January 1, 2015

How Do I Use Targeting?

What is Targeting?

Targeting refers to the Campaign Settings you’re using in your Radio Airplay account for your song(s) promotion on Jango Radio.  These targeting settings are used to play your song to a targeted Jango Radio listener station where your songs will be played and promoted.

You can set and edit your Artist Targets, Geographic Targets, and Play Speed from your Campaign Settings menu and choose Standard Targeting.

Artist Targeting
Your list of Artist Targets is the most important factor in determining your listeners on Jango Radio. Each Artist Target you select for your list represents a group of listeners using Jango Radio - the Fans of those Artists - who will then be eligible to hear your songs playing in their station playlists. The songs you're promoting with applied play credits will be played alongside songs by your Artist Targets.

You can select between 5 to 30 artists for your list. The more artists you have, and the more popular those artists are among Jango.com listeners, the wider your available listening audience and faster your play rate will be. For best results, try to select very similar artists to you in sound and style, so your credits are used to play your songs to the best potential listeners using Jango Radio.

To add an artist to your list, simply type in and search for the artist’s name in the Add Artist Targets search field and click on the name once it appears.

You can also click on any of the Suggested Targets under your list to add those artists to your list. Those suggested artists are based on your account’s main genre and your current list of artists.

You can remove an unwanted artist from your Artist Targets list by clicking on the red remove circle next to that artist name.
**If you only have 5 artists on your list, you won’t be able to remove until you've added a 6th artist - you must always have at least 5 artist targets on your list.

Geographic Targets
The Geographic Targeting option allows you to select any world countries or US states where you would like your plays to happen for listeners more often. By default, your music will reach listeners worldwide. However, when you select states/countries we will try to focus your plays in those specific areas. Please note that standard targeting does not guarantee that your music will be played in those areas. If you want to require your music be played ONLY in certain geographic areas, you will need to enable your Premium Targeting option.

The Premium Targeting option allows you to focus your plays on a very specific listening audience from the larger global Jango Radio listeners. The benefit could be for an artist who only wants to be played in certain countries or US states, or to certain ages or genders. Please note that selecting Premium Targeting reduces your eligible audience size and can significantly slow down your play rate due to the reduced number of available listeners. When Premium Targeting is enabled 1 premium targeted play will cost 2 play credits. With Premium Targeting we will guarantee that your music is played only to the listeners in your specifically targeted region(s) and demographic/age group(s).

You can turn Premium Targeting on and off, and set your Premium Targeting settings from the Campaign Settings menu and choose Premium Targeting

Song-Level Targeting
If you have multiple songs in different styles and genres, you can use the Song Level Targeting option as an alternative to the account Standard Targeting settings, so you can select specific artists for each of your songs and have them best targeted to your listeners on Jango Radio. You can select this from your dashboard's Campaign Settings menu and choose the Song Level Targeting page.

From there, you can select different artists for each of your uploaded songs, and also save lists of artists as artist bundles to apply to other similar-sounding songs in your account for which you'd like to use the same artist targeting settings.

Once on your Song-Level Targeting page, click the Edit link next to your song title. This will open the song’s editing function, and you can start selecting your target artists for the individual song. Like your standard Artist Targets list, you can select up to 30 artists per song. Once you’re finished selecting artists, make sure to Turn On song level targeting. If Song-Level Targeting is Off your song will not be targeted to the individual targets you have chosen. Instead your song will use your standard Artist Targets list.