Tuesday, June 28

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here's the top 10 artists on Jango Airplay for the week ending June 26. We keep hearing better and better music all the time. Check them out below and show your support in the comment section.

#1: Anthem
Sharp and sophisticated, 25-year old emcee Anthem is a product of the aggressive, fast-paced culture of New York City. Anthem traded in a career on Wall St for one on the mic, and is now Amoeba Music Group's marquee artist.

Click to hear Anthem:
God Of Joy
#2: Q Hunta
Born Adekunle Johnson Ojolowo, Q Hunta is a native of Osun State, Nigeria. After a break from music he returned a few years later playing benefit concerts and performing internationally. Now he's working on his full-length debut, an energetic blend of afro/hip-hop hustle.

Click to hear Q Hunta:
Sha Kan Kan
#3: Aron Seals
Aron Seals is a rock/fusion guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. His music is heavily influenced by film scoring, and makes use of midi guitar to play various stings sounds while accompanying the solo guitar.

Click to hear Aron Seals:
#4: Sixty Miles Down
Hard-hitting & heavy, yet melodic, New Jersey's Sixty Miles Down grinds out gritty anthems pulled from the darker side of the soul. After 12 years of evolution, the quartet has lately been building on buzz around acclaimed releases "Sink Or Swim" and "A New Skin."

Click to hear Sixty Miles Down:
Dead Weight
#5: Shelter (NZ)
From the ashes of two prominent New Zealand rock acts, Shelter has emerged and is beginning to make waves. They recently completed two tracks combining modern rock with intricate melodies to introduce their infectious new sound.

Click to hear Shelter (NZ):
Blacklight Friday
#6: INGI
Icelandic songwriter Ingi was born a creative child, singing before he could talk. Financed by 30-day shifts on a trawler in the North Atlantic, his debut album was recorded by a Grammy-winning producer, and is set to be released this year

Click to hear Ingi:
You Little Fruitcake
#7: J
J is a native New Yorker, and bandleader of J & Company and All'Bout DA Groove. "Da Music" is her self-produced instrumental debut, blending R&B, funk and jazz.

Click to hear J:
#8: Jason Harris
Singer-songwriter Jason Harris has been leading ministries for well over a decade. His work, and especially this most recent project, is meant to expand the box of contemporary worship music.

Click to hear Jason Harris:
The Table
#9: Earl "Guitar" Williams
Bluesman Earl "Guitar" Williams plays with a strut, wink and a nod. His taut, gravelly voice spits lyrics in perfect compliment to fine guitar work.

Click to hear Earl "Guitar" Williams:
My Boo
#10: Sad Alice Said
Ukrainian septet Sad Alice Said play a distinctive blend of gothic metal with elements of doom, decorated in a symphonic wrap and multifaceted semantic filling.

Click to hear Sad Alice Said:
Open Your Eyes

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