Thursday, February 22

Center Stage - A Sunday Fire

Meet A Sunday Fire - An awesome punk rock band from Mobile, Alabama and Radio Airplay's newest Center Stage band.

A Sunday Fire is made up of Chris, Sam, Will, and Joey. With unrelenting energy, groovy rhythms, aggressive and melodic guitars, and sing-a-longable vocals, they give their take on what punk music is to them. Their debut album, Mobtown Punk, is already being met with positive reviews. A Sunday Fire has been on many tours, but is always chasing that dream of living life on the road. High energy, high passion, and intense love for their fans. That's what Mobtown Punk is all about.

Can you describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence? 
Punk rock soaked in grooves and catchiness

What's your earliest music-related memory growing up? 
When I first started singing, I was singing country music. In my Kindergarten class, I once dressed up with my boots and jeans and proceeded to sing every Achey Breakey Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. Thank goodness I grew up a little bit.

If you were to cover another band/artist's album, which would you pick and why? 
We have covered bands from Slipknot to Paramore to Escape the Fate. We kind of just play what feels good to us at the time. We have been known to screw up said covers, though haha

Do you write/compose your own songs? Briefly describe your songwriting process. 
We write everything ourselves. Our process has changed a little over they years, but a lot of songs come from Will and Joey writing stuff. They bring it in and we start jamming, next thing you know we have a hit (sometimes we have a hit).

What was the highlight for you in 2017? Either personally or for your music career? 
Definitely it was releasing our debut album, Mobtown Punk. It has taken us around to country and in front of thousands of people. I don't know how much more you can ask for than that.

What have you been working on recently? Can you give us a hint for whats to come in 2018? 
We are currently in the studio with the amazing producer, Lee Dyess. Expect a full length sometime later in the summer followed by more touring than we have ever done.

What do you like more: Performing live or recording in the studio? 
Performing live! Seeing people singing and dancing, there is nothing like it. If we could, we would spend 365 days a year touring and seeing all the beautiful people this world has to offer.

What are some artists/bands that you're into at the moment? Or any particular song you find yourself listening to over and over? 
Everyone in the band has wildly different tastes. Incubus, Blink 182, Angel Maker, Avenged Sevenfold, Metric, and Whitechapel are all bands you hear thrown around in the van.

Any embarrassing on stage moments you'd like to share? C’mon, don’t be shy. 
There are literally dozens LOL. One that stands out is we were recently playing a big show at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia. Here we are, playing a legendary venue in a game changing show during our career. I forgot the lyrics to our single that has 10's of thousands of plays all around the internet and just repeated the first verse again. Music is hard.

What's one thing people should know about you? 
This band is incredibly hard working. Sometimes we go without food, sometimes we put off bills, and we all sacrifice family time. Playing music is our world. If you ever get a chance to see or meet us, we hope you see that in everything that we do, because we do it all for you.

What do you enjoy doing outside of music? Does your hobby rejuvenate your creativity? 
Some of us go fishing, some of us work out, some of us play video games. We are all just normal people who happen to do an extraordinary thing.

What do you like the most about Radio Airplay? 
Radio Airplay gives us an opportunity to reach people we normally wouldn't. That's all we want is to reach people who could love us. Any tool that allows that is amazing in our eyes.