Wednesday, September 10

Center Stage Artist - Emile Danero 
Meet this week's Center Stage artist.

Emile Danero, real name Iden Emile James, is an an award nominated American hip hop artist. He was born to a single mother in Jamaica Queens, New York. His love for music started at 12 years of age when he then started writing poetry which quickly developed into "rap" lyrics. Emile and his mother moved to Delaware at a young age, and soon after moving to Delaware relocated to Europe where he spent years of his child-hood. Living in America and Europe, Emile was able to experience different cultures and life which has allowed him to write about some versatile experiences. Because of this, the young up-and-coming artist has developed a diverse and international fan base that has reached many worldwide.

The 22 year old half West-Indian half Venezuelan  hip-hop artist is currently managed by Jacob Capp, CEO of EMG/Universal Group. With complete dedication, determination, and many sleepless nights, hard work seems to be paying off for this young artist. Emile was nominated the “Most Original Male Artist” by the Underground Music Awards (UMAS) which many famous acts such as Nicki Minaj have received nominations and awards from. He has been seen on BET, SHADE 45 Radio, Worldstar Hip-Hop, and Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine just to name a few. He has been called" the next big thing," by many listeners, fans and industry experts. From violent tantrum filled recordings, to softer harmonized "ballad-like" records, the artists lyrical ability and creativity has been undeniable. His image has been deemed as “controversial” for his creative opinions on church, religion and other touchy subjects that many consider to be disrespectful.. From songs titled “Exodus” to a 2014 unreleased album cover of Emile with decaying facial flesh wearing a crown of thorns on his head similar to those worn by Jesus Christ, he seems to be in no hurry to slow down or halt any current or future back lash.

1) Describe your sound in one ramble-on sentence
Real and emotional based music.

2) What inspires you to make music?
At one point I was trying to be something I was not in music. I tried to create a character but it did not feel right. Something felt like it was missing. I then made a song that was 100% me as a person and artist ,and a random email came in from an individual that happened to hear the song and had informed that the song had helped him through a troubing life experience he was going through. From then on I realized that the word REAL would be my overall inspiration to making music. If I have never felt the emotion or experienced a specific situation or at least been a part of a specific situation, then I just dont write or speak about it because then it wouldn't be real. If I write about it, record it and release it then it's because it is something i have done, seen or felt in my life. Nothing is made up and thats my full inspiration. 

3) What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?
The creativity excites me. Now even though most music seems to follow trends, you still have an independent movement that allows an artist to be his or herself completely when it used to be that an artist would be only what the label wanted them to be.

4) What aspect of making music gets you the most discouraged?
The culture behind the music in my specific genre. Hip-hop is a street based genre of music so the negativity of that will always follow the genre. Whether you are used to the streets or not, when it comes to music at some point you want to just make music and that's it.Even if you are the toughest hip hop artist around, at some point certain things get old and you'd like to make music and focus on your career instead of always having to prove how tough you are or how real you are. The violence, the jealousy and a list of other negative characteristics follow behind many artist in this genre. This can make it hard to stay focused and positive.

5) What's one of your all-time favorite recordings?
Tough question here to be honest. It's a tie between Tupac "Lord Knows" and Amanda Perez "Angel." I listen to everything from Tupac to Frank Sinatra to Wolfgang Mozart so pointing out one favorite song is almost impossible!

6)Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why- Living or dead. 

Tupac, Mozart, Tank

Tank is an R&B singer and if you have listened to a few of my songs you can clearly hear that i have a deep love for r&b because it can capture true emotions even if the singer does not mean to. It captures what's deep inside the soul. Tank is one of, if not my favorite R&B singer. Tupac is a deceased  rap artist that was able to capture the raw and uncut anger and sadness of the average young black American male. He was like the voice of those that were without a father and from broken homes like individuals such as myself. He lets us know that someone understands you which personally has helped me and my life as a whole. He was also very emotional in his music and struggled with a lot of his own demons and emotions. My first instrument as a child was a piano. The piano to me is a unique instrument that also captures what is inside ones soul. If an individual is happy, sad, depressed etc. it's almost certain if he or she plays the piano while in that current mood , you'll be able to hear it.

7)Do you have any recent or upcoming projects you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.
We have a single titled "Unconditional" Ft. Tone Jonez and it has picked up so much feedback and also landed me a singles distribution and promotion deal with DGM/Island Def Jam. So at the moment we are working this particular song until the wheels fall off. Taking one thing at a time sort of situation.

8) What do you like the most about Radio Airplay?
It's a hidden gem! I'd like to work with you guys actually. I feel like many artist still do not know about your company and need to know asap! I used you guys a while back and still to this day have fans that have followed my career because I used you. If used properly in the hands of an artist that is willing to invest in their craft, Radio Airplay can do a lot for your career!

God bless and best of luck to all inspiring artist! Keep grindin' trust in yourself and listen to NO outside negative opinions and focus on you and your career!