Tuesday, August 2

Feature Reminder: The Realtime Listener Feed

The Realtime Listener Feed is a powerful tool to help you make the most of your Airplays. It holds important information about your listeners, fans and targets. Here are some quick tips on how to best utilize the Realtime Feed.

#1: Better targeting

The Realtime Feed is great to help you improve your targeting. You can go back 7 days and see which artists your listeners were tuned into when they became your fan. This data can tell you whether an artist target is generating fans or not.

#2: Identify your target audience

All listeners in the Realtime Feed have one thing in common - they all showed interest in your target artists. Try to identify differences between listeners who become fans and those who don't. To understand more about your audience, look for similarities between the listeners that become fans.

#3: Find your hits and promote them!

If you're noticing some songs generate more fans than others, it might be worth considering allocating more play credits to those songs. To make the most of your Airplays, you want to make sure each play credit is well spent - allocate play credits to songs that generate fans and then keep the remaining songs available on your profile page. Fans and visitors will appreciate being able to hear more music by the artist they're interested in.

When you combine this knowledge with data reports, you'll be able to make smarter decisions about targeting, as well as how best to spend your play credits. We know you guys are pro's at using Airplay, so if you have more tips and tricks on how to best use the Realtime Listener Feed please share them in the 'comments' section. As always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay and stay tuned for more Airplay updates.

/The Jango Airplay Team


Mike G. said...

Good info. Important communication. Thanks.
Mike G. Murphy Phoenix, Arizona USA

Movement of sounds said...

Very helpful.Thanks

Clem Barry said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the realtime listener feed. Would like to see it developed further.

Matt Lewis said...

Not sure where else to post this to get an answer.
Question? How come I can email all of my Fans in bulk, but I never have access to their email addresses unless they give it to me out front? I know it might be a opt out thing, but what good is having a Fan 10K mile away and never know who they actually are?? No picture, no info, no nothing sometimes, but yet all of their info shows up in my demographics file.
Matt Lewis