Thursday, December 30

Tips & Tricks For 2011

With 2011 coming this week, we thought it might be a good time to explore what promotional strategies have worked for you in the last year. Any tried and true methods? Or is there something you just discovered? Was there a new technology last year that made you hopeful about future promotional efforts? Let us know in the comments.


GuruDodo said...

Well, firstly Jango is the best online tool I have come across. When it comes to live performance, even though it's in their interest to do so, don't expect that the venue will to do any worthwhile promo on your behalf. Take control of your destiny. Get a small street team out there, handing out flyers around town, into local businesses and don't be afraid to press the flesh. Get a friend with a video camera to follow you around town go into hairdressers and give impromptu concerts, alert the press and and and. At the gig, promo like crazee with flyers detailing your website offers.
If you are in the UK here is where to get the flyers, posters and tickets for pennies - PENNIES!

Steven Cravis said...

My favorite promotional tool this year was the free software

It allows you to blast a message one time to several different social networks.

Steven Cravis

Anonymous said...

Facebook ads net a pretty consistent return on investment. Cheap banner ads on music blogs also draw regular visitors. Maintaining a consistent presence on web sites, i.e., answering comments / emails, posting blogs and updates. That seems to maintain the audience and draw a few more here and there. Running fan promotions, like, "Help us reach 500 fans" and the like tend to draw in a modest number of fans. A little here a little there. Haven't stumbled upon the holy grail: a free promotional effort that nets scads of fans over an infinite timeline.

Besides writing good music that is, and hell, recording isn't free... though one excellent song -- well promoted -- could net enough fans to make the cost negligible.

Currently working the blogger route, I'll letcha know how it goes!

Tom Selden said...

Always seeking answers to the promotional questions but first help me with my choice of material. On Jango just type in Tom Selden. Let me know what you think and I'll get back to you. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Ehrrrm. The best promotional tools ever is the raw dirty money. Much of money. Any cheap song will be HIT if you spent a lot money in TV and RADIO. That's a real world.

Anonymous said...

i agree with Anonymous

Real J.O.B said...

Jango- thank you... determining the target market, the people that like your music is the key step. I'm focusing on one song right now, and the more it is played the better able I am to define the "market" for the song. The next key step will be to choose the right follow-up song.... thanks again

Carolyn Tann-Starr said...

Twitter is a Goldmine. I tweet what is playing on my station while I work. It has improved my organic stats and increased my fan base/sales. I am looking to upgrade my CD/DVD duplication system and open a small recording studio because of the DMs from industry Twitter peeps I received as a direct result of being on Jango. I've started signing new artists to my record label because of Jango and Tunecore. 2011 is going to be mad fun because all of my recording artists will be featured on my station here. If you want to expand your market be very social in your social media accounts and collaborate with others willing to work joint ventures. :-)


Piper Lamb said...

I agree with Anonymous. At least some money is needed.
For example, Jango (working great so far!) costs money. Tweetbig is another good one, but again, costs money. Most of the free services are overwhelmed with other artists all trying to do the same thing, which serves only to boost numbers, not bring in real listeners.

Paul said...

Put aside some time to Google, Google and Google some more, seeking out the sites and blogs that are TRULY allied to your music.

Use very specific keywords and phrases to find the right sites for you.

Once you find these, get e-mailing and sending promo CDs. Because you've already selected the sites likely to have the same musical taste as your output, there is a high chance they will genuinely blog about you from the heart, play your music, etc.

This way you are targeting your audience. In my (limited) experience sending material out to people who don't closely match your taste is just a waste of time and valuable resources. That does mean, though, that you should rule out having a tilt at some of the bigger channels.

The Dunge said...

Happy 2011 to the Jango Family. All the best to all Indie Musicians. We gonna make it no doubt. I have 3 good sites I wanna share. Make sure you check them out. I've been using them & they've brought some serious growth in my music career.

1. - great for mobile

Cheers guys;

kennykm2003 said...

hey, I believe you all need a iphone app,and one for all mobile devices... A.S.A.P.


akinde said...

It's all about hard work and determination. Put in the effort to get your music out there and be patient...What you put in you certainly get out of it. Don't expect landslide results overnight, just love what you do....truly love what you do. It'll happen. 2011 is about forward and let's make the most of it. Thanks Jango

K said...

Happy new year Jango + the rest of the world!

I've no way of telling (often for 6 months) if there's any success, so as someone getting going from the ground to rung 1 on the ladder it's tough to know if I'm approaching rung 2 yet.

A major additition I need from Jango: you can't delete or hide or update the file behind a jango track, it's a major pain - we all work way too long a set of hours and click upload on the wrong darn track or are just excited to finally have the radio edit ready etc, and bingo before you know it you've uploaded the non-normalised version, or a photo of a puppy depending how badly you missed with the mouse!

Reverbnation and yourselves do winders for me, giving a near-instantaneous stat you can watch climb by the hour / day / week / month / year, like the charts and details, VERY useful whether starting out or trying to squeeze in a visit to venice on tour! Then again being asked for money up front is offputting - what have you to lose by giving either a 3 month free trial, or a float around looking for strong underdogs to champion and throw free credits at them ad hoc?

Lindsey Leigh said...

Thank you, Jango!! You have helped me reach fans all across the world and make the site very user friendly for us musicians on the go who are just too busy to deal with complicated setups and trying to figure out how everything works. I love your site and recommend it to everyone!

Lindsey Leigh

Anonymous said...

some good tips, thanks all!

rock on!

Jeno said...

I hope at some point this is all about the music... That's why and what I love and believe! All the avenues to expose new music is unbelievable!

Hope everyone has a great New Year!!!
Many thanks to Jango!!!

Lokixximo Music said...

The best promotion tool has been just having twitter, you can connect twitter to all your social pages, myspace, linked in, facebook, you name it they have a twitter sinc, email marketing works to release a song for a month, after that don't waste your money, i been collecting email from fans in all my social networks i'm up to 20,000 & it's definately faster & more convenient & personal, good luck

Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with what K says about being able to delete songs that you no longer need on there and on the point of the paying upfront being off putting.

Apart from that, as much as Jango isn't actually getting me fans or sales(probably because my music isn't the most entertaining or it's just genuinely terrible lol) I do still love the idea.

I see it as passive promotion. I picture people just getting about their day or their work or whatever and a song coming on that they'll never have heard before and it either catches their attention or it doesn't. I prefer that idea over the many many people that spam MySpace and other sites with HEY CHECK OUT MY COOL NEW TRAX!!! as if that's really going to get anywhere.

crema said...

agree with carolyn tann starr and most.

Anonymous said...

Look up a guy named John Oszajca.
He has conquered techniques on how to sell your own music on the net without a label.
trust me, you wont regret it.

Chris Williams

Carolyn Tann-Starr said...

"Million Dollar Mistakes" by Moses Avalon is a must read if you are an artist. :-)

Carolyn Tann-Starr said...

Aonaran, this is for you :-)

Shantae Sexy said...

Consistency has worked for me. I have done promotions for a long time well over 5 years. I see that has helped and also working with a variety of talents.not narrowing to on set sound or genre'.

Anonymous said...

Hey musicians lets get it together and totally revamp the charts, ok??? Let's let some real new talent flow!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had much expericne of using Ditto Music's services? I just found theire site again but remember reading about them a few years ago in either sound on sound or something similar... they look really good, handle lots of stuff like sync etc. and super indie. They work closely with Sentric.

I have just registered to use jango and am dead excited about some people in us hearing our band etc and also I've invited a bunch of friends' bands so I hope to get a few free spins too!


Andy Big up Andy Boyd he's got the right idea. word up from a valentines luminaryooh ahh jersey posse x

Joett said...

I think Jango is phenomenal. I do offline marketing also, with newspaper ads that contain links to my blog and my Jango page. I also post my Jango link on Facebook and Twitter. What I've started to do now is Article Marketing...where my Author Bio does the talking -- it links back to Jango AND my blog. I'm a vocal coach, so I write about voice training, mainly. Every little helps. But to have Jango makes a WORLD of difference.


TEAM JANE BORDEAUX's favorite free promotional tool this year were blogs





TWITTER: said...

Thank you everyone for these comments, they will surely come in handy

Ryli said...

Facebook ads were really helpful to me for a time. They cost a pretty penny, but you can pause them whenever you feel the need, and lower your "bid" rate at any point. It's nice, because you can be pretty specific about who sees your ads and Facebook provides you with really great demographic statistics for your fans.

The main issue with Facebook friends is that they're not the most loyal, from what I can tell. You have to be sure to send our regular communication (but not too much!) and make it easy for users to listen to your music as soon as they land on your page (Check out Facebook's Bandpage:

Above and beyond, the best tool for me thus far has been I've racked up thousands of radio plays and a dedicated fanbase in a matter of just a few months. It does allow you to target your fans to a point, but doesn't seem as robust as Jango - hence, why I've just signed up ;). I'm really hopeful that Jango will provide even better results, and I've heard great things.

There were several comments above that mentioned googling around for indie music blogs ...this was beneficial for me in 2010. I spent a lot of time emailing the music critics for each blog, asking them to write a review of my demo. Several did, and my fanbase continues to (gradually) grow based on those articles.

What I'm doing different in 2011:

I'll be playing gigs (last year, I focused on recording and releasing my album, and now I've gathered my live band together to promote it further and do what I really love to do). I'll focus on getting gigs at music festivals that pertain to indie music in hopes to gain exposure to a crowd of people I wouldn't otherwise have a chance to play in front of.

I'll record more songs and offer free downloads in exchange for email addresses (to add to my mailing list).

I'll get my fans more involved by setting up a street team based on whichever areas I tour. I think its important to connect with your fans and make them feel like they have a stake in your success.

I plan to record youtube acoustic sessions that I release on my blog, and announce via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Lastly, I'll be recording a video and hope to release it by this summer. Once I do, I'll be writing to all of the music blogs again, requesting that they write a review of my video.

I wish the best to everyone's endeavors and hope that some of my comments might help spark an idea for you. Happy belated New Year!



John said...

I tried a couple things in 2010 - here is what worked great:

I put together a remix contest for my latest EDM track. Audio stems were available for free via and participating artists could upload their tracks to what ever platform they liked (e.g. SoundCloud) and send me a tweet that their remix was live. The timeframe from starting the competition and posting it on a few remix-contest blogs to deadline was only 2 weeks, but in this little timeframe, I got thousands of visitors to my website, hundreds of downloads of the audio stems and 30+ remixes from very talented artists. It was a great success. One amazing partner in this was the team of - a cloud based DAW and the platform that I used to produce the original track. The original track plus winning remixes is coming out this month:

Cheers, John

Vic Stathopoulos said...

I think the best approach is to add new songs on a regular basis on Jango and other sites. I also think it is important to send emailed newsletters to your fans. I have sent a few to my fans, but I have had no interaction. Once you make some fans, you need to send a new songs at least every few months. I have also tried to make a videos for some of my songs. Good luck to all musicians with all your endeavours.

Vic Stathopoulos

The BC Trees said...

We're new to Jango, and so far I like it. We make Indie Hip Hop with a full band and topics like Gardening, Trees, and sustainible living. So alternative radio that reaches people all around the world is perfect. Less dealing with megacorporations watering down the true music. Check us out:
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The BC Trees

Ross Phazor said...

The BEST promotion tip by far is and always will be to GIG GIG GIG! Gig as far as your time and car will take you. Promote all your band websites during your gigs, place promo flyers/cards throught the venue. Set up a merch table during your gig and have your sister's boyfirend's cousin or whomever SELL SELL SELL! Don't be afraid to give away your CD's to lucky fans sometimes too. College and Indy radio is GREAT promo so find stations that match your genre and talk with music directors. College radio is free (or supposed to be anyway) so that's your best bet in reaching actual listeners listening to Indy music on FM radio.
'Like' Ross Phazor on Facebook and we'll like you back! :) Fan un on Reverb Nation and we'll do the same. Thanks and ROCK ON!
-Ross Phazor!/pages/Ross-PhazorTM/50315976043