Wednesday, June 22

Jango Airplay Top 10

We're back again with last week's Top 10 Jango Airplay artists. Sad Alice Said come back in to take the top spot.

#1: Sad Alice Said
Ukrainian septet Sad Alice Said play a distinctive blend of gothic metal with elements of doom, decorated in a symphonic wrap and multifaceted semantic filling.

Click to hear Sad Alice Said:
Open Your Eyes
#2: Shelter (NZ)
From the ashes of two prominent New Zealand rock acts, Shelter has emerged and is beginning to make waves. They recently completed two tracks combining modern rock with intricate melodies to introduce their infectious new sound.

Click to hear Shelter (NZ):
Blacklight Friday
#3: DelCity
Born Bamidele Citizen of Nigeria, Delcity's music blends the consciousness of rap, the swing of reggae and the international flair of his background into a melange of emotion.

Click to hear DelCity:
#4: One Step Away
One Step Away got their start competing in battles of the bands, winning regularly with their sunny, melodic rock. A few short years later they're now in rotation on more than 125 radio stations and touring nationally.

Click to hear One Step Away:
Hook Line And Sinker
#5: Sixty Miles Down
Hard-hitting & heavy, yet melodic, New Jersey's Sixty Miles Down grinds out gritty anthems pulled from the darker side of the soul. After 12 years of evolution, the quartet has lately been building on buzz around acclaimed releases "Sink Or Swim" and "A New Skin."

Click to hear Sixty Miles Down:
Dead Weight
#6: The Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra
Minnesota's Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra plays sophisticated metal instrumentals with a heavy symphony-orchestral backup. Their compositions are a fertile blend of building momentum and grand moments.

Click to hear The Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra:
The Trooper
#7: Q Hunta
Born Adekunle Johnson Ojolowo, Q Hunta is a native of Osun State, Nigeria. After a break from music he returned a few years later playing benefit concerts and performing internationally. Now he's working on his full-length debut, an energetic blend of afro/hip-hop hustle.

Click to hear Q Hunta:
Sha Kan Kan
#8: TolumiDE
TolumiDE sings R&B over thick back beats and striking urban grooves. Her concept video for lead single, "My Love," has garnered airplay on MTV Africa and been nominated for awards.

Click to hear TolumiDE:
My Love
#9: Cal Harris Jr.
More than a decade in the making, contemporary jazz keyboardist Cal Harris Jr. is finally set to paint the world in vibrant colors with the release of his debut album "Inside Out."

Click to hear Cal Harris Jr.:
Jukin' (Radio Edit)
#10: Tabajara Assumpcao
Tabajara Assumpcao is a singer, songwriter and guitarist originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Despite classical training, his latest work blends a variety of popular movements including tropicalisimo, bossa nova and local avant garde music.

Click to hear Tabajara Assumpcao:
Na Miudinha


royal j said...

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Sean said...

I always find these top ten lists to be amusing, because most often they contain bands that would never make it to my ipod. Check us out if you're the same ha!