July 19, 2021

SONG REVIEW 🎵📝 ​​Simply United - Forever We'll Be

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Simply United - Forever We'll Be
Jazz, R&B, Funk
Indiana, United States

Overall Impression: Steeped in equal parts heart and soul, "Forever We'll Be" is an exceptional piece of songwriting that combines its Jazz, Soul, and R&B elements with aplomb. Simply United gives an outstanding performance, the type of performance that only comes to fruition by means of great synergy between like-minded musicians, and you can certainly feel that here. This track has a wonderfully "classic" sound to it, containing both warmth and great depth, you can't help but sit back and soak it in, great work!

Strongest Point(s): Let's begin with the marvelous performances, not only are they confident and assured, but they contain a great amount of delicate nuance in their execution, each performer gracefully brings out their chosen instruments' individual characteristics with great refinement and mastery. Just by going through the instrumentation, it's easy to see that the lead vocalist boasts great tonal and dynamic control, the saxophonist showcases exquisite vibrato, the Fender Rhodes provides that sultry and undeniably warm timbre and the guitarist expresses nothing short of sheer virtuosity with their delicate note choice combined with blistering scalar runs, and to top it all off, these elements are held together by the exceptionally strong rhythmic backbone provided by the percussion and bass, which may I also add, outlines the harmony with both style and flair. Wonderfully melodic and harmonically inventive, this is a great number, and look forward to hearing more from "Simply United".

Target Audience Appeal: This will certainly appeal to fans of smooth jazz, R&B, and soul, there is something for everyone here.

Artist target suggestions: Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Kim Waters, George Benson, Joyce Cooling, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Julia London, John Coltrane, Irma Thomas, Otis Redding, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Blossom Dearie, Anita O'Day, Nancy Wilson, Betty Carter, Shirley Horn

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About the Reviewer:
Andre Avanessian is a freelance session musician, composer, and sound engineer based in the U.K. Having studied music production and composition at degree level, he has taken his passion for all things audio-related to a level that has allowed him to become both a competent musician and performer. Being a self-confessed "Guitar Nerd" Andre has been continually studying the guitar, as well as teaching it, helping students both learn the instrument, develop their songwriting, and how to become proficient in home recording.