Friday, April 13

Center Stage - Adam Lamb

Meet Adam Lamb - An up and coming electronic pop artist and Radio Airplay's newest Center Stage pick. His song Find My Way has Jango listeners as well as the staff here at RA hooked! We can't wait to hear more from this young artist soon. Get to know Adam in this latest Q&A feature!

Born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona; Adam Lamb spent his young life pursuing two earthly passions: Music and Baseball. Having incredible parents who encouraged him to grow and flourish in faith, allowed him to understand at a young age that his passions had a purpose. At the end of his High School career, Adam was given a unique opportunity to continue pursuing both of his passions in higher education. Adam's time in college has shaped who he is today, has given him a heart for people, and a message to share.

Can you describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence?
A refreshing blend of punchy grooves and soaring melodies infused with elements of mainstream pop/electronic: all tied together with an uplifting message. 

What's your earliest music-related memory growing up?
Singing Shania Twain's: I Feel Like A Woman, in my underwear, dancing around the living room as a dashing young boy. 

If you were to cover another band/artist's album, which would you pick and why?
Twentyonepilots: Blurry Face. It's the only album that has truly captivated me from top to bottom. I love the creative process that twentyonepilots uses from everything to songwriting, band dynamics, branding, and message.

Do you write/compose your own songs? Briefly describe your songwriting process
Yes! My songwriting process often starts at a piano, as it is my primary instrument. I often write the melodies first and envision the production in my head as I write. I then take my song ideas into the studio where I begin tracking. Lyrics are often one of the last things I write because I contemplate the message that I believe I am supposed to share based on what captivates me as a listener.

What was the highlight for you in 2017? Either personally or for your music career?
2017 brought about my career as a solo artist:) I got the opportunity to begin searching for my sound as the songs that I had written came into fruition!

What have you been working on recently? Can you give us a hint for whats to come in 2018?
I am currently working on my Debut EP : 'In This World', set to release this coming August!

What do you like more: Performing live or recording in the studio?
As I have been blessed to be active in both so far in my career, I honestly cannot decide between the two; I absolutely love how the studio brings about growth in the purest form, while performing gives me an opportunity to fulfill my purpose as an artist!

What are some artists/bands that you're into at the moment? Or any particular song you find yourself listening to over and over?
Right now I am really into the up and coming pop artist: Mr. Popular. I have been blessed to be able to collaborate with him so far in my career, and he has inspired me to be relentless in pursuing my passion.

Any embarrassing on stage moments you'd like to share? C’mon, don’t be shy.
I am thankful that I haven't experienced anything too embarrassing on stage yet, however I have forgot the lyrics to my own songs plenty of times;)

What's one thing people should know about you?
Though I am an introvert, I love to care for people, like my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has cared for me. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of music? Does your hobby rejuvenate your creativity?
My second and equally strong passion of mine in life is BASEBALL. I have been playing since I could walk, and I am currently playing my Junior season at Greenville University as an outfielder/left handed pitcher. 

What do you like the most about Radio Airplay?
I love the opportunities that Radio Airplay gives to new artists, through namely staff picks and playlists!

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