Wednesday, December 3

Music That Makes a Difference

Meet Mike and Deanna Geier, a husband and wife music-making team. Together, they've written songs for shows on NBC, NICK, MTV & VH1. They have also written music for national commercials and movie trailers, including Zero Dark Thirty & RIPD. 

They were selected as the winners of the our good friends Unsigned Only's Screenshot Contest. Among the prizes we here at Radio Airplay awarded them was a $1,000 cash prize!!

What would any artist do when winning $1000 cash prize? Exactly... donate all the winnings to a charity.  Mike and Deanna selflessly took their prize and donated all of it to the NOMI Network working to to transform and redeem the lives of human trafficking survivors and at-risk women and children.

We here at Radio Airplay are proud to have them be a member of our artist family and hope other artists can be inspired by them in the future. Congratulations and much success to Deanna and Mike.  

You can read a full article from the NOMI Network by clicking here.
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