Monday, April 5

This Week's Top Scoring Bands

And here they are once again, this past weeks top scoring artists on jango Airplay. These 5 had the best PopScore from March 29 - April 4.

Artist: Jai Moi
Hailing from a small town in North Carolina, Jai Moi was blessed with the heart of a country girl, and the sight of a nomad. Initially both a poet and a singer, she's lately decided to combine the two.

Click to hear Jai Moi:
Artist: Conner Youngblood
Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Conner Youngblood is currently a sophomore in college and recently released his first CD.

Click to hear Conner Youngblood:
Neon Flicker
Artist: YOUNG-S
Young-S, aka Robert Lewis Snowden, is a hip-hop artist from Los Angeles. Encouraged from a young age, he now plies his trade over beats, driven by the promise of a brighter future.

Click to hear YOUNG-S:
Every Time The Beat Drop
Artist: The Epilogues
The Epilogues, a recent fixture of the Denver music scene, set out with a different take on music. Their combination of synth, guitar riffs, and dance beats has created a style that's more than just the sum of its parts.

Click to hear The Epilogues
The World Is Yours
Artist: Outshyne
Outshyne is a Country band from South Carolina. They are currently recording and gigging in Nashville, and just released the "single Country Boy In Me."

Click to hear Outshyne:
Country Boy In Me


jai said...

Thank you! =)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How high did they score?

Anonymous said...

Let's see: they average fewer than 18 fans per week [total # of fans divided by months on Jango (from 1st comment), divided by weeks (4.3 per month)]. PopScore favors the lowest number of spins, which explains these low numbers. For the same week, I gained exactly twice as many fans with a paid play count of 440 (PopScore 87). So, just like every other week, the PopScore picks bands with what?....220 plays? No, that would be an 87 score. So probably something like 175? 150? 100 plays? How is this a measure of success or performance or...POPULARITY? The PopScore's math makes it virtually impossible for a band that uses Jango and amasses fans and is actually HEARD by people to score high. I used to spin 5000 plays in a week, now I spin maybe a few hundred. When the play stats and dashboard are online (or even in sync), I have limited plays to as few as 200 plays at certain times and "gamed" a high 90s score. I am meeting with little success to make Jango aware of this FACT (it's math, not a matter of opinion). Help fix Jango: Speak up!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the bands...

Jango team could you please stop sending me the email that says I came close blah,blah crap. I see my popscore therefore I know I was nowhere near close. I don't receive those emails your talking about.

I am more concern as to who like my music and who doesn't. I am not concern about a popscore to be honest because I never can seem to get back to the 80 mark like I did when I first started a month ago.

JOE said...

I feel the same as anonymous above, regarding the You Came Close LIE!! lol

I sent the JANGO team (who are really great people Erin & Carina)a response to the "You Came Close..." email with a "NO I DIDN'T!!"

Of course it is obviously an email blast to all artists to "Encourage them to keep playing & paying" JANGO is after all a business first!!

But as a consistently underperforming "artist" it's kinda like getting your nose rubbed in it. Send me an email like that if I have like a 79 Pop Score not a 40, 50 or 60!! :)

Thnak You For LIstening!! (are you?) lol

Anonymous said...

Dont Know if this means anything but i had a popscore of 82 yesterday to end the week. I only had 50 plays sun on 1 song! Now my popscore is @ 93 to start the new week dont! Get me wrong im very happy bout it. But thats never happend when ive had 1000 or even 500 paid plays on 1 song. dont no if this info can help other artist but im trippin!!!! on the massive jump in my score Ive spent 1000sss on self promotion (JANGO) ive been on jango 5 months and that has never happend. The least plays you have on 1 song no less then 50. Maybe just 50 thats all i had matter fact it was 50 bonus plays from jango for that 82 score i got for the week. im going to try it this week 50 plays on 1 song and see what happens hell!!!! My group has 1.505 fans 2.100 likes!out of 3.500 looks Immortal Outfit !! doin things and will keep blessing yall wit the bomb music no matter what. Peace and respect.......I.O.

Anonymous said...

I.O.: Averages don't begin to mean anything until there are enough "looks" (or "transactions" or "votes") to make a meaningful sample. And comparing averages can only work when the samples those averages represent are extremely similar, if not identical. PopScore compares an average based on 50 plays in less than ONE DAY with an average based on 500 (or 5000) plays over the course of ONE WEEK. Statistically, these are called APPLES and ORANGES. The odds are overwhelmingly skewed in favor of the smallest, least accurate samples. Unbelievably, Jango allows bands to not only set the size of their own sample (# of plays), but to schedule the sampling at their convenience. Why would Jango reward those who pay them the least? I can't answer that, but I strongly suspect illiteracy plays some part: we've been HOLLERING about this for months and months, but nobody seems to be reading....

Anonymous said...

N My World By Immortal Outfit check it out now this song should get rap song of the week soon!!!!!!!! these guyz are pretty good..... the song is hot hot im a solo artist but i think they are dam sure in the top 3 as far as rap groups goes on jango looks like the west is back and wit a twist! N My World! best rap song on jango... N.S.

Anonymous said...

I checked out immortal outfit song n my world you was right N.S. those cats are really good they have a few good song on there but that n my world WOWWWW!!!!! good luck guyz!

Anonymous said...

more pop-score whiners. Well, at least they're getting fewer.
Get off the blog and back in the studio or out giging.
Quit yackin and make it happen.

Pop Score? Who give a shit. Just Jango shareholders and and the infinite number of, as PT Barnum put it " suckers AND folks that are dumber than dogs"

You're music is being heard, babies! You're simply falling for crass manipulation of your thirst for success by Jango (yeah Jango but who cares really, CRASS..popscore crass. crass crass crass...
have a little more savvy. Please, so as not to insult those of us not covered under PT barnums human observations...

Why not sell them a "cool score"???? That would garner more bucks than the dreaded "POP" I hate that word. It tastes of disco. Ugh

I like Jango the way it is. Just stop the emails!!


I have said this before but i ended up with an 84 popscore and im not real concened with it because
jango is working with or with out this. im seeign cd sales from it and thats cool. also, i mentioned that changing songs out helps becuase the same songs are repeating plays to the same people who voted for you already nd the ones who votewd you down or didnt vote at all so, were either getting voted twice for the good, or voted down twice or nothing at all which is a wated play for one and doesnt help on the average for the other. Im not sure if anyone else has seen this.

chris williams

Anonymous said...

Really not that interested in the pop score even though Jango stats say we have gotten an 80+ 3 or 4 weeks in a row.

The best part is the number of fan we have generated over the short 1 month period we have been on Jango. Out of that month only one week did we pay to have a real burst of our music.

In that short period we have reached 1400+ fans. This is more than all the other sites we are on. And the best part is we did not have to send out invites to become fans. With those invites on other sites we were not sure if the people even listened to our music or just added us which pads the numbers but gives no realistic idea of how many really like our music.

If you would like to check us out you can find us here on Jango at :

Have a great weekend everyone.

Sofi, Lucho, Jero

Anonymous said...

Quit yackin and make it happen!

Finally, someone has got it all figured out and graciously deigned to share their wisdom with us (you can tell it's good advice, because it almost rhymes). It's about time somebody had the insight and courage to call untold Airplay artists, Jango staff, and ALL PopScore winners (past, present, and future) crass, unsavvy babies; suckers who are dumber than dogs.

To whom do we send thank-you cards?

Come back any time to whine about people whining. The blog is the perfect forum for a messiah like yourself to spread both his message of contempt for Jango, its features, its users, and his message of love for Jango "the way it is." The blog is also where all those idiots who are on the blog are, so you'd be stupid to be anywhere but the blog, right? I'm sure if you just keep "emailing" your righteous call to "stop the emails," the truth will eventually sink into a few thick skulls.

You can't argue with sound advice. And as PT Barnum said, if you invent the advice you don't have to follow it. So all that's left is to shout it to all the morons (c'mon and join in, everybody!):

Get off the blog and back in the studio or out giging (sic)!!!!
Quit yackin and make it happen!!!!
Get off the blog and back in the studio or out giging (sic)!!!!
Quit yackin and make it happen!!!!
Get off the blog and back in the studio or out giging (sic)!!!!
Quit yackin and make it happen!!!!


Anonymous said...

Boy its some real asshole on this blog your music must really suck what the fuck you think blog is for to express urself dont like it! stay the fuck off the blog. who the hell r u mr. make it happen a sorry soul who has nothing to do but be a jackass.





Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thoughts on Jango.......Registered with soundscan, have links to my website and online stores to purchase albums and singles. Singles are .99cents and the album is 7.99 to 8.99 for over 15 tracks. I don't ever expect large royalty payments thats just the way it is. What i am surprised about is that after 6months, 40+ thousand spins, 1300+ fans, and over 200 comments (all positive) I have sold 2 albums and 9 singles.
What Jango seems to be good for is to test market tracks and establish a demographic and fan base.
The reality is that most folks including fans don't buy music anymore. Or maybe my shit just sucks and all 1300+ fans are just stroking my ego!LOL
Regarding Pop score, i don't pay much attention to it. Usually meet the 80-89 range for my free 50 spins.
Would love to hear what others think regarding sales while using Jango as a promotional tool.