Wednesday, January 27

How To Ask For Feedback

"Feedback: you need it. Especially if you’re trying to get better at producing music. Feedback will make you a better producer. Critiques mean learning and growing. It’s a must for anyone looking to take their music to the next level. So how do you get the feedback you need and use if effectively?"

Check out this excellent new article from our friends at Tunecore, with great tips and information on the best ways to get feedback on your music, and how to utilize that feedback to improve, evolve, and take your music and promotion to the next level!

Friday, January 22

2016 Radio Airplay Love Song Contest

Have a great love/anti-love song? Well now is your time to share it by joining the 2016 Radio Airplay Love Song Contest

Click HERE to see what you could win and submit your song now! 

Wednesday, January 20

75 Tips & Tricks to Get Your Music Out of the Bedroom

"Sometimes you need a little inspiration to kick start the process."

Check out this great new post from our friends at Tunecore with 75 fun, inspiring, and sometimes irreverent tips and tidbits of advice on how to focus on music, avoid distractions, and help get your music to the next level!

How To Quickly Become A Professional Musician

"Out of all the musicians who try to make it in the music industry, very few ever will. This is because the majority of them spend their time doing things that won’t actually accomplish significant success in the music business. As a result, most musicians will become very frustrated and quit pursuing their musical dreams."
Take a look a this great post by our partners at MTT which lays out six reasons why you have not become a professional musician yet, and what you should do to immediately move your career forward

Thursday, January 14

Center Stage - Doug Hammer

Meet our new Center Stage artist, Doug Hamer!

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Doug Hamer began playing guitar and writing music in his early teens. He studied classical music, composition, and music theory at Olympic and WWSU.

Doug Hamer is an accomplished finger-style guitarist and melodic composer. It is often said that he literally paints his music with color, texture and the many moods of nature. His life interests include a passion for horticulture, his wife and best friend; Children's book Illustrator, Bonnie Hamer, guitar collecting, landscaping, hiking, and photography.

With his love of nature and his Celtic roots apparent in his compositions, Doug's listening audience often finds his timeless music both relaxing and inspiring.

Describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence? 
Inspired solo finger-style guitar instrumentals.

What inspires you to make music?
Nature, the creative process, and finding that my music might make someones day a little bit better by listening to it.

What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?
Seeing what musical journey and direction I will be led to next.

What aspect of music gets you the most discouraged?  
Sometimes with other commitments, finding a quiet time to get my next musical inspiration.

What's one of your all- time favorite recordings?  
There are so many all-time favorite recordings but what first comes to mind is "Rubber Soul" by the Beatles.  The writing, the vocal and musical arrangements, the production, the ambience, very beautiful and thought provoking.

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why-Living or dead.
John Fahey, Bola Sete, and John Rebourn .  All three were originals in their style of playing and composing.

Do you have any recent or upcoming projects you'd  like to share with us.  Tell us about it.
I am in the process of  composing music especially for film and television documentaries, PBS, etc.

What do you like best about Radio Airplay?
What I like best about Radio Airplay is that Jango gives me the ability to get my music out there. It's great that my music is heard by fans from all over the world.  To know that at any one time a listener from the USA, the UK, Africa,Japan, South America, Mexico, the Ukraine, etc. is hearing and enjoying my solo guitar music is just inspiring.  I might not be able to travel to some of those far away places but it is wonderful to know that I am there musically for people to enjoy.

Doug still performs in the greater Seattle area doing fund-raising events for a variety of charities, with one of his favorite musical highlights being his featured appearance on KCTS TV, a PBS television station in Seattle, Washington.

Wednesday, January 13

8 People Who Can Help Your Music Career Right Now

"Instead of leaving your band’s success up to some fateful meeting, step back and think about who you already know or see often. If you’re an active musician working on making your presence known in your local scene, these eight people you probably already know can help you get your music into the right hands and keep your career in music rolling." 
(Via Music Think Tank)

5 things I learned from the life and music of David Bowie

"The whole world seems to be grieving the loss of David Bowie by sharing stories of what his music meant to them."

Check out this new, timely article from our friends at CD BABY, with great general advice and lessons from the life and career of David Bowie, "worth remembering and leaning into, when you need the motivation to move forward, artistically or otherwise.."

Wednesday, January 6

The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet for Musicians

"Wondering how to properly size your social media images? Or which days you should post on each platform? Or what kind of content performs best? And between what hours?"

This infographic posted by our partners on the DIY Musician page will set you straight!

5 Essential Tips To Make Your First DIY Tour A Success

"Your band’s first tour can be your first step up the ladder to success, but if it’s not done properly, it can end up wasting a lot of time and a lot of money. Always take care in planning your tour, whether it’s your first one ever or just another month on the road."
Our friends at MUSIC THINK TANK just posted this great new article for any band or artist planning an upcoming tour, with great info to help make your first tour a success!

Monday, January 4

NeuCoin FAQ

A lot of you may have noticed the brand new artist tipping feature and integration of NeuCoin to your Radio Airplay account and have some questions for us. We are here to help and our support team has compiled some of the most frequently asked so far. Take a look below, note the known issue we are experiencing at the bottom. If you still need some help please email us

What is NeuCoin?
NeuCoin is a new virtual currency similar to Bitcoin, but it’s easy to use for online tipping, games and ad-free content like music and video. Unlike Bitcoin - which is only distributed to “techie-miners” who run the software - NeuCoin is being given out in small amounts to everyone who tries using it. Now Jango Radio listeners are getting NeuCoin to tip you!
How to use your NeuCoins:
·         Buy more Airplay Credits – 1,000 Neucoins buys 500 Plays.
·         Trade them for Bitcoins or Dollars.
·         Invest your Neucoins through “Growth Accounts”.
·         Simply hold on to them. Bitcoins were originally worth 1 penny, now they’re almost $400.
·         Use them to tip other content creators or play games.

How do you get tips?
Jango Radio listeners who like your song can now leave you tips in the form of NeuCoin!
Here’s how Radio Airplay’s partnership with NeuCoin will work:
1.    Jango Radio listeners start by getting 25 FREE NeuCoins for “tipping” emerging artists.
2.    If a Jango Radio listener tips your song, you will receive 5 NeuCoins yourself!
3.    Once you receive enough NeuCoins you can trade them for Free Plays or even transfer them to your personal NeuCoin wallet!
4.    Radio Airplay is going to start your account off with 5 free NeuCoin!
What can you do to get more tips?
As always, make sure your Radio Airplay profile is in top shape, taking advantage of all the great features. The more people hear your music the more likely you’ll get tipped.
That’s only the start! As our partnership with NeuCoin and Jango Radio continues, there will be more ways to earn and use NeuCoins as an emerging artists and online entertainer! We'll be creating some FAQ and How-To tutorials for the new Radio Airplay artist tipping feature shortly.
You can currently learn about the Neucoin and the future of online tipping at
Does this cost anything, either now or later?
Our partnership with NeuCoin costs Jango Listeners and Radio Airplay Artists absolutely nothing.

Can I see who tipped me?
While we do not have a direct list of tippers accessible from the dashboard, you can compare the name in the tip notification email with your recent listeners to get an idea of who tipped you.

How much is one NeuCoin worth?
1000 NeuCoin are currently worth 500 Radio Airplay credits. Note: You must have at least 1000 NeuCoin in order to redeem them for play credits. This is the current price point we have established. You can also monitor the BTC market value of NeuCoin here as well.

How can I redeem my NeuCoin for play credits? / Can I use my NeuCoins to purchase plays?
Yes, you can use your NeuCoins to purchase plays.
From the dashboard go to the Play Credits tab and select NeuCoin Tips. You will now be on the Manage NeuCoin Tips page. Once you have received 1,000 NeuCoin Tips you may exchange them for 500 plays. Note: You must have at least 1000 NeuCoin in order to use the redeem feature.

How do I setup My NeuCoin Wallet?
From your Radio Airplay dashboard: Submit an email and we’ll automatically send to NeuCoin. They’ll send your email address a verification link where you’ll be sent to to finish creating your wallet. You can also create one right from the MyNeuCoin site:
Note: Be sure to back-up your NeuCoin Wallet or never forget your password. My NeuCoin Wallet offers no Password retrieval.

Are tips a form of fans investing in music they like?
Yes, you are correct. Our partnership with and integration of NeuCoin is a way for Jango Radio listeners to support the independent artists they enjoy listening to. As part of the partnership with NeuCoin, active Jango Radio listeners were awarded a stipend of free NeuCoins that can be used to tip independent bands playing on Jango Radio. This way listeners can now show more support for their favorite independent bands.

How can I transfer NeuCoins from my Radio airplay account to My NeuCoin Wallet?
  • From the dashboard go to the Play Credits tab and select NeuCoin Tips. You will now be on the Manage NeuCoin Tips page.
  • Here, if you have not already created a wallet you will be given the option. Choose the email you want associated with your NeuCoin wallet and begin the process.
  • After you have successfully created a wallet, type the amount of NeuCoins you want transferred to your wallet and press the transfer button.
  • Note: You can only make up to 5 transfers per hour

How can I transfer NeuCoins from my My NeuCoin Wallet to my Radio Airplay account?
At this time NeuCoins can only be transferred from your Radio Airplay account to the My NeuCoin Wallet. We are working on more integrations to allow you to transfer from the My NeuCoin Wallet to your Radio Airplay account in order to redeem for play credits.

KNOWN ISSUE as of 1/5/2016: I setup a NeuCoin Wallet and linked to my Radio Airplay, however I still cannot transfer tips to it. / My NeuCoin transfer button stays grey and I cannot enter an amount.
We are experiencing a current issue regarding verifying newly created NeuCoin Wallets. It’s possible that you created a MNC wallet, linked that wallet to your Radio Airplay account and still cannot transfer your NeuCoins. This is because the wallet is unverified. MNC's 3rd-party software authorizing newly created wallets is experiencing an technical issue. Email them here in regards to how you can verify your wallet from your MyNeuCoin dashboard.

More info can be found on the MNC support page here: