Wednesday, January 27

Artist Interview - Angelo

Introducing Angelo who was one of the top 5 PopScore artists for this week and took a couple minutes out to answer a few questions for us...Hi Angelo

Jango: So when did you start in music ?

Angelo: I started to indulge into the Music towards the end of my acting career, which was around 8 years old. I decided to walk away from it for awhile to pursue my main love affair; Music. My grandfather was a famous Italian musician, so music has always been apart of my tender ages as a child.

Jango: And where are you based ?
Angelo: I am currently based in New York. But I also reside in California.

Jango: Tell us your three most important influences ?
Angelo: Three major influences on my music stems from my family, experiences I have encountered & my passion for composing music that has a reflection on society.

Jango: How would you describe your sound ?
Angelo: I am a self contained artist, I compose my own material that has undeniable mass appeal and a unique sound. When listening to my music, it surely show listeners how diverse my musical taste is. I have an R&B image, but I Rap. So I use that to my advantage to represent diversity. In today's society everything has to fit a particular category and that's not how I create my music. I do what I feel and what comes natural. To me, my music does not have any boundaries; it's either accepted or not.

Jango: Any new releases in the works ?
Angelo: I am about to release my 2nd EP entitled "Breakfast of A Champion." This EP, has spawned three successful singles that have been co-signed by Cool & Dre (Grammy Award Winning Producers). The singles are all ova the internet at the moment. I am in talks with few DJ's now to push them to radio because the reviews I have been acquiring are excellent.

Jango: Do you perform live ?
Angelo: I do perform live, I have performed at Madison Square Garden & Radio City Music Hall alongside other venues. At the moment I am putting together a "Breakfast of A Champion Promo Tour" so I shall have more information on show dates coming soon. If you are interested, contact me at I post updates about everything that is happening with my career.

Jango: And lastly, any tips for Airplay artists ?
Angelo: The best tip I can give to other Airplay Bands is, finish school and go to college. I am actually attending college now. There’s lots of great bands and musicians out there, and the chance that you will make it are very small, so you need to make sure that you have something to fall back on, and something that complements your love of music.

Nice one Angelo, see you in the charts !