Tuesday, April 6

Wakarusa Finalists

And we're back with an update on the Wakarusa Festival submissions. Here are the twenty finalists who had the best targeted PopScore last week and wanted to be included for selection.

Wakarusa will now check out these twenty and decide on two lucky winners who will play this year's festival. Check 'em out...

Alan Cassidy
Sam Sallon
Elvis L Carden
Natasha Waterman
Wes Kirkpatrick
Brooke Pernice
Stephen Poppell
Charlie Pumphouse
Wilbur Shaw
That Noise
Orange Grove
Hillary Howard
Kirsten Thien
Connor Shaw
David Lynch & Friends
Dry Riser
Ethan Keller
Bong Hits For Jesus

We'll be back soon with the picks...stay tuned !!!


JOE said...


Thanks for this measuring stick contest JANGO..The straw that broke this camel's back.

I now know with 100% certainty there is nothing for me to gain by being on JANGO. Guess this just isn't where I need to be. That's just me!! DONE!!

p.win said...

Wow nice picks,but not one true hip hop band...really?Thanks for the opportunity!I wish i could have showed what real hip hop is.

Orange Grove said...

We are quite stoked about making this list. I don't usually enjoy entering our music/show into competitions anymore but I saw this Wakarusa thing and thought it could be a nice opportunity and we had nothing to lose..well except that i bought another 1000 plays last week just to give us a chance..but that also brought with it a new bunch of listeners/fans so not much of an investment if you ask OG. I also just checked out the competition..wow some very solid songs out there! Everybody is deserving if you ask me...
On that note..I really hope we are a 1 in 10!
And good luck to you all!
One life,

Ted said...

I feel badly for anyone who lets something like this drive them from a service that is striving to support internet radio and independent music. As an industry veteran and insider, I know first hand that there are few opportunities and places left for unsigned artists to receive exposure alongside major acts. Jango is one of those places.

VA said...

The thing that is driving me from this service is the fact that Jango's upload corrupted my audio file and then they posted it live. Is there anyone checking these files to see if they have been converted correctly? This destroyed my popscore and any chance at getting into this festival (which was my motivation for signing up to begin with). Not only that but I find the data is completely useless until they provide us with the number oflisteners that didnt like the song )gave it a thumbs down) to me this would be valuable information. Then there is the fact that I had to finally threaten to quit the service (took 3 emails) unless they credited me for the plays that went out on this bad file. What a waste of 30 bucks.

Shawn Betz said...

AWESOME, good to see some talent up in here!!!

I'm stoked!

What's up Orange Grove!!!

Good luck everyone!

Shawn said...

@ Orange Grove-
I feel you on that. We don't enter contest either, but when I saw the artist performing, I thought to myself.. Wow, we actually fit in here, lol.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Jango!!

Hillary Howard said...

What a great way to get exposure. Thanks Jango.
Congrats and good luck to all.

Dry Riser said...

We would love to be the UK band to play Wakarusa as a result of Jango-we love reaching new fans and get great feedback!

Dry Riser

Stephen Poppell said...

A big smile's still on my face after that we made the cut! Our music fits in just about perfectly with the Wakarusa musicians and our fingers are crossed that we're one of the two bands chosen. Thanks, Jango!

Anonymous said...

Message to JOE ... Maybe you didn't make the cut because your music sucks!!

JOE said...

Response to ANONYMOUS...OUCH...BUT GOOD VALID POINT...Hadn't thought of that!! Thanks for the perspective...

Of course I wasn't expecting to "win", I was really just hoping to be heard by another audience (the WAKARUSA people). Oh well wasn't meant to be.

Guess I'll just keep on playin for my own entertainment!! I like my music!! :)

ROCK ON!! ... Joe

Anonymous said...

Joe, ignore ANONYMOUS. He/she is just a sourpuss.

JOE said...

OK I know thst those of you planning to attend WAKARUSA are VERY DISAPPOINTED that I won't be playing live!! Understandable!!

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Phunkocity said...

Thanks for the selection Jango and Jango listeners...

Thanks in advance to Wakarusa for their consideration...



p.s. Joe i-- youre right in a way-- don't take stock in contests - alot of them prey on people's dreams - i've won and not won them - besides -- its just another man (or woman's) opinion... but Jango is alright -- i quit a lot of other services, but i'll stick up for Jango... P. Win - i do real hiphop with my band...

Elvis L Carden said...

I like to thank Jango for there consideration of my music,and connecting me with alot of new Fan's and this show and other's to come.look for new Cd release in May after my recording sesion in Nashville new songs I wrote Thanks again Musically Elvis L Carden

DOGGTOWN said...

Just dropped by to give thumbs up for Orange Grow, sounds just great guys! I'm a reggae/ska veteran my self, although my current band DOGGTOWN plays a different kind of groove :)
It would have been awesome to come all the way from Finland to Wakarusa, we,re releasing a three tracks EP soon, so stay tuned and check out DOGGTOWN!

Rock on yall!!!!



Vultures Await said...

Great job everyone. Thanks Jango for the opportunity.

Rock it with your heart.
Music is the best

Vultures Await

Anonymous said...

Lotta talent out there,
But Orange Grove is in a class of their own!
Best of Luck O.G.

Anonymous said...

Orange Grove is good but they sound like a lot of other bands sound. I'm digging the smooth, bluesy sounds of Stephen Poppell and I love Natasha Waterman's voice. These two finalists have something different, you know?

Anonymous said...

Wow was it cool to be able to go through that list and see how much amazing talent is out there. Every one of you just went on my 'wish list' to see live should you roll within a a couple hundred miles of me. I will go about 'fanning' all of you today. And some of you are just out and out ridiculously good. Allan C., Stephen P., Dry Riser, Orange G., Wilbur S., David L., Bong Hits all made my head spin. Which isn't to say the rest didn't - I just distinctly remember these off the top. Keep up the great work one and all. I want to hear more!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just curious what does WAKARUSA stand for?

Anonymous said...

the important thing is what does it mean to you?

Patricia S said...

I am so happy that Connor Shaw is on the list!! I know he is honored and beyond happy!!
Thanks JANGO!! Without you I would not know alot of great artist I do today.

WAKARUSA = Music and Camping festival with a GREAT line-up!

Orange Grove said...

Wow...when will it be decided? It's exciting.

For us what Wakarusa means: a grand 3 days of great live artists..and possibly our first real foot-step into the U.S.

One life,

Anonymous said...

I meant what do the letters W A K A R U S A stand for for? :) Isn't anyone else curious?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will help ;)


Anonymous said...

Love Ethan Keller!

Anonymous said...

If that's tru why isnt the festival in November?!?