January 1, 2015

What is the Fan Mail Notifications/Preview

We here at Radio Airplay know how important reaching your fans with a message is. Simply keeping them aware of you and your music can make a world of difference for an artist.

One of the biggest issues we've struggled with here at Radio Airplay is how to increase the interactions between Artists and their Fans. We understand how frustrating it can be to send out emails that don't get replies, and we've listened to your input about this.  For many of us, our days revolve around creating and sharing music.  So when you don't get the responses you wanted/hoped for/expected, it can feel very negative.  But for many listeners, even those who truly like your music, are supportive of you and give you a "thumbs up", they are not the type of people who would readily engage in any follow up.  That said, we know we needed to make communication channel between Artists and Fans *much* smoother, and much less buried away on the Jango website.

Now, anyone who has become your fan will be notified when they have new messages from you as soon as they log into their Jango account, right at the top of their screen.  We grabbed the highest value "screen real estate" and dedicated it to improving your connection with your fans.  Both your mass messages and personal fan messages will be previewed right from this section. More importantly, your fans can easily click and reply right back to you. Messages that may have normally been overlooked will now be front and center!

We are thrilled to announce that within the first 24 hours of launch we have seen a *significant* increase in Fan responses.  Remember, as Artists it's important that we keep our messages short and engaging, as well as create clear "call to action" moments to get those Fans to engage with you.  Going forward we are hopeful that you will see increases in these interactions with your fans.  Please let us know if you have ideas for improvements, and/or if you see improvements!

If you have a Jango.com listener account and have become fans of Radio Airplay artists, check it out for yourself at www.jango.com