Thursday, April 10

Breakout Artist - Mikey Wax

Mikey Wax
We are proud to present a long time member of Radio Airplay, Mikey Wax as our first Breakout Artist.  

Congratulations to Mikey on signing his first label deal with Universal Music Group subsidiary label Toucan Cove!
Mikey has just released his new single, "You Lift Me Up", which debuted on the iTunes top 200 pop chart. iTunes featured Mikey as "Ahead Of The Curve".  Wax's new full-length album, recorded with producer/brother duo Scott & Ed Cash, will be released in 2014.

You can hear the new single at his page:

Purchase the single release from from iTunes:

For more music and information on Mikey, be sure to also visit his website

His fan base continues to grow online and at shows thanks to an engaging audience who connect with Mikey's passion for music and life.

"I started using radio airplay when I put out my first album in 2009. The reaction was amazing and gave me confidence that I was writing music people could relate to. I've been putting songs up on the site ever since and it's always exciting to receive feedback from the radio airplay community. Thanks for all the support!"
- Mikey Wax (Since February, 2009)