Wednesday, May 19

A Special Offer From Tunecore

Jango Airplay is always trying to partner with organizations who can
provide something valuable to our users, whether it's festivals, PR
companies, blogs, or whomever. This week we've got digital distribution
pros Tunecore, and they have a great offer for you. Check it out below.

20% off for Jango Customers. Enter the code Jango20 by
May 31st to receive 20% off the purchase of distribution of an
album, single, or ringtone.

Sign yourself. With TuneCore get worldwide distribution of your
music into iTunes, AmazonMP3, MySpace Music and many more. Join
TuneCore artists Nine Inch Nails, Keith Richards, Jay-Z, Drake, Joan
Jett, David Byrne, Beck, Nevershoutnever, Public Enemy, Steve Vai
and thousands more to get heard around the world.

"TuneCore made the process of putting our music out effortless and
transparent." - Jim Guerinot, Manager, Nine Inch Nails

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