Monday, September 26

Major New Feature - Customize Your Promo Module

We wanted to inform you about a new feature we just released:

Up until now, every time your song played on Jango we would show a "one-size-fits-all" Promo Module encouraging the listener to interact with you. Our new customizable Promo Modules allow you to CUSTOMIZE the promo unit to meet your individual goals.

The new "default" Promo Module is focused on getting listeners to give you a "thumbs up" and become your fan. But if you like, you could choose between the following Promo Modules:

- Custom Flyer
- Facebook Likes
- Tour Promo
- Video Promo
- MP3 / Store Promo

These options are free with all packages so you may want to experiment to find out what works for you.

We believe you'll get better and more valuable listener response rates (i.e. more fans).

The new Promo Modules can be accessed from your dashboard (click Band Info).

We'd love to hear any feedback you have for us!

Sign in here and check out our new promo modules:

/The Jango Airplay Team


Anonymous said...

Does the promo module only appear with paid plays? I'm getting organic/free plays but are they seeing the promo module?

Our Future Leaders said...

I really like this addition. We just released our debut EP, so I came back to add some plays and saw the new modules, they look great.

I believe the module only pops up for paid plays from other "stations" that are not your own artist station.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. That's a lot more enticing as I continue to build brand recognition.

Simbosan said...

Great idea, just one problem. The custom one really needs all the FB/Twitter/URL links along the bottom. It's great to have such a large image but I won't use that if it means giving up the very visible links.

I know you can click on the image but you know 90% of people won't even realise it's clickable. A combination of custom with the bottom bar from default would be perfect

Mattias said...

Hi guys - Mattias from Jango here. Thanks for the feedback. Yes - Promo Modules only appear on paid plays. Or more correclty - Promo Modules appear on plays that you paid for, plays that you received as a free trial as well as plays from credits you received because of Popscore. Organic Plays (where the listener requests your band, plays from Band Central etc) - do not currently have the Promo Module. We're working on this too. And Simbosan - thanks for the tip on the Custom Flyer - I get what you mean.

Thanks again,


Marilyn Carino said...

Promo module good idea, I second the comment about better button links. One change I don't like is that now when listeners go to your profile page they see either the module or the regular page, which doesn't allow them to see all your songs unless they scroll down, and its not at all apparent that there is more to that page to scroll to. The page is half occupied by ads for Jango apps, stations and a ginormous block to sign in with Facebook. Why is this? Can't you guys make that area a wee bit smaller so people can see that there are more songs available from each artist? It doesn't make sense

jamie gazelle said...

a bit too awsome for reality tv
the plays have been going thru the roof, never dreamed id be played before and after pink floyd

thank you much

connectthedots said...

i am in love with this site!!