January 1, 2015

How Do I Use And Apply Credits?

What Are Play Credits?

Credits are needed in order for your song(s) to be placed into rotation on Jango.com artist stations. 1 play credit is equal to 1 standard targeted play to a unique listener currently tuned into an artist station on Jango.com. Once the play credit is applied to a song, it's only used when a listener has heard the song playing in an artist station that you have chosen to target. You can manage and use your play credits from the Play Credits>Use Credits menu on your Radio Airplay dashboard.

How Do I Get Credits?

Every artist account is eligible to receive 10 free play credits a week. You are never obligated to pay if you don’t wish to and you will still receive 10 free credits (plays) a week. You must apply these credits towards your song(s) each time you receive them in order to continue receiving the free credits every week.
If you want more airplay than what is given for free, you can purchase a play credit package for more play credits from your dashboard’s Play Credits menu. Choose the Buy Credits page and make your purchase. You can then distribute them among your uploaded songs as you wish.
How Do I Apply My Credits?
From your dashboard menu click Play Credits and select Use Credits in the drop down menu. In this page you can hover over Apply Credits to reveal a drop down menu where you can select the denominations you wish to add to a particular song on your list. Once credits are applied, the song(s) will begin rotation shortly after. 

This example above shows that there are 157 credits applied towards one particular song and 395 unapplied credits, which are available to apply towards other songs on the list.

How do I remove play credits?
Click the Remove Credits button and select the number of credits you wish to remove from that song using the drop down menu. Removing play credits from a song will return them to your Play Credits Unapplied total and can be used later or on another song.

What happens if none of my songs have play credits?
If none of your songs have play credits applied to them they will not be automatically placed in Jango.com listener stations. The songs will still be visible on your Jango.com profile page (click Public Profile to see your Jango.com profile page). If any of your songs are pending or hidden they will not appear on your Jango.com profile.