Tuesday, April 24

Christian St. James - Why He Signed Up With Jango

Christian St. James signed up with Jango Airplay in 2011, and by promoting his music on Jango's online radio he managed to propel himself to the no. 1 spot on Cashbox Magazine’s chart. Today he’s guest blogging on the Jango Airplay Blog to tell his success story.

All artists want to get their music heard, and I’m no different. So in 2011 I decided to sign up with Jango Airplay because I thought there was a great deal of exposure to be had through Jango with continuous airplay - it turns out I was right. Through Jango I acquired fans and got a lot of spins, which leads me to my next point - getting your record on the charts is really the name of the game. In my case the right people were listening to Jango at the right time.

A while after starting promotion on Jango Airplay I received a call from Cashbox Magazine about my song “Bobbie Jean.” They said it had the potential to make it into their charts. A month went by and I received another call, then on November 28th “Bobbie Jean” entered Cashbox Magazine’s charts at no. 24. It jumped to #22, then to #19, to #9, to #6 and then it leapt to the #1 spot where it remained for a record-breaking 16 weeks, all in the AC/Easy Listening charts. I’m now at #2 and have crossed over to the Top 40 chart at #33, the Americana chart at #16 and the Country charts at #28... with a bullet (editor’s note - a song the chart publisher thinks has a lot of potential). My new single “Long Distance” just entered the AC/Easy Listening charts at #18, also with a bullet.

I start a national tour in June, and have been getting to work with some really big name acts. Since my chart entry I’ve even been featured in a few newspaper articles too. It’s amazing to see yourself next to the biggest names in the entertainment world, knowing they were chasing me for the #1 spot! It feels like a dream, but I’m a firm believer that dreams really do come true. Had the right people not been listening to Jango Radio at the right time I wouldn’t be on my way to stardom. It could happen to you, never say never. Good luck to all the artists on Jango Airplay. To be on any chart is a great thing, but to be on national charts is even better - success only comes when you believe. And thank you Jango for the things you do to help everyone succeed.

/Christian St. James

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The Jellybeans said...

Congratulations! Good luck on the tour and lots of success. You are right about Jango being a great place to be heard. As a group of eighth grade girls who sing rock-n-roll, we are very excited about the opportunity and exposure we are getting on Jango. As you found out, you never know who is listening.

Tracy Woody said...

Congratulations and much Success! I too believe in JANGO and Love being played alongside all kinds of Legendary and successful celebrity Artists that have gained me such an increasing and nice fans! SHHH don't tell anyone but my Jango site is http://www.jango.com/music/Tracy+Woody
Thanks for your Success and Thanks to Jango! Best Wishes!