Thursday, May 20

New: Have Your Plays Slowed Down?

As always we're working hard here at Jango HQ to make your Airplay experience more effective and functional and on that note you may have noticed the rate which your plays are happening has slowed down. The reason for this is we have introduced a mechanism we call 'Pacing' which determines how fast your allocated play credits are used.

Some of your pacing is still determined by your quantity and choice of artist targets, similars, as well as how many other Airplay Artists have chosen those same targets. There are many more moments for Airplay Artists to be played next to artists like Coldplay, U2, Lady Gaga, Madonna & Jay Z but at the same time many more Airplay Artists choose those targets. Conversely, targeting independent or niche artists means less opportunities for plays but less Airplay Artists choosing those targets. Either way it is always best to target the fan base most likely to be receptive to your music.

With all that in mind we will try and pace your plays as best we can to match your subscription package. In other words - a band that is on a $10/month package will see their plays happen slower than a band on a $100/month package.

Even more exciting is that you will soon be able to turn this pacing on or off right inside your artist dashboard. You will have a choice between 'Normal Pace', meaning the bigger package you have the more plays you receive a day, and 'Fastest Possible' which means we will play your songs as much as we can.

Through all your helpful suggestion e.mails to we've heard you loud and clear that this is the number one feature change needed for Jango Airplay right now. We hope this helps make all of your Airplay experiences that much better.

Looking forward, The Juggler