
 Bella's Lullaby
#10: Riley Etheridge Jr.
Riley Etheridge Jr. is a New York City singer-songwriter with deep roots in musical Americana. He recently released the album "Things I Used To Know," described in the press as an "elegiac, contemplative collection of sad, funny, and ultimately redemptive alternative country."

Click to hear Riley Etheridge Jr.:
 In This Moment

Tuesday, September 13

Introducing Jango Band Central

We just released a new section on Jango for showcasing Airplay Artists – Jango Band Central – that makes it easier for our listeners to explore and listen to emerging artists.

Jango Band Central's main features:

  • Stations that play popular airplay artists in different genres. These are updated weekly and play the most popular airplay bands from the previous week. For example, Top 100 Independent, Top Hip Hop, Top R&B, etc.
  • The ability to browse emerging artists. For example, listeners can find Country bands from Texas or Hip Hop artists from France and listen to these bands quickly and easily.

We hope that Jango Band Central gives all of you more exposure and more fans. As always, we want to hear what you think – so drop your feedback in the comment section below.

Thanks for being part of Jango Airplay!
/The Jango Airplay Team

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here are the top 10 Airplay bands from last week. New faces and many genres represented in this week's lineup. Check them out and support them with your comments.

#1: Sixty Miles Down
Hard-hitting & heavy, yet melodic, New Jersey's Sixty Miles Down grinds out gritty anthems pulled from the darker side of the soul. After 12 years of evolution, the quartet has lately been building on buzz around acclaimed releases "Sink Or Swim" and "A New Skin."

Click to hear Sixty Miles Down:
 Dead Weight
#2: M.E.R.G.E.
An emcee for more than 15 years, M.E.R.G.E is: Money Earner Representin' Ghetto's Everywhere - Mind Exposin' Real Ghetto Energy - Mission Equality Revolutionary Ghetto Educator.

Click to hear M.E.R.G.E.:
#3: The Alter Kakers
The Alter Kakers (pronounced Alta Kuckers) are one of Toronto's most popular roots rock bands. Their sound is a mixture of styles including rock, folk and country, fueled by the traditional singer-songwriter mentality.

Click to hear The Alter Kakers:
 Hole In The Head
#4: Mind Cinema
"We want to create a laid-back mood and soundscape for the listener to get lost in," says frontman Javier Elizondo. With an ambient/shoegazing indie-rock style, Mind Cinema hold true to their goal, creating heavy, atmospheric soundscapes, with drowsy, layered vocals and catchy hooks.

Click to hear Mind Cinema:
 Solar Rays
#5: Blaq Diamondz
Blaq Diamondz is a hip-hop/pop duo that came together in 2008. Their debut album is scheduled for release this year, and blends R&B, pop, techno, southern & westcoast rap, soul, rock and inspirational music.

Click to hear Blaq Diamondz:
 Betta Get Low Remix
#6: Arbiter
Arbiter is a progressive deathcore band from Michigan. The quartet strives to preserve that which makes metal what it is today, while innovating & building what it will be tomorrow with one key emphasis: music should make you move.

Click to hear Arbiter:
#7: Snake Dove
Snake Dove is a producer and remixer currently based in Houston, TX. Delighting in the blur of technical & musical, he's released a variety original & remixed tracks.

Click to hear Snake Dove:
 Desert Snow
#8: The Ted Vaughn Blues Band
The Ted Vaughn Blues Band consists of five professional musicians with decades of recording and performing experience among them. They've electrified audiences from Memphis to the Midwest.

Click to hear The Ted Vaughn Blues Band:
 Nothin' But Trouble
#9: Michael Silverman
Michael Silverman's music consists of relaxing, impressionist piano pieces and beautiful renditions of classical favorites. One of the most popular pianinsts on iTunes, he has logged 13 number one albums and more than 3 million downloads.

Click to hear Michael Silverman:
 Bella's Lullaby
#10: My Persephone
My Persephone is an alternative pop act from Canada. Their music is made in support of the Love Trees environmental learning foundation.

Click to hear My Persphone:
 My Persephone