Tuesday, March 27

Grow Your Fanbase Using Facebook Timeline

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The mandatory switch from “old” Facebook to Timeline is only a few days away and we want to make sure you are well prepared for the change. Our friends over at CD Baby have done a great job racking up 12 ways to grow your fanbase using Facebook Timeline. Once you have your Facebook Timeline setup make sure you connect it with your Jango Airplay platform.

12 Ways to Grow Your Fanbase Using Facebook Timeline

Want to read more about Facebook Timeline? Check out our post on promoting your music on Facebook Timeline.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to promote your music online. And thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.

Jango Airplay Album Cover Contest

Jango Airplay album cover contest
This contest was closed as of April 1st, we no longer accept submissions. Stay tuned for upcoming contests.


Do you have a cool looking album cover to promote your music with? Send it to us and compete for an exclusive promotion package. There is a lot of great talent on Jango Airplay and we’d like to show it to the world. If you have any kind of cover art (it doesn’t have to be for a full album) you can join the contest, ten winners will win a Jango Airplay promotion package including:

- 1,000 Play Credits each

- Promotion on our Facebook and Twitter pages

- Your picture featured in our weekly newsletter

- Promotion on the Jango Airplay blog

To join the contest simply send your cover art to contests@jango.com along with your band/artist name and Jango Airplay email address. Your pictures does not have to be uploaded to your profile but you must be a member of Jango Airplay to join.

Please note that we will only accept one picture from each band so pick your favorite one. For quality reasons we strongly recommend sending pictures at 300x300px or larger.

You must submit your picture to Jango Airplay before Sunday April 1st to be considered.

Promoting Your Music On Jango Airplay

Jango Airplay has a wide variety of features and tools that you can use to gear and tweak your music promotion. Below we’ll give you four essential tips that will help you promote your music on Jango Airplay.

#1 Promote Your Hits
Jango listeners love to hear new hot stuff and they love to hear the big tunes. It’s a good idea to upload your entire album if you have one but make sure you promote your hits. If you’re unsure of which song(s) to pick you should test the waters by promoting several songs at the same time then use the reports to see which one picked up the most fans and likes.

#2 Promote Your Music With A Great Picture
Your first impression on Jango Airplay is key to grabbing the attention of a potential fan. When your music is played your picture will appear in the middle of the Promo Module, and it’s usually the first thing a viewer sees, so make sure you have a good default picture.

Login and start uploading your hits and new pictures here 

#3 Promote Your Music On Social Media
Jango Airplay allows social media integration with Twitter, MySpace and social plugins to Facebook. Listeners and fans spend a lot of time on social media and your music should be where your audience is. With the Facebook Promo Module you can drive fans to your Facebook page without them even leaving Jango.com.

More on driving fans to Facebook and setting up your social media and store links here

#4 Promote Your Music To Your Audience
Your Artist Targeting is a key factor in driving Popscore and generating new fans, spend some time reviewing your current selection and think about what your music sounds like.

Find out more about Targeting here

Tuesday, March 20

Connect With Jango Airplay

Connect with Jango Airplay
Jango Airplay is available on many of the popular social media sites out there and you can keep yourself updated with the latest news by liking, following and sharing with us. We love to promote your music and the more we share it the more exposure you’ll get. We’ll add more and more bands to our YouTube channel to help broadcast your music videos. You can connect with Jango Airplay on the following platforms.

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

Subscribe to our YouTube channel

And if you have a great music video don’t miss out on a great opportunity to become Jango Video of the Month. For more information and submitting your music video, Click here.

Stay tuned for more updates from and as always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.

Jango Video of The Month - The Bright Road

We’re kick-starting our new Jango Video of The Month segment with a Montreal based indie band called “The Bright Road” and their music video “Norway”. The Bright Road formed in 2009 by Philippe Garceau and they’ve been on Jango Airplay since March 2012. Find out what inspired them to make this video and read about their upcoming projects.

What inspired you to make this video? I gave carte blanche to the director because I wanted her to express herself. We did few brainstorms together but I wanted her to show the public what does the song inspired her to create. Where was it shot? Here in Québec, in a region called Contrecoeur (about 45min from Montréal). We wanted one tree alone in a field. It was not that easy to find. What do you like most about promoting your music on on Jango Radio? I like the fact that many random people from around the globe get to hear my music. I like to discover new bands myself and it's fun to be able to listen to bands that got their influences from other bands that I like too. Are there any new projects or events coming up soon? We have a concert coming up in April in Montréal and we are planning a European Tour this Summer.

Connect with The Bright Road

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the best Jango Airplay videos and featured content from our Jango Band of the Month segment. And as always - thank you all for being part of Jango Airplay.

Monday, March 19

Jango Airplay Top 10

Top Band on Jango This Week
Brothers In Christ
Top Band on Jango This Week
Top Band on Jango This Week
Dolla Breezy
Top Band on Jango This Week
Top Band on Jango This Week
Friends Of Alice Ivy
Top Band on Jango This Week
Dead Smiling Pirates
Top Band on Jango This Week
Megan Redmond
Top Band on Jango This Week
Made Of Wood
Top Band on Jango This Week
Movement Of Sounds
Top Band on Jango This Week
Daniel Fries

Jango Radio Ultra Music Festival Station

Jango Radio Ultra Music Festival
The Ultra Music Festival is one of the world’s largest electronic music events and is taking place during the Winter Music Conference in Miami this weekend. DJ’s from around the world are flying in for the three day dance festival. If you’re part of the Jango dance/electronic scene you have a great opportunity to get your music played on the Jango Radio Ultra Music Festival station. The station is based on this year’s lineup and it’s packed with the hottest DJ’s from the entire spectrum that is electronic music. So if you’re producing house, dubstep, trance, techno, drum & bass or any sub-genre you’ll fit this station.

In the list below you’ll find DJ’s and producers featured on the Jango.com Ultra Music Festival station. Pick similar DJ’s and add them to your target list to take advantage of a great promotional opportunity.

List of featured artists

Thanks for letting us promote your music and as always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.

Tuesday, March 13

Jango Airplay Video Promotion On YouTube

Radio Airplay Video of the Month is currently taking a break until further notice. Please check back soon for further news on new contests.

Promoting Your Music On Facebook's Timeline

Promoting Band Timeline
Facebook recently announced that by the end of March all pages must adopt Timeline. This will drastically change your page design and the way you promote your music on Facebook. If you promote your Facebook page on Jango Airplay, and maybe even use the Facebook Promo Module, an attractive Timeline will help you engage more viewers. Are you prepared for the changes?

Fortunately there is still some time to prepare your page, here are the major new features to help you take advantage of the Timeline.

Cover Photo
The most prominent feature of the Timeline is your cover photo, instead of a landing page new fans will now be greeted with a big picture at the top of your Timeline. Your cover photo has huge branding potential and you should show of your creativty, a good photo will make viewers more interested in your page. It can also be used to promote a special event like a new release, tour schedule or your band website.

Below your cover photo you will have the ability to add Tabs, these can be arranged to display the most important content first. Use these to create a better band story and engage viewers. Display your band store, tickets for a show, upcoming events or photos from your latest gig.

Highlight Important Stories
Stories and interesting content can be pinned to the top of your Timeline, communicating promotional stories directly to viewers so that you can put focus on creating new exciting content. Pin things to the top by clicking the little "Pin" icon at the top of every story.

The Timeline becomes somewhat of a live biography that fans can interact with, the bottom of your Timeline should show your band's inception. From there on you can add important events that helped shape your band.

Build Audience Tab
As a page admin you will have the option to invite friends and share your page just as usual, but Facebook has added a new feature called "Invite Email Contacts". If you have a large email list this feature will become very helpful, use your Jango Airplay email list and drive traffic to your Facebook page.

Whether you've connected your Jango Airplay account with Facebook or not this should hopefully help you prepare for March 30th. Some bands have already changed to Timeline, here are some band pages to spur your creativity:

What do you think of the new Timeline? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Jango Radio St. Patty's Day Stations

Promote Your Music
Jango loves St. Patty's Day and what better way to celebrate than with leprechauns, alcohol and of course, great music. As the holiday is drawing closer we're adding a bunch of St. Patty's Day themed stations and this means further promotion opportunities to you as an Airplay artist. So if you have a good drinking, Celtic or simply Irish song, you can make sure that it gets played on Jango Radio's St. Patty's Day stations.

We will launch four stations and they feature a different variety of artists, so try to find your best fit and then add them to your target list.

St. Patrick's Day Party

Irish Pub Songs

Irish Essentials


Below you'll find a list of artists featured in each station, pick your most similar bands to get the best reaction from listeners. Thanks for letting Jango promote your music and have a great St. Patrick's Day.

Click here to see a list of featured artists

Jango Airplay Top 10

Top Band on Jango This Week
Mariah Ver Hoef
Top Band on Jango This Week
Dead Smiling Pirates
Top Band on Jango This Week
Aron Seals
Top Band on Jango This Week
Tax Free Maphia
Top Band on Jango This Week
Mambo Zombies
Top Band on Jango This Week
Top Band on Jango This Week
Snake Dove
Top Band on Jango This Week
The Oyster Murders
Top Band on Jango This Week
Jake Dreyer
Top Band on Jango This Week
Derek Lee Bishop

Thursday, March 8

Jango Airplay Promotes Hip Hop Music

Jango's Hip Hop community is growing as more and more bands are using Jango Airplay as their springboard for music promotion. Taking advantage of a huge audience and connecting with fans from all over the world. Here is an interesting article on how Jango Airplay promotes Hip Hop music.

Jango Airplay Promotes Hip Hop Music

Are you a member of Jango Airplay? Or are you considering joining our community? Share you thoughts in the comment section. And as always - thank you all for being part of Jango Airplay.

Tuesday, March 6

Jango Radio SXSW Station Promotion

Jango Radio station
The SXSW Festival is just a few days away and hundreds of new bands from around the world will be playing showcases. Jango is helping promote these bands to our listeners in the Jango Radio SXSW Station, and guess what? Your band can be featured! You can be a part of the station and put your music on display simply by targeting bands included.

In the list below you'll find many of the bands featured in Jango's SXSW station. You can also browse through them on Jango.com to find similar bands. Add them to your Artist Target list, and take advantage of a great promotion opportunity.

List of featured bands

Is your band getting showcased at the festival this year? Or have you played there before? Share your thoughts about SXSW. And as always - thank you all for being part of Jango Airplay!