Friday, October 10

Tristan Thompson - Rising Star

It’s true that Tristan Thompson is quite a unique individual.  Not many 16 year olds can say they spent their summer vacation filming a music video, recording a Holiday Single, performing multiple shows including Fairs, Festivals & Charity events in addition to appearing on Breakfast Television in Toronto:

and YTV’s “The Zone” 
His hectic summer schedule may now be over, but things won’t be slowing down for him anytime soon.  So far this fall, Tristan has already filmed his 5th music video and he has plans to film yet another one in the not-too-distant future.  This isn’t bad considering the fact that Tristan is a relative newcomer to the music industry!

Regardless of his age, he is definitely an ol’ pro when it comes to starring in music videos!  Tristan is currently on tour with TeenFest and he's also recently released a brand new radio Single for his song “Burn Again”.  While the finishing touches are made to the video for this latest Single, Tristan’s fans can take a listen to the song here: 

It’s a smooth, mid-tempo ballad with haunting lyrics that tell a tale of "the one that got away" and the hope for reconnection that can often smolder in one’s heart for an entire lifetime.  If you enjoy this track, you can obtain a copy here:  We’re hoping this Single will add a bit of heat to everyone’s fall!