Tuesday, August 16

Catch Listeners' Attention With An Audio Intro

Want to get listeners' attention quick? Make a short audio intro and add it to the start of your song - this is a great way to tell listeners about your band to give them a better idea of who they're hearing.

Record a short (5 seconds or less) intro and attach it to your .mp3 file before uploading to Jango Airplay. If your song already has a long intro you can record your voice over the song so it blends in with the rest of the music. Adding an audio intro creates a more unique & personalized experience for the listener, and the chances of them remembering your band name will increase.

Occasionally you will be played in the background - listeners might have Jango on in the background or in their pocket if streamed from a smartphone - but with a creative intro they'll get all information they need to remember your name so that they can pay a visit to your profile page. It will also give an idea of what they are about to hear, tell them what your song is about and/or what it's influenced by.

Audio intros are very rare on Jango so they will inevitably draw attention but be sure to keep them short, a long message might bore listeners so stick to the point. Here are three essentials to think about when recording your intro.

#1: Keep it short! Say only what's necessary about yourself and the song.

#2: Be creative and say something you think will catch listeners' attention.

#3: If possible, blend in your presentation with the intro of the song.

There you have it, some useful information on how to record your audio intro. Check in next week again for more great tips and tricks from the Airplay blog and don't forget to like us on Faceboook. As always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.

/The Jango Airplay Team