Thursday, January 1

How Do I Upload My Media?

When you first create an account, you’ll be asked to enter your band/artist information. You will then be asked to Upload Your Media. You’ll need to upload one song and one photo from your computer files. Your song/photo must already be saved in your computer or uploaded to a account.

In the first field you will need to simply enter the title of your song. In the second field you will need to click on the Choose File button to perform a search for your song file on your computer.

After you choose your file, just click on the Upload button. You will get a confirmation message letting you know the file was successfully uploaded.

Follow the same steps to upload your photo and when completed click Next to move onto the following steps of the profile sign up. 

**To successfully upload song files to your radio airplay profile, please ensure it meets these requirements. The song must be in mp3 format and less than 10MB in size. We also recommend that it is encoded at 128kbps.

Can I upload more than one song?
With a free account, there is a 1 song limit. If you are subscribed to a package, you can upload more songs to your account from the ARTIST CONTENT> SONGS page. click the green Upload Song button and the Upload A Song popup will appear where you can follow the same steps as when you uploaded your first song.

Song Upload Limits
Free account - 1 song
Intro package ($10) - 10 songs
Gold package ($30) - 20 songs
Platinum package ($100) - 30 songs
Multi-Platinum & Diamond - Unlimited

How Do I Convert My Song to .mp3?
If your song is not in .mp3 format it will need to be converted. If you have iTunes installed, Apple has an online guide on how to convert songs in iTunes:

Another option is to use an external website to convert your song. This website can quickly convert your audio file to mp3: (an advertisement for an audio converter (AVS) may popup, DO NOT download any software). Just click on choose file to select your song and then scroll down below the settings box and click convert file. The site will then download a newly converted mp3 version of your song to your computer. You will then be able to upload it to your Radio Airplay account.
If you’ve tried everything above and you still can’t seem to upload your content to your account, just get in touch with us at and email us your song/photo as an attachment. We will take a look at the file and help you get them onto your account for you. Make sure you include your artist name, the email address associated with your account as well as the song title in the body of your email.

My Song is Over 10mb. How Do I Compress it?
The file size limit is 10mb and the system will not accept any files larger than that. You will need to compress the songs to be uploaded. You can compress your files using this site here
Just choose the file you want to convert and then click convert file at the bottom on the settings box. You don’t need to change any settings, the site will just download a smaller mp3 of your song to your computer, which you can then upload to your Radio Airplay account.


JamesDarlays said...

Hello, very nice , good work = your radio // please, its necessary also a website Airplay or Jungo, in FRENCH... because its technical-difficult for french artist ... Best wishies...

VKVisions LLC PhastMoneyEnt #GuapoGang said...

Wow! Thats amazing!

VKVisions LLC PhastMoneyEnt #GuapoGang said...

Wow! Thats amazing!

Lita T. Cruz said...

How do I go to Artist's content to upload the rest of my songs.. I paid $30 so I am allowed to upload twenty songs.. thank you.. pls send reply to my email.. I still have 17 more songs t o upload.. my cell phone is not working.