Tuesday, January 26

Fan Email Addresses

This week we're excited to introduce one of the most requested and hopefully beneficial improvements to Airplay yet: Fan Email Addresses.

We often discuss the development of meaningful fan-artist

relationships because that, more than almost anything else, fuels success. So starting now, in an effort to further that development, your Airplay Dashboard will include an Email Addresses section under the Fans tab.

This a list of people's real, personal email addresses, and they chose to give them to you.

That means these are fans who actively want to hear about shows, new releases, promotions, downloads... whatever you might have to offer.

Connections like these are invaluable as you build your career; manage them with care and your audience will repay you in spades. And for our part, we'll do our best to keep bringing you fresh ways to build and utilize relationships like this. See it now at airplay.jango.com.

Note: Not all of your fans have agreed to share their email. It's an opt-in process and by no means mandatory, but any addresses you do get will be that much more valuable as a result.

And so you know how this works, the listeners opt in on the 'Make 'Em or Break 'Em' overlay

When they click on 'Make 'Em', they get a second view in which they can opt in with their email address...check it here.


New West Music & Publishing, Inc said...

This is a good idea. Anyone can contact me @ john@newwestmusicpublishing.com

Project-43 said...

Great feature indeed. I just wish more of our fans would have elected to share their email. :) Is this something they will be reminded of on a regular basis?

Chris Fullam said...

Dwight Shrute here - Question - is this a new feature for only people that recently became fans, or were previously listed fans asked if they wanted to share their email as well? If previous ones were asked, can they share with certain bands and not others or is it something like "share your e-mail address with all bands you are a fan of?"

Fact - Bears eat Beets :)


Carina (Jango) said...

Beets! Bears! Battlestar Galactica!

Chris/Project-43: We started offering this option (to share their email addresses) to listeners a few weeks ago. Sean here will post an update to this entry shortly - that should explain how exactly this works and how email addresses are shared!

Anonymous said...

I second Dwight Shrute's comment.

- Michael (office manager)

Jimmy Philip Pillar said...

You know guys, I'm finding on-line socializing, aside from plugging live gigs amounts to a hill of beans. One doesn't seem to have anything to do with the other. Continual airplay the way I grew up listening to music with a link to where a customer may buy really still holds true. Just my opinion.
All the best,
Jimmy Philip Pillar

Anonymous said...

I agree wtih Jimmy Philip Pillar. On-line socializing is a lot of work, which is cool, but as it doesn't often really pay off, it's just isn't worth it most of the time. People need to hear the music to appreciate it and, hopefully, buy it.

Skelley's Dream said...

Great way indeed to keep in touch with those who like your music. Thanks for getting this new feature live. Skelley's Dream

Chris Fullam said...

Thanks for the answer Carina. Since you were helpful, when I take over as office manager, I will appoint you as the "secret" assistant to the regional manager. Of course, I will be the real assistant, as I need someone I can trust.


Anonymous said...

Is there a way you could introduce a better notification system when an email (within Jango) is sent to the fans? Currently, it appears it just sits in their inbox without any alert and most folks never really go there to check. I am hoping an alert inside Jango is introduced or/and email message sent to the fan. Don't see any point of gathering fans if they are not going to notice anything.


Noel Webb said...

I can e mail my Jango fans through Jango, and I'm totally fine with that. I would like to know, though what city or town the fans live in so I can coordinate touring. That would be cool. Noel Webb

Jimmy Philip Pillar said...

Last one on this. Put yourself in the shoes of an on-line socializer for a moment. They are not online for your band or the other 500 million. They are on for themselves. You pitching music, along with the other 100 "friend-request" they've gotten that day, is either a pleasant distraction or a pain in the rump. Notice how some folks will not "accept" invites from bands. The folks already ready to receive music and then go out of their way - no interaction but your song playing - are in the proper state of mind to review and unlitmately buy. I fully agree with annoymous, online-socializing is cool but I have not sold one download as a result of hours and weeks of work. I think myspace, facebook and others preying on musicians in this free market have told us online socializing will sell records. It won't and it's a scam. With that being said, there is nothing preventing any artist from selling peer to peer to the world. Will I sell 1 million copies tonight, probably not but hopefully I have 5 out of 6 lottery numbers for the long haul. Thanks for your ear and thanks Jango.

All the best,

Ronny123 said...

Ronny Fihla .aka. StarRonza from Fossils music group. South Africa. I will like to realy see if Jango Airplay realy works, for artists such as ourselves. Everthing sounds exciting and it's realy easy to follow and to understand, hope that in this program, we will find lot's and lot's of fans through out the world that will love Fossils and their music.Halla.

Ronny123 said...

To every one will agree that if you are an artist it is difficult to achieve all the goals that we all have set, But , the more we have Jango fans through jango we will be able to sell our music and hopefully 20 out of 100 fans will love our music. Thanx again Jango.

Chill Bill said...

Brilliant, this is a huge value add for me

Cindergarden said...

This is certainly a great new feature. However it would be nicer if the fans' names appeared next to their email address or at least a link to heir profiles. I personally would like to be able to write to them right here on jango and thank them, but I have no idea which profile to send a message to.


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to figure out exactly who and when are my songs being listened to,I don't think there is a way to do that,is there?

Barb Barton said...

I would like to see the fan and thumbs up folks separated, I think there is a distinction betweent the two groups. Also, I would like to hear from other artists if they have had CD sales or digital downloads as a direct result of being on Jango. I know this may be hard to tell, but if you have "fans" in Japan and someone orders from japan, it is a good bet Jango had something to do with it. Thanks for listening!

Jimmy Philip Pillar said...

I have not sold a single solitary download or CD as a result from Jango yet get 3 to 5 fans per day and all positive comments. Maybe this streaming thing needs tweaking. If you can save a play list of an artist you like and never have to wait to hear it, or play it on demand, why buy it? Hard to compete with free.
All the best,
Jimmy Philip Pillar