Thursday, April 29

A Look Back at 2009 - IFPI Publishes 'Record Industry In Numbers'

The numbers are in for 2009 as the IFPI publishes it's yearly 'Record Industry In Numbers' . While the overall picture saw a global drop of 7% in recorded music revenues there was growth in 13 key markets including Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Sweeden & the UK. The two biggest markets, the US & Japan, made up 80% of the overall decline.

For more highlights from the report head over to the IFPI - HERE

Monday, April 26

Jango PopScore Top 5

Check it out, here's this weeks Top PopScore bands on Jango Airplay. This week they stretch from Sunny Southern California to the rainy brick lanes of Manchester.

Artist: Brice/ART Entertainment
After seeing what MTV and the majors had to offer, rapper Brice decided to remain independent. Since then he's released four mixtapes and two solo albums, not to mention maintained his musical intergrity and optimism.

Click to hear Brice/ART Entertainment:
Now What (feat. Freeway)
Artist: Jack Morgan
London-based songwriter Jack Morgan may be just 21, but his music is wise beyond its years. He recently released his first self-produced EP, "Sleep In Heavenly Peace."

Click to hear Jack Morgan:
A Paler Pearl
Artist: Letters Burning
Southern California's Letters Burning are an energetic alternative rock band, combining aggressive guitar grooves with catchy vocal hooks, and an intensity that leaves listeners hungry to witness the group in person.

Click to hear Letters Burning:
Artist: I Am Not Lefthanded
Fiercely independent, mostly-Irish but currently London-based, I Am Not Lefthanded are described as sounding like "Natalie Merchant fronting Death Cab for Cutie"

Click to hear I Am Not Lefthanded:
Boats (Swept Away)
Artist: Sam Sallon
Sam began forming bands from amongst his friends and playing live in the mid-nineties around Manchester and the North West of England. Since then he has recorded his first LP and opened for everyone from Rodrigo y Gabriela to Pete Doherty to Lyle Lovett.

Click to hear Sam Sallon:
Long Way Down

Monday, April 19

This Week's Top Scoring Bands

once again folks, here's the top 5 on Jango Airplay for last week.

Artist: The Highlifes
The Highlifes are an indie-rock band from San Antonio, TX. Their sound is billed as a hybrid of " The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Albert Hammond Jr... conceived in Southern California during the mid-60s."

Click to hear The Highlifes:
Artist: WhiskeyPants
WhiskeyPants is an acoustic duo consisting of Greg Beutel (Grand Street Cryers/Evamore) and Kirk Tatom (Deep Blue Something/Evamore). They are currently working on their first major label release.

Click to hear WhiskeyPants:
If You Don't Think I'm Right
Artist: Phil Vassar
Formerly a songwriter for the likes of Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw, Phil Vassar is now an artist in his own right. On his latest release, "Traveling Circus," Phil once again proves himself an energetic talent.

Click to hear Phil Vassar:
John Wayne
Artist: Cavalier
Cavalier are an indie band from Tacoma, Washington. They recently recorded their first full-length album, a blend of enthusiastic guitar and heartfelt pop hooks.

Click to hear Cavalier
No One's Watching
Artist: Last September
Canadian pop act Last September are a singer-songwriter duo making music about childhood memories, family, relationships, and the ups and downs of everyday life.

Click to hear Last September:
Before You Go

Friday, April 16

Want To Play At Moondance ???

It’s summer festival madness here at Jango Airplay and we’re thrilled
to announce that we have teamed up two great summer
happening just outside of Walker Minnesota
two talented Jango Airplay
bands will be booked to play.

Moondance Jam – July 14-17


Moondance Jammin’Country Fest – June 17-19

This year Moondance will book one band from Jango Airplay to
perform at each festival alongside festival headliners like
Sammy Hagar,
REO Speedwagon and Lynyrd Skynyrd at Moondance
Jam & Martina
McBride, Miranda Lambert & The Zac Brown Band
at Moondance
Jammin' Country Fest.

If you would like to be eligible for selection you only need
to follow a few
simple steps...

1. Target at least 5 of the headlining artists that are playing at one or the
other festival listed on their sites here: &

2. Get a Pop Score for the week of April 19 – April 26

3. Leave a comment on this blog post with your Band Name, which
festival you would like to play, a link to your Jango page, and a list of
the artists you've targeted.

The 20 bands for each event (40 Total Bands) with the best PopScore
for this week will be submitted to Moondance for them
to choose from.
Moondance will pay each band that is booked an
all-in booking fee of
$500. Moondance provides sound, stage,
lighting, back line, and techs.
General camping is provided to
the band upon request.

So get targeting and show us that the crowd at Moondance is going to
love your music.

Tuesday, April 13

This Week's Top Scoring Bands

This week another great bunch of artists coming in for the PopScore final for last week. Check them out right here. It's nice to see a small international contingent represented as well.

Artist: Sarah Darling
Ambitious, young country artist Sarah Darling hails from Des Moines, but she was not long for the Midwest. Just one year out of highschool she saved up, moved to Nashville, and has been going strong ever since.

Click to hear Sarah Darling:
Jack Of Hearts
Artist: A Secret Sense
A Secret Sense is a delicate pop project, influenced by romance and the singer-songwriter tradition. The group recently released their album Melancholique to enthusiastic fan and critical response.

Click to hear A Secret Sense:
Artist: Josh Damigo
Josh Damigo is a much-lauded pop/rock artist hailing from San Diego. Weened on older styles of lyrically-driven pop, his faith and desire have landed him on stage with everyone from Ari Hest to Joss Stone.

Click to hear Josh Damigo:
Shooting For The Sun
Artist: Half Mile Radius
Taiwan-based rock band Half Mile Radius formed just last year, but they're already making waves with an exciting mix of simultaneously danceable and grungy rock.

Click to hear Half Mile Radius
Ashes To Onions
Artist: Alexandra Kui
Alexandra Kui is a German language singer-songwriter. Not only is her music a tasteful acoustic melange, but it makes German sound almost romantic. Klingt gut!

Click to hear Alexandra Kui:
Irgendwie Nett

Monday, April 12

Wakarusa Picks Three Bands

Originally the Wakarusa Festival was going to pick only two bands from the Jango Airplay artists that submitted but the running was so strong that they picked three bands to play this year's festival.

So without further ado, here they are.

Have Fun In Wakarusa !!!

Indofin - Check Their Profile HERE

Wes Kirkpatrick - Check His Profile HERE

Bootleg - Check Their Profile HERE

Tuesday, April 6

Wakarusa Finalists

And we're back with an update on the Wakarusa Festival submissions. Here are the twenty finalists who had the best targeted PopScore last week and wanted to be included for selection.

Wakarusa will now check out these twenty and decide on two lucky winners who will play this year's festival. Check 'em out...

Alan Cassidy
Sam Sallon
Elvis L Carden
Natasha Waterman
Wes Kirkpatrick
Brooke Pernice
Stephen Poppell
Charlie Pumphouse
Wilbur Shaw
That Noise
Orange Grove
Hillary Howard
Kirsten Thien
Connor Shaw
David Lynch & Friends
Dry Riser
Ethan Keller
Bong Hits For Jesus

We'll be back soon with the picks...stay tuned !!!

Monday, April 5

This Week's Top Scoring Bands

And here they are once again, this past weeks top scoring artists on jango Airplay. These 5 had the best PopScore from March 29 - April 4.

Artist: Jai Moi
Hailing from a small town in North Carolina, Jai Moi was blessed with the heart of a country girl, and the sight of a nomad. Initially both a poet and a singer, she's lately decided to combine the two.

Click to hear Jai Moi:
Artist: Conner Youngblood
Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Conner Youngblood is currently a sophomore in college and recently released his first CD.

Click to hear Conner Youngblood:
Neon Flicker
Artist: YOUNG-S
Young-S, aka Robert Lewis Snowden, is a hip-hop artist from Los Angeles. Encouraged from a young age, he now plies his trade over beats, driven by the promise of a brighter future.

Click to hear YOUNG-S:
Every Time The Beat Drop
Artist: The Epilogues
The Epilogues, a recent fixture of the Denver music scene, set out with a different take on music. Their combination of synth, guitar riffs, and dance beats has created a style that's more than just the sum of its parts.

Click to hear The Epilogues
The World Is Yours
Artist: Outshyne
Outshyne is a Country band from South Carolina. They are currently recording and gigging in Nashville, and just released the "single Country Boy In Me."

Click to hear Outshyne:
Country Boy In Me

Wakarusa Submissions Are Now Closed

Thanks to all the bands and artists who submitted their profiles for consideration to play at this year's Wakarusa Festival. There were over 60 submissions and we will now narrow that down to the top 20 to submit to the talent buyers at Wakarusa. Stay tuned here for the announcement of the top 20 and the finalists.