Thursday, January 1

What is the Fan Mail Notifications/Preview

We here at Radio Airplay know how important reaching your fans with a message is. Simply keeping them aware of you and your music can make a world of difference for an artist.

One of the biggest issues we've struggled with here at Radio Airplay is how to increase the interactions between Artists and their Fans. We understand how frustrating it can be to send out emails that don't get replies, and we've listened to your input about this.  For many of us, our days revolve around creating and sharing music.  So when you don't get the responses you wanted/hoped for/expected, it can feel very negative.  But for many listeners, even those who truly like your music, are supportive of you and give you a "thumbs up", they are not the type of people who would readily engage in any follow up.  That said, we know we needed to make communication channel between Artists and Fans *much* smoother, and much less buried away on the Jango website.

Now, anyone who has become your fan will be notified when they have new messages from you as soon as they log into their Jango account, right at the top of their screen.  We grabbed the highest value "screen real estate" and dedicated it to improving your connection with your fans.  Both your mass messages and personal fan messages will be previewed right from this section. More importantly, your fans can easily click and reply right back to you. Messages that may have normally been overlooked will now be front and center!

We are thrilled to announce that within the first 24 hours of launch we have seen a *significant* increase in Fan responses.  Remember, as Artists it's important that we keep our messages short and engaging, as well as create clear "call to action" moments to get those Fans to engage with you.  Going forward we are hopeful that you will see increases in these interactions with your fans.  Please let us know if you have ideas for improvements, and/or if you see improvements!

If you have a listener account and have become fans of Radio Airplay artists, check it out for yourself at


Ricardo Beas said...

This is excellent. Thanks, I was thinking about that. Have a great and safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

I stopped spending with Jango almost for this exact reason, you need email addresses and other ways to contact and interact with potential fans and jango wasnt providing that at all... Hope this makes it better


Awesome addition to Jango! Thank you Jango for listening to our needs as musicians. And to the last comment,JANGO DOES give out email addresses of our fans to us, if the fan shares that info.

Anonymous said...

It's really awesome to have a company such as Radio Airplay who actually listen to and actually implements changes based on our feedback based on REAL needs and experiences.

akoni adheymolar said...

Yea that's great. It's more interractive session. Cool

Stafford Kid said...

This will help us artist a lot.
a few fans are on facebook but there are some that are not.
so emailing them is a lot harder.
this is going to be real cool. thank you

Braden said... does this for free! I don't work for them but they aren't charging me up initially
to pay them an they don't keep emailing me.

Andre Williams Music Man said...

Braden,you are oh so correct about ,

James said...

Yeah, N1M is dope!

Radio Airplay is yet another way to get our music heard around the world and I'm definitely thankful for that. I do like the fact that Radio Airplay is listening to their customers.

The next step in my opinion would be to make an incentive to have fans give us there email addresses since this is known to be the number one way to communicate with fans according to the top gurus of marketing in and out of the music industry.

Without email addresses we can't take our fans with us if we no longer use Radio Airplay or if they go out of business. All the money spent and time invested would be for less than we hopped for using this service.

I know Radio Airplay has an option for fans to give us their emails but it not incentive driven. I've had very few of my fans do that.

So, we normally have an opt in box with a FREE download for fans giving out there email addresses to us on our websites. I wish RA (Radio Airplay) did that as well, it would be fantastic! This actually works very well.

I'm in the process of rebuilding my website now and was just about to cancel my membership here at RA to focus on other marketing pushes. BUT instead I'm going to keep in another month or so to see how this fan interaction goes. Hopefully the improvements will keep coming.

Thanks RA. Cheers!

James Dore

KOfi C Osafo said...

I hope this works. I stopped buying credits and sending mails because I wasn't sure I was achieving any results. If this works it will be good for all of us. God bless you said...


1000kings said...

This is sweet, #ushukela

Hunter Hayes (R&B) said...

I've been with Radio Airplay since mid 2011. I was excited to get one or two fans a day back then . I posted 5 or 6 songs that year. I got maybe 5 or 8 comments and 12 to 15 e-mails per 50 fans. I mass e-mailed once a week and sent out 3 or 4 personal e-mails. The reply's didn't equal my effort . and the responses were short and blunt when they did come in.Now I have over 20,200 fans and still only get 6 or 8 comments per week.but I do have almost 1,150 e-mails. I just released 2 new CD's , They are not on iTunes , I'm only selling them on my web site., maybe now is the time to GANG UP on the mass e-mails
since( RA )has stepped up their game on the FAN CONNECTION JOINTS. After 3 1/2 years at 100 per month I want those 20,200 fans to hear what I have to say ,Verbally and Musically! I NEED To Hear Back From Them so I know they're out there
Let a Brother Or A sister Or A BAND KNOW we're on the RIGHT track!

Last but not least , If your music ain't moving people at home and if they ain't dancing and singing along at your GIGS , that could be part of your problem right there. Also put up different songs every now and then . I got 33 songs up and I rotate only 11 at a time., makes it looks like I'm progressive.

Studio X Music said...

I haven't done much with paid plays on Radio Airplay for a while because I don't see it translating into cd or download sales.
Also, I did a test to see if people were actually getting my emails and apparently they do but I don't think they go on their RA accounts enough o make a difference.
It is great that RA is doing something to help convert listens to sales. If this makes a difference, it may be worth it to invest in more plays.
Thanks RA!

Orlando Mcallister said...

How do I search for a listener by first name?

Will Shipp said...

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