Tuesday, June 14

Make Sure To Update Your Facebook URL

Don't forget to include your Facebook URL in your Jango Dashboard.

We've been working hard here at Jango HQ to create a more seamless integration between Jango Airplay and your Facebook profile so you can convert more of your new Jango fans into Facebook fans as well. The first step in this process has been to add a Facebook 'Like' button into the Jango music player on the bottom of your profile picture but we'll also be making improvements to the overlay that is showed when your music is played. You may also have noticed that your profile page on Jango now has a facebook-like button on top of the page.

All you have to do to link the like button to your Facebook profile is to make sure you add your Facebook URL into the space provided in the 'Band Info' tab of your Airplay dashboard. The vast majority of you have already included your Facebook links in the Jango Dash but now is a good time to make sure.

We hope you find these improvements valuable!

Stay tuned for more details and as always, thanks for being a part of Jango Airplay!


Sammye Lynn said...

Actually, I've removed myself from FB. Like that blasted blue birdie, it's become like some sort of Internet herpes - no matter which way you turn, it's in your face and will never go away. I'm sick of being asked to "like", "friend" or "tweet", so my fans have been redirected to more worthwhile sites.

Vuk Lazar said...

Sammye, I'm not sure why you'd ever cut yourself off from potential fans.. everybody's on facebook and twitter, forcing ur fans to join other networks just so they can get ur updates is a bit of a diva move lol

Doug Rumbles said...

Facebook can be annoying but more on the more personnal things.as for promoting my band -GUTTERGODZ it has been a revelation all over the place.the Rock community on here is amazing.ince know one gets signed or talent spotted any more A+R folk are a extinct species now.the facebook world is all there is in all the formats available all over.spend a few hours a day online and it really pays off.

Shane Laing said...

Facebook and Google are the most dominant sites on the web. Love it or hate it, Facebook is a tool for for promoting your business (aka band) and those that realize this sooner rather than later will reap the rewards.

Anonymous said...

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Naecoticz said...

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Elianmusica said...

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Kathryn Brunner said...

I love this!! Way to go, Jango!!

Anonymous said...

Please note that there are two like icons and they two very different things:

1. The like icon on the profile picture 'likes' the Jango Station (http://www.jango.com/blah). This won't immediately show up in any way on your facebook band page as a like, but can potentially spread the word about your station to other users.

2. The like icon to the right of the big bold version of the band name 'likes' the Facebook Band Page (http://www.facebook.com/blah). This immediately shows up as a like on your band page and insights statistics.

Now a question - will there ever be an option to embed a jango player on the facebook page? Seems like that would be a win for everybody :-)

N A S H said...

Wonderful. We're a small team of two promoting Vern Gosdin and Facebook has been a beacon in the dark. Thank you Jango.


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IsRoyal said...

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Anonymous said...

My experience and research is indicating that Facebook is the most useful website for reaching new fans.

However, the more other bands that ignore it the better because as a result it remains fresher and less saturated with bands and therefore more effective for the few bands that do use it properly.

Prime Primus said...

to me personally, there are alot of talent out there, but the hardest thing to do is build a fan base... How to get pple attention, so they can at least listen to 1 of your song?

Anonymous said...



Chawa.C said...

I don't know about you guys but facebook is doing more wonders for me. I get a couple of hits here and there and it's only growing, slowly but definitely surely.